Where To Stay in Montreal? Best Places in Montreal

Montreal is one of the few multifaceted cities in the world. Because of Canada’s immigrant-friendly policies, you can find tastes from other parts of the world in Montreal. Even while walking down a street, you can be confused about whether you are visiting a city in North America or France because the city is the second-largest French-speaking city in the world, just after Paris.

Like many other North American cities, Montreal is also a huge city. After the densely populated neighborhoods of European cities, you will feel tiny in Montreal. The city has 19 different districts, each offering a different experience. However, for tourists, these 19 districts can be reduced to 5 while not missing anything.

It is best to visit Montreal from mid-June to mid-September. But you must know everyone who wants to see Montreal chooses this timeframe. This means some part of the year the town becomes overcrowded. Summer is also festival time for Montreal, so if you like to attend festivals, you are in the right spot. On the other hand, while attending festivals, you’ll think about where to stay in Montreal.

Old Montreal, Historical Side of Montreal

Old Montreal, Historical Side of Montreal
Old Montreal, Historical Side of Montreal

The Old Montreal district is like the European face of the city. By the St. Lawrance River, it is located on the southern side. Actually, Old Montreal is where the city was founded in 1642.

Places to Visit in Old Montreal

You’ll feel like you live in an 1800s European city in Old Montreal. If European architecture and street cafés suit you, Old Montreal is the best place to go in Montreal.

Place Jacques-Cartier

French explorer Jacques Cartier is the explorer of Canada. He arrived in Montreal in October 1535. Today, Place Jacques-Cartier is the heart of Old Montreal. The place is filled with street performers, musicians, painters, and other public entertainers all day long. French-style restaurants and cafés are waiting for you.

Notre-Dame Basilica

Notre-Dame Basilica, with its breathtaking neo-gothic architecture, is the crown jewel of Quebec. It was started to be built in 1824 and completed 5 years later, in 1829. To go tourist sightseeing, you must purchase a ticket.

Rue Saint-Paul

Rue Saint-Paul is the most iconic street in Old Montreal. A cobblestoned street is home to many art galleries, boutiques, and street restaurants. 19th-century buildings surround the road.

Where to Stay in Old Montreal

If you don’t want to go far away from the historical marvel of the city, this district is the best area to stay in Montreal.

W Montreal: W Montreal is located in the Banque du Canada, surrounded by Notre Dame Basilica, The Montreal Casino, and the World Trade Center. W Montreal offers an unforgettable vacation with its fitness center, bar, and Terrace W Montreal. If you don’t mind the hotel price, W Montreal is the best place to stay in Montreal.

Auberge du Vieux Port: To enjoy the great view of the old port, rejuvenate in a spa and relieve the tiredness with multi-jet showers, you should consider staying in Auberge du Vieux Port.

Sonder Saint Paul: Sonder Saint Paul is one of the most popular places among visitors with a tight budget. It is located very close to iconic places in Old Town. You can basically walk anywhere from Notre Dame Basilica to Bell Centre. 

Centre-Ville, Downtown Montreal

Centre-Ville, Downtown Montreal
Centre-Ville, Downtown Montreal

Centre-Ville is the vibrant side of the city. The area is an open buffet for artistic souls. Some say Centre-Ville has more museums than some countries. You may not know whether it is true or not, but it is easy to say that the region is filled with museums. Even the world’s largest Barbie Expo is also located in Centre-Ville.

Places to Visit in Centre-Ville

There are plenty of artistic attractions in Centre-Ville. Surrounded by rivers and mountains, the whole place is like an art exhibit.

Quartier des Spectacles

The Quartier des Spectacles is the cultural heart of the town. The place is also known as having the most extraordinary diversity of cultural areas in North America. It is impossible to find a bored person in this place.

Underground City

Montreal has an underground city, and it is the largest underground city in the world. There are more than 500,000 visitors to this city. The underground network has more than 2,000 shops. The whole place is a network connecting 10 major hotels, 265 restaurants, performance halls, universities, some libraries, and museums.

Rue Saint-Catherine

Rue Saint Catherine has been the city’s leading commercial and most famous street for over 100 years. More than 1200 shops are located on the street. But you can also find exquisite restaurants and bars. The Rue Sainte-Catherine is nearly 11 kilometers long.

Where to Stay in Centre-Ville

The best places to stay in Montreal is located Centre-Ville. The Centre-Ville is also a hotel center. No hotel suits you if you can’t find the best place to stay in Centre-Ville. You can treat yourself to a cozy residence even if you’re a backpacker.

Four Seasons Hotel Montreal: Four Seasons Hotel Montreal is an ideal place to stay. It is just a few minutes from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Bell Center, Underground City, and Eaton Center Montreal. The hotel offers a complete experience at its price.

Hilton Garden Inn Montreal: Hilton Garden Inn offers delicate services in an excellent location. If you’re tired after walking through the city, sit and relax in the bar. If you feel energetic, you can swim in the rooftop indoor pool. The best part is the hotel is not much pricier than other same-level hotels. 

Hotel Chrome Montreal: The most vibrant part of the city also comes with its price. Even the budget-friendly hotels in Centre-Ville are slightly more expensive than in other regions. But Hotel Chrome Montreal rewards every penny you spend. Lester’s Deli Resto Bar, airport shuttle, and private parking spot are significant pluses for the hotel. It is in a great location. 

Plateau-Mont-Royal and Mile-End, Living in an Art Piece

Plateau-Mont-Royal and Mile-End
Plateau-Mont-Royal and Mile-End

The Plateau and Mile is an upscale and trendy neighborhood just north of downtown Montreal. It is known for its residential streets, colorful nightlife, and delicious Mile-End bagels.

Places to Visit in Plateau-Mont-Royal and Mile-End

This city section is full of cafes, bars, boutiques, and bookstores. The Plateau and Mile-End located next to each other, are must-see locations in Montreal. It is also one of the best places to stay in Montreal for art lovers.

Mount Royal Park

Mount Royal Park is the first place to visit if you want to enjoy a large green space. Beaver Lake, hiking trails, and picnicking Montrealers make the park lively.

Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Boulevard Saint-Laurent is one of the city’s main thoroughfares. Anglophones, Francophones, and communities from distant parts meet here. The Mural Festival transforms the boulevard into one of the largest urban art centers during the summer.

Avenue du Mont-Royal

Avenue du Mont-Royal is characterized by great architectural diversity. Plenty of thrift stores, second-hand book stores, and record shops are on the avenue. At the end of the avenue is an excellent view of Mount Royal.

Where to Stay in Plateau-Mont-Royal and Mile End

Such a place is full of creativity, and art hotels are built around it.

Auberge de La Fontaine: More than 200 shops and restaurants are just a few steps away. You can enjoy the lush greenery scene of Parc LaFontaine from your room. 

Hotel Kutuma: If you want to make some sacrifices from your hotel budget but also want a good experience, Hotel Kutuma is a perfect choice. The hotel has an Ethiopian restaurant called Le Nil Blue. 

Parc Suites Hotel: Parc Suites Hotel is just in the center of Place des Arts, Museum of Fine Art, and Mount Royal Park. You can experience different foods, see art exhibits, or lie down under green trees in a few minutes. 

Le Quartier Olympique and Hochelaga-Maisonneuve

Le Quartier Olympique and Hochelaga-Maisonneuve
Le Quartier Olympique and Hochelaga-Maisonneuve

The Quartier Olympique and Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district of Montreal has many cultural, sporting, and recreational attractions and large green spaces to relax in.

Places to Visit in Le Quartier Olympique and Hochelaga-Maisonneuve

You can make a gourmet trip in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve (HoMa for short) or enjoy sports and fun activities on the Esplanade Financiére Sun Life. Le Quartier Olympique and Hochelaga-Maisonneuve are two of Montreal’s many faces.

The Olympic Stadium

The Olympic Stadium is the largest indoor theater in Quebec. Also, the tower of the stadium is magnificent. This tower measures 165 meters and inclines 45 degrees, making it the most inclined tower in the world.

The Esplanade Financiére Sun Life

The Esplanade Financiére Sun Life is ideal for enjoying cultural or sporting activities. You can attend sports activities and cultural shows for all tastes and ages.

The Biodôme

The Bioôdome is a 7000-m2 site built in the former velodrome of the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games. Inside the Biodôme is a tropical rainforest, a Laurentian forest, the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the coasts of Labrador, and the Subantarctic Islands. These are the 5 ecosystems of America.

Where to Stay in Le Quartier Olympique and Hochelaga-Maisonneuve

Compared to other districts, HoMa has a limited number of hotels. In Montreal where to stay HoMA district is not a cup of coffee for everyone.

Homa Hôtel by Olympic Stadium: Homa Hôtel by Olympic is one of the luxurious options in the HoMa district. The hotel has a restaurant, private parking, and a casino. On top of that, the Olympic Stadium is just opposite your window.

Maison Montplaisir: Between the limited options in HoMa, Maison Montplaisir is one of the good places. You can relax and have breakfast on the terrace while enjoying the view.

Hotel Auberge Manoir Ville Marie: Hotel Auberge Manoir Ville Marie is a budget-friendly hotel in HoMa. There aren’t too many amenities in the hotel, but it is close to many important places in the district. 

Little Italy and Villeray

Little Italy and Villeray
Little Italy and Villeray

Montreal is an exotic place, but sometimes this exoticism is overdosing. If you feel that way and start to think about where should I go in Montreal you should visit Little Italy and Villeray. Because two very distinct universes to discover within the same district.

Places to Visit in Little Italy and Villeray

On the one hand, Little Italy and its restaurants, cafes, and pastry shops will delight lovers of Italian cuisine. On the other hand, Villeray invites you to travel to Latin America for a day or more.

The Madonna Church

If you want to prey on pop goddess Madonna, you’re probably in the wrong place. Chiesa Della Madonna Della Difesa is the historical gem of Montreal’s Italian community. Even today, this church holds the most important events in the Italian community.

Plaza Saint-Hubert

Plaza Saint-Hubert is one of the most important commercial streets in Montreal. The place is ideal for strolling, shopping, and enjoying many terrace bars or restaurants.

Jarry Park

There is always something to do in Montreal. You can rollerblade, hike, cycle, or cross-country ski in a park. If you want some idleness and relaxation, Jarry Park is your place.

Where to Stay in Little Italy and Villeray

Like the HoMa area, Little Italy and Villeray only have a few places to stay. But there are many hotels very close to the district. If you want to stay close to Little Italy, you’ve got to take the risk of walking for a couple of minutes.

The Ritz-Carlton Montreal: There isn’t much to say about Ritz-Carlton. The Ritz-Carlton Montreal is easily one of the priciest yet best hotels in Montreal. The brand knows how to fulfill its visitors. 

Hotel Manoir Sherbrooke: For a lovely Little Italy experience for romantic couples, Hotel Manoir Sherbrooke is a good option. The hotel is a century-old building, and each room is decorated in a Victorian style. 

Super 8 by Wyndham: Super 8 by Wyndham is among the best choices for budget-friendly hotels around Little Italy and Villeray. It is budget-friendly, but the hotel has a good amount of amenities. During your stay, you can enjoy yourself in the gym or pool of the hotel.

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