Best Ski Resorts in France for Families

The French Alps offer a variety of activities for all ages and interests. You can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, hiking, biking, ice skating, sledding, paragliding, and rafting. The region is rich in history and heritage, with charming villages, castles, and museums to explore. You can also admire the stunning views of snow-capped mountains, lakes, and forests. The French Alps have something for everyone, whether you seek relaxation or adventure.

When is the Best Time to Ski in France?

The ski season in France typically runs from late November to early May, offering different experiences throughout. November to mid-December is quieter, with limited terrain options and less reliable snow. Mid-December to February is the peak season with reliable snow but crowded slopes and higher prices. Late February to early March offers good snow conditions with fewer crowds. Mid-March to April shows milder temperatures and good snow conditions. Late April to early May is spring skiing season with limited snow in lower-altitude resorts. Consider your preferences for crowd levels, snow conditions, and school vacation periods while planning your ski trip. Check snow conditions, weather forecasts, and resort-specific information for a great skiing experience.

Best Hotels in Ski Resorts in France for Families

Victoria Lodge, Friendly Hotel
Victoria Lodge, Friendly Hotel

There are many options for those who want a ski vacation in France. The best ski resorts in France include famous and luxurious places such as Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, Courchevel, Sainte-Foy-Tarentaise, and Val d’Isere. These ski resorts have high standards in terms of both piste quality and accommodation options. Among the snowiest ski resorts in France, Tignes, Val d’Isère, Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, and Courchevel stand out. These ski resorts guarantee snow for most of the year and offer slopes suitable for skiers of different levels. For those looking for family-friendly ski resorts in France, there are plenty of options.

Hotel Review Overall
Victoria Lodge, Friendly Hotel6988,9
Hôtel Avancher5329,4
La Savoyarde4988,8
Ecrin Blanc Resort Courchevel1,3978,7
Lodge Les Merisiers5368,2
Lake Hotel Courchevel 18503767,2
Hôtel Marielle3558,2
Résidence Le Chamois d’Or4037,6
Chalet Hôtel Le Prieuré & Spa3,8168,9
La Folie Douce Hotels Chamonix3,1038,0
Hôtel Le Refuge des Aiglons3,1738,2
Hôtel Mont Thabor Serre Chevalier8828,1
Hôtel Mont-Brison1,6388,0
Suite Home Briancon Serre Chevalier1,6877,5
Best Hotels in Ski Resorts in France for Families

Best Hotels in Val d’Isère

Val d'Isère
Val d’Isère

Val d’Isère is an ideal destination for families seeking a memorable skiing vacation. The resort provides a diverse range of slopes suitable for various skill levels. The region boasts excellent ski schools staffed with experienced instructors specializing in teaching children. The resort features dedicated kids’ zones and beginner areas, ensuring a fun and safe environment for the youngest skiers. Val d’Isère offers childcare services for younger children and additional winter-themed activities, creating lasting memories for all. If you are looking for the best ski resorts in France for families, you should consider some hotels in Val d’Isère.

🔗Victoria Lodge, Friendly Hotel: Victoria Lodge, Friendly Hotel is a great place to stay in Val d’Isere for skiing with your kids. It’s located in the heart of Val d’Isere, close to everything you need, and offers spacious and comfortable rooms that accommodate up to six people. The hotel has a friendly and helpful staff that can assist you with booking ski passes, equipment rental, lessons, activities, and more. Plus, it has a cozy atmosphere, delicious meals, and great value for money with special offers and discounts throughout the season. It’s one of the best family ski resorts in France.

🔗Hôtel Avancher: Hôtel Avancher in Val d’Isère is a family-friendly hotel with convenient access to ski slopes, ski schools, and family-friendly activities. Spacious rooms, kid-focused amenities, educational programs, and diverse dining options are some of the hotel’s features. It is the best ski resort France for families. Ski-in/ski-out access, attentive staff, and safety measures ensure a secure and worry-free environment for families. The hotel fosters a sense of community among travelers, allowing children to make new friends and parents to share experiences.

🔗La Savoyarde: La Savoyarde is a family-run hotel in the heart of Val d’Isere, offering spacious and elegant rooms, a wellness area, two restaurants, and a bar. It is the perfect choice for families who want a comfortable and convenient stay in Val d’Isere, with the bonus of a kids club, babysitting services, and ski equipment rental. To experience the best family skiing France, consider staying in La Savoyarde. By staying at La Savoyarde, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: the convenience of being close to everything and the comfort of being in a cozy and charming hotel.

Best Hotels in Courchevel


Courchevel is a great skiing destination for families with kids. The resort is known for its family-friendly atmosphere, ski schools, and dedicated beginner areas. Apart from skiing, you can enjoy activities like tobogganing, ice skating, and snowshoeing. Courchevel also offers excellent accommodations, dining options, and entertainment suitable for all ages. Additionally, the stunning views of the French Alps add to the overall experience, making it a memorable family vacation. It is also possible to find some of the best ski resorts in France for families.

🔗Ecrin Blanc Resort Courchevel: Ecrin Blanc Resort Courchevel is an excellent choice for families embarking on a skiing adventure. The resort offers spacious, comfortable accommodations, kid-friendly facilities, and educational programs tailored to children. Family-oriented dining and entertainment options are also available. Safety measures are a priority, and convenient amenities such as equipment rentals and ski storage are provided. It is one of the most luxurious family ski resorts in France.

🔗Lodge Les Merisiers: Lodge Les Merisiers in Courchevel is a great choice for families seeking a comfortable and enriching skiing experience. The lodge offers spacious accommodations, family-friendly facilities, educational programs, and convenient amenities. It’s also near the ski slopes, has childproofing measures, and a community atmosphere. Family-friendly facilities, such as play areas, game rooms, or organized activities, are often featured in lodges like Les Merisiers. These amenities are designed to keep children entertained and engaged, providing parents flexibility during their stay and ensuring a memorable experience for the entire family.

🔗Lake Hotel Courchevel 1850: Lake Hotel Courchevel 1850 is the perfect place for families planning a skiing trip. The stunning views of the lake and mountains, close proximity to the ski lifts, spacious and comfortable rooms that can accommodate up to six people, a kids’ club, a delicious restaurant, and a luxurious spa with a heated indoor pool. The restaurant also has a kids’ menu and a highchair for babies. It is one of the best options for family skiing in France.

Best Hotels in Val Thorens

Val Thorens
Val Thorens

Val Thorens is an excellent winter destination for families seeking a skiing getaway. It’s the highest ski resort in Europe and part of the Three Valleys, providing a vast expanse of ski terrain suitable for skiers of all skill levels. There are also many excellent family ski resorts in France. The resort offers family-friendly areas, reputable ski schools, and diverse activities. Additionally, it boasts various accommodations and a vibrant après-ski scene, making it a comprehensive winter vacation destination for families.

🔗Altapura: Altapura is a luxurious and family-friendly accommodation choice for skiing adventures in Val Thorens. With spacious and well-appointed rooms, convenient access to ski slopes, kid-friendly facilities, fine dining, and safety measures, Altapura ensures a comfortable and indulgent experience for families. Concierge services and amenities for parents and children contribute to a well-rounded and fulfilling vacation in picturesque surroundings with stunning mountain views. Altapura is amongst the best ski resort France for families.

🔗Résidence Le Chamois d’Or: If you’re planning a skiing trip with kids, Résidence Le Chamois d’Or in Val Thorens is the perfect choice for your family. This family-friendly residence offers a range of tailored advantages to meet your unique needs. Set against the picturesque alpine surroundings of the French Alps, Résidence Le Chamois d’Or, like many residences in Val Thorens, provides a stunning backdrop for the vacation. You can expect spacious apartments or suites, a strategic location, kid-friendly facilities and activities, family-friendly dining options, safety measures, convenient amenities, and a community atmosphere. For the best family skiing, France Résidence Le Chamois d’Or is the best option.

🔗Hôtel Marielle: If you’re looking for the ultimate experience for your family ski holiday in Val Thorens, there’s no better choice than Hotel Marielle. With its location right at the foot of the slopes of the 3 Valleys ski area, the largest ski area in the world, you’ll have direct access to the snow and the glide. Take advantage of the wellness center, ski rental and storage service, and many activities for children. You can enjoy delicious cuisine and a friendly atmosphere. It is one of the best ski resort France for families.

Best Hotels in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc


Chamonix-Mont-Blanc is a perfect family skiing destination, offering diverse ski terrain for all skill levels. It is easy to find some of the best family friendly ski resorts in France. Families can explore different slopes with world-famous ski resorts, each offering a unique skiing experience. The town itself is child-friendly, with amenities and facilities designed for families. Off-piste and backcountry skiing opportunities provide an extra layer of excitement and challenge. The iconic Aiguille du Midi cable car offers breathtaking panoramic views of the French, Swiss, and Italian Alps. Beyond skiing, Chamonix offers a variety of winter sports and activities. The town’s rich heritage and unique alpine culture add an extra dimension to the skiing adventure.

🔗Chalet Hôtel Le Prieuré & Spa: Chalet Hôtel Le Prieuré & Spa in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc promises a family-friendly environment with spacious accommodations, convenient access to ski slopes, and kid-friendly facilities. The hotel also provides educational programs, family-friendly dining options, safety measures, convenient amenities, and a community atmosphere set in picturesque surroundings. For the best family skiing France experience, Chalet Hôtel Le Prieuré & Spa is amongst the best options.

🔗La Folie Douce Hotels Chamonix: La Folie Douce Hotels Chamonix is an ideal option for a family skiing vacation. The hotel offers a lively atmosphere with entertainment options suitable for all ages. It is amongst the best ski resorts in France for families. They embrace a family-friendly atmosphere and are located near the ski slopes, making it easier for families with children to enjoy the snow. Kid-friendly facilities, educational programs, and family-oriented dining options are also available. Safety measures and convenient amenities are prioritized to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

🔗Hôtel Le Refuge des Aiglons: Hôtel Le Refuge des Aiglons in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc is an excellent choice for a family-friendly skiing trip. The hotel is designed to provide families with a comfortable, spacious, and welcoming atmosphere. It offers convenient access to the ski slopes, kid-friendly facilities, educational programs, family-oriented dining options, safety measures, and convenient amenities. Additionally, the hotel provides a picturesque backdrop for a memorable family vacation in the scenic alpine surroundings of Chamonix-Mont-Blanc.

Best Hotels in Serre Chevalier

Serre Chevalier
Serre Chevalier

Serre Chevalier is a family-friendly skiing destination in the French Alps with 250 km of slopes for all levels, excellent snow quality, and a sunny climate. Charming villages, fun zones, snowshoeing trails, and ski schools exist. It’s perfect for a relaxing or adventurous holiday. Also, some of the best ski resort France for families in Serre Chevalier.

🔗Hôtel Mont Thabor Serre Chevalier: If you’re planning a family ski trip to Serre Chevalier, consider staying at Hôtel Mont Thabor. This cozy and comfortable hotel is located in the heart of the resort and offers spacious rooms with stunning mountain views. The hotel’s staff is friendly and helpful and can assist you with booking ski passes, ski lessons, or equipment rental. You can enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet, a cozy lounge area, and a wellness area with a sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, and heated outdoor pool. The hotel’s central location is convenient for exploring the surrounding area.

🔗Hôtel Mont-Brison: Hôtel Mont-Brison, located in Serre Chevalier, is an excellent choice for family skiing trips. The hotel offers spacious rooms or suites, a convenient location near the ski slopes, kid-friendly facilities, educational programs, family-oriented dining options, safety measures, convenient amenities, and a community atmosphere. Convenient amenities, such as equipment rentals, ski storage, and other services, will likely streamline the skiing experience for families, adding to the overall convenience and enjoyment of the stay. It is amongst the best ski resorts in France for families.

🔗Suite Home Briancon Serre Chevalier: Suite Home Briancon Serre Chevalier is ideal for families planning a skiing vacation. The accommodations are designed with families in mind and offer spacious rooms or suites that provide ample space for relaxation. The accommodation is expected to exude a family-friendly atmosphere, and the amenities cater to the unique needs of families. Providing kitchenettes or full kitchens allows families to prepare meals and includes flexibility in dining schedules. The hotel’s strategic location offers convenient access to the ski slopes, simplifying family logistics. The offerings include kid-friendly facilities, educational programs or activities, family-oriented dining options, and safety measures. The stunning natural environment adds to the overall charm of the skiing experience.

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