Where to Stay in Dubai with Family? Best Family Friendly Hotels in Dubai

Dubai presents an ideal destination for families seeking an unforgettable holiday. The architectural marvels, including the iconic Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, and the Dubai Frame are captivating for visitors. Families can explore a spectrum of retail options, from modern malls to traditional souks, with the annual Dubai Shopping Festival adding to the allure. Dubai’s cultural diversity thrives, with over 200 nationalities coexisting, allowing tourists to embrace various cuisines, languages, and traditions. Museums, mosques, and historical sites further enrich the experience. Family-friendly activities include theme parks, water parks, beaches, and wildlife encounters at places like IMG Worlds of Adventure, Aquaventure Waterpark, Kite Beach, and Dubai Miracle Garden.

When Families Should Visit Dubai

The best time for families to visit Dubai largely hinges on weather preferences and budget considerations. Winter offers comfortable temperatures, ideal for outdoor activities and beach excursions, but can be crowded and pricey. March to May provides pleasant weather with fewer crowds and slightly better rates. June to September bring scorching heat, making outdoor activities less appealing, but offering budget-friendly hotel deals. Ramadan presents a unique cultural experience but comes with dining restrictions. Special events like the Dubai Expo can attract families interested in exhibitions and innovation. Ultimately, the ideal time to visit depends on your family’s priorities and tolerance for heat.

Best Family Friendly Hotels in Dubai

Hotel NameBooking.com Review CountBooking.com Overall
LEGOLAND Hotel Dubai 6,1768,2
Atlantis, The Palm 17,8279,0
Jumeirah Beach Hotel3,2098,6
Lapita, Dubai Parks and Resorts, Autograph Collection2,7108,2
Grand Hyatt Dubai 6,6498,7
Jumeirah Al Naseem 1,5819,0
XVA Art Hotel  5678,6
Manzil Downtown by Vida  4,5809,1
FORM Hotel Dubai, a Member of Design Hotels  3,2418,6
Bab Al Shams, A Rare Finds Desert Resort  5439,3
Anantara Qasr al Sarab Desert Resort  7229,2
Meliá Desert Palm Member of Meliá Collection  1,0608,6
Best Family Friendly Hotels in Dubai

If you’re planning a family trip to Dubai, you’ll be pleased to know that many hotels suit families of all ages. These hotels offer spacious family suites or interconnecting rooms to accommodate parents and children. They also offer kids’ clubs, play areas, and pools with waterslides and splash zones to entertain the little ones. Dining options are varied, with children’s menus, high chairs, and room service available to suit everyone’s tastes and schedules. Some hotels even offer babysitting services so parents can have time to themselves or explore the city. When choosing a family hotel in Dubai, consider proximity to attractions, beach access, and the availability of activities that offer adventure and relaxation to ensure a well-rounded holiday experience. Here are the best hotels where to stay in Dubai with family.

Most Luxurious Hotels for Families in Dubai

Atlantis, The Palm

Luxury hotels in Dubai offer spacious suites, kids’ clubs, and attentive staff. Although they may be more expensive, their exceptional service, prime locations, and amenities make for an unforgettable family experience. You can receive unparalleled hospitality, leaving them feeling pampered and revitalized, whether exploring the city or indulging in spa treatments. Here are the best places to stay in Dubai with family.

🔗LEGOLAND Hotel Dubai: Families visiting Dubai should consider staying there for a memorable and convenient experience. Located adjacent to LEGOLAND Dubai, the hotel offers proximity to the theme park, themed rooms, LEGO activities, and priority access. It features a LEGO-inspired atmosphere, captivating children and creating lasting memories. Unique-themed rooms, family-friendly dining, entertainment, and safety amenities are best for families with kids. Moreover, the hotel’s proximity to attractions like Dubai Parks and Resorts adds to its appeal. Overall, staying at the LEGOLAND Hotel Dubai can enhance the family’s Dubai trip with a unique and fun-filled LEGO-themed experience. It is the best place to stay in Dubai with family by far.

🔗Atlantis, The Palm: If you’re planning a family vacation in Dubai, consider Atlantis, The Palm. This luxurious resort offers a fantastic experience for families with children. It is the best family friendly hotels in Dubai.Your kids will be thrilled to explore the exciting AquaVenture Waterpark, the fascinating Lost Chambers Aquarium, and the opportunity to interact with dolphins at Dolphin Bay. The resort also has a Kids Club and Club Rush for age-appropriate entertainment. You can enjoy family-friendly dining, stay in luxurious accommodations, and relax on a private beach. The resort’s location on the Palm Jumeirah gives you easy access to other Dubai attractions. With exceptional service, Atlantis, The Palm promises to make your stay memorable. Although it may be a splurge, this resort offers a premium and unforgettable family vacation in Dubai.

🔗Jumeirah Beach Hotel: If you’re planning a family trip to Dubai, Jumeirah Beach Hotel is an excellent choice for a beachfront vacation. Located along the Arabian Gulf, you’ll have direct access to a private beach with beautiful sand and clear water. The hotel has many family amenities, including pools, water activities, and a children’s pool with water slides. Kids will have a blast at Sinbad’s Kids Club, and guests can enjoy complimentary entry to the exciting Wild Wadi Waterpark. Plenty of dining options suit everyone’s tastes, and the spacious rooms ensure a comfortable stay. With excellent service, proximity to attractions like the Burj Al Arab, and a wide variety of water activities, Jumeirah Beach Hotel promises an unforgettable family adventure in Dubai.

Best All-Inclusive Hotels for Families in Dubai

Grand Hyatt Dubai

If you’re planning a family trip to Dubai, it’s worth considering an all-inclusive hotel. This type of accommodation provides accommodation, meals, drinks, and activities all in one convenient package, making managing your budget more manageable. They also offer various amenities to suit different tastes, such as supervised kids’ clubs and water parks, ensuring everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience. Staying at an all-inclusive hotel can provide a rewarding Dubai holiday with exceptional value for money.

🔗Lapita, Dubai Parks and Resorts, Autograph Collection: Lapita, Dubai Parks and Resorts, Autograph Collection is amongst the best places to stay in Dubai with family. The hotel is situated within the largest theme park destination in the Middle East, making it easy to access the four parks. Lapita has a Polynesian-inspired design that creates a serene ambiance with lush landscaping, pools, and amenities suitable for all ages. The rooms can accommodate up to six individuals and include balconies or terraces. You can choose from five different dining options and take advantage of exclusive benefits for hotel guests, such as unlimited access to all four parks during your stay and complimentary Q-Fast passes. It is the best family friendly hotel Dubai.

🔗Grand Hyatt Dubai: Grand Hyatt Dubai is a luxurious hotel with spacious rooms and suites, ensuring families have ample space to relax after exploring the city. It comforts families with amenities like baby cribs, connecting rooms, and a dedicated children’s pool. The hotel often provides a Kids Club with supervised activities, allowing parents to enjoy leisure time. Families can savor diverse dining experiences at on-site restaurants with kid-friendly menus. The hotel’s central location also grants easy access to Dubai’s top attractions, and its top-notch service guarantees a memorable and hassle-free family stay in Dubai.

🔗Jumeirah Al Naseem: Jumeirah Al Naseem beckons families visiting Dubai with its exclusive all-inclusive experience. This upscale resort seamlessly blends luxury and convenience for an unforgettable stay. The all-inclusive package covers accommodations, dining, drinks, and activities, making budgeting a breeze. Families can revel in spacious rooms, a dedicated children’s pool, and play areas for the little ones. With a private beach at your doorstep and complimentary access to the Wild Wadi Waterpark, endless aquatic adventures await. Meanwhile, the Kid’s Club engages young minds, granting parents well-deserved relaxation. Savory dining options, impeccable service, and proximity to Dubai’s top attractions make Jumeirah Al Naseem the perfect choice for a carefree and lavish family getaway in Dubai.

Best Boutique Hotels for Families in Dubai

XVA Art Hotel

Families heading to Dubai with their kids should consider the cozy charm of boutique hotels. These smaller, more intimate lodgings offer a personal touch, ensuring families get the attention they deserve. Boutique hotels often reflect the local culture, giving you an authentic Dubai experience for parents and children. With a quieter, cozier atmosphere compared to larger resorts, they provide the perfect backdrop for relaxation and exploration. These hotels often arrange unique activities, from cultural workshops to local dining experiences, ensuring your kids stay curious and create unforgettable memories.

🔗XVA Art Hotel: If you’re planning a family trip to Dubai with your kids, consider the warm and unique experience awaiting you at XVA Art Hotel. Situated in the heart of the historic Al Fahidi neighborhood, this hotel offers an artistic and culturally rich atmosphere that can be incredibly engaging for children. It is the best area to stay in Dubai with family. Unlike the bustling city, XVA Art Hotel provides a peaceful haven, and its small size means you’ll receive personalized service that truly makes you feel at home. The hotel often hosts cultural events and exhibitions, letting your kids immerse themselves in local art and traditions. With its thoughtfully designed rooms, serene courtyard, and delightful local cuisine, XVA Art Hotel offers a family vacation that’s both enriching and uniquely Dubai.

🔗Manzil Downtown by Vida: If you’re planning a family trip to Dubai, Manzil Downtown by Vida is a fantastic choice for a boutique hotel experience that’s welcoming and convenient. Situated right in Downtown Dubai, it’s super easy to explore iconic attractions like the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, and Dubai Fountain. Plus, the hotel goes out of its way to make families feel comfortable with things like interconnecting rooms, kids’ menus, and cribs. You’ll also find various dining options on-site, a pool for relaxation and playtime, and personalized service to make your stay memorable. It’s a family-friendly gem in the heart of Dubai, creating a warm and enjoyable atmosphere for your visit. It is an excellent option as a family friendly hotel Dubai.

🔗FORM Hotel Dubai, a Member of Design Hotels: FORM Hotel Dubai offers spacious and thoughtfully designed rooms and suites, providing ample space for relaxation and comfort. To ensure your stay is family-friendly, FORM includes baby cribs, connecting rooms, and dining options perfect for children. Plus, the hotel often hosts art and cultural exhibitions, which can be educational and inspiring for kids. With its central location, FORM makes accessing Dubai’s many attractions easy, and its personalized service guarantees an exceptional family stay in the city’s heart. Whether you’re traveling with newborns, toddlers, or teenagers, FORM Hotel Dubai is the best place to stay in Dubai with family for a family vacation for every family member.

Best Desert Resort for Families in Dubai

Bab Al Shams, A Rare Finds Desert Resort

If you’re a family with children seeking a one-of-a-kind retreat, don’t overlook the stunning desert landscapes of Dubai. Despite the city’s modernity, hidden gems known as desert resorts offer an ideal blend of entertainment and education. Wildlife encounters and cultural insights are just a couple of the activities that await you and your family. But these resorts aren’t just about fun and games; they also provide a peaceful haven away from the hustle and bustle of the city. And with spacious accommodations that come complete with private amenities, you’ll have all the comforts of home in a stunning natural setting. Moreover, many of these resorts are located near the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, which works tirelessly to preserve the local wildlife and habitat. So, if you’re looking for a truly authentic and unforgettable family experience that showcases the beauty and wonder of Dubai’s desert landscapes, look no further than these incredible desert resorts.

🔗Bab Al Shams, A Rare Finds Desert Resort: For a unique desert experience during a family trip to Dubai, consider staying at Bab Al Shams, A Rare Finds Desert Resort. It is located in the heart of the Arabian desert. This resort offers an array of activities for guests of all ages. Exploring the desert on camelback with knowledgeable guides, witnessing majestic falconry shows, and testing your archery skills under expert supervision are possible. Thrilling desert safaris in 4×4 vehicles or vintage Land Rovers are available, as well as opportunities to relax in three temperature-controlled pools, a jacuzzi, and a sauna. The kids’ club ensures a safe and entertaining environment, while the spa offers rejuvenating treatments using natural desert ingredients. Authentic Arabic cuisine, live music, belly dancing, and fire shows at Al Hadheerah restaurant complete the immersive experience. It is one of the good hotels in Dubai for families.

🔗Anantara Qasr al Sarab Desert Resort: For families visiting Dubai with children, Anantara Qasr al Sarab Desert Resort offers an unforgettable desert experience. The hotel is nestled in the Liwa Desert. It provides panoramic views of towering dunes and educational adventures like guided desert walks, wildlife spotting, and stargazing. Thrilling activities include dune bashing, camel trekking, and sandboarding, ensuring kids create lasting memories. Luxurious accommodations offer a comfortable retreat, while family-friendly amenities and the Adventure Zone keep children entertained. Cultural experiences, spa treatments, and desert dining offer a well-rounded experience for parents. Suppose you are a family looking for different adventures. In that case, Liwa Desert is the best area to stay in Dubai with family.

🔗Meliá Desert Palm Member of Meliá Collection: Meliá Desert Palm, Member of Meliá Collection, is an extraordinary choice for a family vacation in Dubai. Nestled in the serene desert, away from the city’s bustle, it offers luxury, stunning vistas, and diverse activities. Families can explore the desert on horseback, camelback, or quad bikes, indulge in spa treatments, and enjoy varied dining options. Kids have a blast with supervised fun at the kids’ club and engaging educational programs. Meliá Desert Palm isn’t just a hotel; it’s a desert oasis that ensures an unforgettable Dubai family vacation. Book now and discover the desert in a whole new way.

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