7 Best Things to Do in Eindhoven

GLOW EindhovenPin
GLOW Eindhoven

When you start to talk about the Netherlands, the only thing that comes to mind is the capital city of the country, Amsterdam. But, even if Eindhoven is the fifth largest city in the Netherlands and seems like living in the shadow of Amsterdam, it has many surprises to discover. The city’s settlement can be traced back as far as the 13th century. Due to its geological advantages, Eindhoven was an essential place in history. The city was captured by the Spanish army back in the 16th century. Eindhoven was also completely destroyed during World War II.  After the war, the city rose above its ashes and today became the country’s industrial capital. Today Eindhoven, also known as Lichtstad, means the City of Light because of its robust economy and industry. World War II also changed the face of the city, and today there are many essential pieces of modern Dutch architecture also located in Eindhoven. It might not be the first vacation destination when you consider visiting the Netherlands, but one thing you can be sure of is that there are many places to visit and unusual things to do in Eindhoven.

Explore the City with a Bike

Explore the City with a BikePin
Explore the City with a Bike

The Netherlands has Europe’s highest bicycle usage rates. Eindhoven is also a paradise for bikers. %36 of daily transportation is carried out by bikes. Bicycles are the most preferred transportation type after cars which has the %45 of daily transportation made by cars. You can immediately notice the cycling culture of the city. Almost every hotel offers a bike rental service for its customers. Even if your hotel has no amenities like this, you could rent a bike from Eindhoven Tourist Information Office. You can rent regular bikes, electric-powered bikes, or tandems if you are a couple. Since nearly half of the population prefers bicycles for transportation, the city has cycle lanes on almost every street. You can visit the important tourist attractions while cycling throughout the city like locals. Cycling is one of the most important things to do in Eindhoven.

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Admire the St. Catherine’s Church

Admire the St. Catherine’s ChurchPin
Admire the St. Catherine’s Church

St. Catherine’s Church is one of the most essential landmarks in Eindhoven. It was built by Pierre Cuypers, who is also the architect of other important landmarks of the city, Rijksmuseum and Central Station. The church was built in 1867. It has a unique design of French Gothic architecture. Both towers are at the same height, but their design is different. The southern tower has a more elegant and striking design. On the other hand, the northern tower looks like a fortress tower. Both of them are 73-meters high and have a breathtaking lightning at night. The church’s façade is also immersive. It has vast and circular glasses. It has dedicated to  St. Catherine of Alexandria, which is thought to have lived in the 11th century in Eindhoven. The church was also heavily damaged during World War II, like the rest of the city, but its restoration was completed in 1972. Today, it is at the top of Eindhoven must see list.

Alter Your Senses in Enversed VR Center

Alter Your Senses in Enversed VR CenterPin
Alter Your Senses in Enversed VR Center

Today VR technology is enchanting, and you can have a great VR experience in Eindhoven. If you’re tech-savvy who think about what to do in Eindhoven, Enversed VR center is an essential place for you. Enversed is the largest VR venue in Europe. It is not the only place for fun. Also, some companies use the place for team-building experiences. You can play breath-taking FPS games, learn archery or try to overcome your fear of heights. With its high-tech gear, you will step into a very different world, and it can have very unusual physics. If you are a couple or group of friends visiting Eindhoven, you can participate in co-op games or compete with each other. It is possible to run away from zombies together or race against each other. You do not have to fear at all because even if you see a whole different world actually, you’re in a controlled zone. Enversed VR center is easily one of the most fun and exciting places to visit in Eindhoven.

Experience the Nightlife in Stratumseind

Experience the Nightlife in StratumseindPin
Experience the Nightlife in Stratumseind

Eindhoven is much more than museums, parks, or factories. The city also has a very colorful nightlife. If you are looking for fun things to do in Eindhoven, you can visit the Stratumseind. It is a massive street with full of nightclubs, pubs, and bars. The red light district might be very famous in the world, but Stratumseind is the longest bars and pub street in the country. You can taste locally brewed beers, world-famous spirits, or exotic cocktails in bars. Everyone can find an attractive place in the street. You can crash into a techno party or watch a football game in a pub. But the most important thing is you can party like there is no tomorrow in Stratumseind.

Stroll in Lush Greenery Parks

Stroll in Lush Greenery ParksPin
Stroll in Lush Greenery Parks

If you want to run away from the crowded city center and have a peaceful couple of hours, Eindhoven has excellent options. The city has two massive parks, Stadswandelpark and Genneper Park. Walking in these parks is the most serene attractions in Eindhoven. If you want to watch the mighty stream of the Dommel River, you should visit Stadswandelpark. There is also a statue garden. Located in the city center, you can easily reach the park. There are walking trails and biking lanes around well-maintained lawns. You can have a beautiful lunch at the restaurant in the park. It offers delightful meals of Dutch cuisine. The park has also a funny peculiar place. An observatory. You can visit Dr. A.F. Philips Observatorium at night and discover new planets or stars.

Another essential park in the city is Genneper Park. It is also located in the city center, even it is very close to Stadswandelpark. If you look at Eindhoven tourist attractions, this park has an important place because it has more than 3 million visitors annually. This seems like an unusually high number for a park, but Genneper Park is really worth visiting. It has many hidden ponds, hiking paths, and much more. Genneper Watermill is also inside the park. 

Have a Fun Day in Efteling


If you are looking for places to visit near Eindhoven, Efteling theme park is one of the best options. It is the largest and most prominent theme park in the country. You can reach it in a short drive from Eindhoven, or you can have a one-hour train ride. It is considered the best place to visit for families with kids. The park offers an enchanting experience with its high-speed rollercoasters, breathtaking shows, and fascinating adventures. Visiting the Flying Dutchman’s ship, watching stunt horse riders become speechless by the fire-breathing monster, or deep diving into a mineshaft with a 90 km/h rollercoaster is possible in Efteling. Some say it is better than Disneyworld in Paris, but you can decide after experiencing it. You should definitely visit the Aquanura in Efteling, which is one of the biggest water shows in the world.

Museums of Eindhoven

Van AbbemuseumPin
Van Abbemuseum

Like the other cities in the country, Eindhoven also has many museums. Art galleries, industrial or football museums, and much more. If you are looking for activities in Eindhoven, visiting these museums is a good option.

Van Abbemuseum

It is located in a different-looking building in the city. It is almost impossible to ignore it. Another distinct feature of the Van Abbemuseum is that it is not only one of the best museums in the country but also is amongst the most essential museums in Europe. The modern and contemporary art museum offers more than 2700 pieces of art collection. The collection ranges from world-famous artists like Picasso, van Gogh, Kandinsky, and Mondrian’s paintings to a vast collection of sculptures. Van Abbemuseum is also home to the world’s most extensive El Lissitzky collection. It is not limited to painting and sculpture. There are also influential pieces from the USA, Asia, Middle East, and Europe in the form of other media like posters, video shootings, and installations. The museum is a true gem of art in the country.

DAF Museum

DAF is amongst the largest truck manufacturers in Europe. It was founded in 1928, and its official name is Van Doorne’s Aanhangwagenfabriek N.V. The company’s headquarter is located in Eindhoven. Thus, there is also a museum. You can explore the history of the brand. It is one of the most visited museums in the region. There are different truck prototypes which never been sold, replicas of the original product line, and many other things. You can also see some DAF branded cars never made to the market.

PSV Eindhoven Museum

Philips Sport Vereniging, or as everybody knows, PSV Eindhoven, is one of the most successful clubs both in the Netherlands and in Europe. It was founded in 1913, and the club’s current stadium is located in the same place club was founded in date back. Philips Stadion is the third largest stadium in the country. It is also home to the PSV Museum. If you are a football fan, you should definitely visit the stadium, and if you have an opportunity, you should definitely attend a game. If you are unlucky, the museum itself also exciting to visit. Historical photos, documentaries, interviews with former players, cups, and much more awaits you in the museum. You can have an attraction package, including attending a team practice. In Eindhoven attractions, this is the one every football fan must experience.

The Philips Museum

You can’t miss the influence of Philips in the city. The electronics titan Philips was founded in Eindhoven, and this makes the city full of Philips brand. The museum is actually near the first Philips factory. Back in 1890, Gerard Philips made the very first incandescent light bulb in this place. If you want to learn how once a small workshop becomes a present-day electronic goliath, Philips Museums is the right place. You can see memorable products and many other things. The museum also has a famous attraction Mission Eureka. It is an interactive treasure hunt with many digital puzzles. It might be home to the leading electronics brand in the world, but its museum offers more than electronics. There is also Philips Collection for art fans. It was established back in 1921, and today there are more than 3000 artworks from all over the world. From this aspect, it is also one of the most significant contemporary art collections in the country.

PreHistorisch Dorp

PreHistorisch Dorp, or Prehistoric Village in English, is an unusual open-air museum in Eindhoven. If you think about what to see in Eindhoven, you should visit this village. It is a replica of ancient times. Actually, you can experience different eras. In PreHistorisch Dorp you can learn to bake bread like in ancient times, making Roman fibula or many other things. There are also Roman and medieval parts in the village. Since the main settlements of the country started in this region, it has a vast cultural richness. Until the modern industries rose in the 1900s, North Brabant was one of the most important agricultural regions in the country. You can discover how life dates back then in PreHistorisch Dorp.

Nuenen Nuenen, also known as Van Gogh Village. It is more like a village than a museum, but it is a museum-like place about globally known Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh. He lived in Neunen between 1883 and 1885. Two years might be insignificant, but this place holds importance in the painter’s life. You can follow the painter’s footsteps in the village and stroll once he strolled in there. The Outdoor Museum of the village gives information on more than 20 distinct locations about the painter’s life. You can even enter the pastor’s house where van Gogh once lived in. Just 8 kilometers away from Eindhoven, Neunen is also a peaceful place to promenade. You can walk around lush green and enjoy the silence.

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