Where to Stay Dubrovnik?


Attacked by the Slavs, the inhabitants of Epidaurum took refuge on a rocky islet separated from the mainland by a small channel. Thus, in the 7th century, Ragusa was born and was quickly surrounded by ramparts to protect itself from invasions. It merged in the 12th century with the city of Dubrovnik, which extended from Zaton to Cavtat, and the channel was filled in: the current Stradun, or Placa. On the Dalmatian coast, Dubrovnik was, for a long time, a center of importance in the Mediterranean maritime trade. This openness to the world has built its architecture’s richness and beauty. Today, many tourists enjoy its azure sky and the gentle waves of the Adriatic, but do they know what to do in Dubrovnik? The answer is here.

If there is another essential stop on a trip to Croatia, it is a visit to Dubrovnik, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in southern Dalmatia. The activities to do are pleasant, and the excursion to Trsteno and Mljet, an island off the town, is charming.

Places to Visit in Dubrovnik 🚘

Dubrovnik is a tourist hot spot in Croatia. Since there are many places to visit in the city, you should have a few days to explore the region properly. If possible, avoid visiting it in the high season, which is June to September. Ancient Ragusa is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Exceptionally well renovated and maintained, it is a wonder at every corner. Unfortunately, you won’t be the only one to admire it.

Old City of Dubrovnik

Old City of DubrovnikPin
Old City of Dubrovnik

A veritable open-air museum, the old town of Dubrovnik is simply magnificent, day and night. Enter through the Pile gate and admire Onofrio’s fountain, whose water is drinkable. Before strolling on the Placa or Stradun, the main artery of the old town. Do not hesitate to get lost in the alleys of Dubrovnik: the city is not very big, and you will have no trouble coming across remarkable monuments such as the Sponza Palace, the Clock Tower, the Rector’s Palace, the Orlando column, the Cathedral of the Assumption, the Franciscan monastery.

Game of Thrones Tour

Dubrovnik is now famous for being one of the filming locations for the Game of Thrones series. Scenes set in King’s Landing, in particular, are frequently shot here. Inevitably, this attracts many fans who want to go behind the scenes of the series and learn the secrets of the shootings. If you are just curious, you can have fun finding the places on your own, but if you are a big fan of the series, I advise you to assign yourself the services of a guide who will show you the smallest corners, and you will give all the juicy details you need to know.



This is the main street of historic Dubrovnik, which connects the Pile Gate to the Old Port. The major drawback is the constant crowd that walks there. But there’s a good reason: it’s a beautiful street. You will have little wonders under your eyes at all levels, all in a homogeneous architecture that acts as a time machine, to the time when Dubrovnik dominated its corner of the Adriatic. Small thing to know all the same: be careful because the cobblestones of Stradun are really very slippery. You’ll see several tourists skidding on this street and hurting themselves badly. Avoid straining yourself, especially not at the beginning of your stay.

Luza Square

Luza SquarePin
Luza Square

After visiting Stradun, you’ll find a great square. At the end of the long street, you’ll reach Luza. You couldn’t miss the Orlandov Stup column. The magnificent baroque church is dedicated to Stain Blaise, also known as Crkva Svetog Vlaha. If you are around Luza Square at noon, you shouldn’t miss the melody sings of the clock tower.

Old Port

Old PortPin
Old Port

You should know that Dubrovnik was the top competitor of the magnificent city of Venice for a time. The old port is located in the walls of the town. The old port is, therefore, an unmissable stage of your stay that you absolutely must see in Dubrovnik, reminding you of the city’s past and immersing you in the authentic atmosphere that characterizes the Croatian capital. The old port dates from the 15th century, and we found the large arcades that can be found there particularly remarkable. Throughout the day, fishing or sightseeing boats depart or return there. You’ll really enjoy this visit to Dubrovnik, which is a charming and strangely atypical place.

Pile and Ploce

Pile and PlocePin
Pile and Ploce

When arriving from the west, the Pile Gate is at the entrance to the old town, which immediately opens onto the exquisite Stradun Street. On the other side, the Port of Ploce serves as the eastern entrance to the medieval city. It opens onto the chic residential district of Ploce, where you will find some pleasant public beaches. These two doors are worth a look: they are decorated with stunning sculptures. The only downside is the constant crowds getting in and out of the old town.

Best Places to Stay in Dubrovnik 🏨

Dubrovnik is the most visited city in the region, and the number of places to stay in. Whether you prefer a luxury hotel to pamper yourself or just a place to spend the evening and get ready to start a new day, Dubrovnik has a place for you. Here are the best places to stay in Dubrovnik.

Luxurious Places to Stay in Dubrovnik 💰💰💰

Staying in a luxury hotel is one factor that increases holiday pleasure several times. Discovering a new city, resting, rejuvenating, and returning home as a new person are among the beauties offered by luxury hotels. These are not only the best places but also the most luxurious hotels where to stay in Dubrovnik.

Rixos Premium Dubrovnik 🔗

Rixos Premium DubrovnikPin
Rixos Premium Dubrovnik

Rixos Premium has everything you expect from a luxury hotel, such as a great hotel, a spa center, a full fitness center, and stunning decorations. Moreover, the hotel also has a casino. The hotel’s spa center offers options such as massage rooms, Turkish baths, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a sauna, and a steam room. If you like to renew on vacation, you will have a hard time getting out of the hotel to explore the city. If you want to have a fun night after witnessing the stunning Dubrovnik views during the day, you can enjoy winning at the hotel’s casino while having fun at the same time.

Hotel Dubrovnik Palace 🔗

Hotel Dubrovnik PalacePin
Hotel Dubrovnik Palace

It would be a big mistake to think that a hotel with a palace in its name would be far from ostentation and pleasure. Hotel Dubrovnik Palace is a place that truly lives up to its name. Overlooking Lapad Bay, the hotel has an eye-catching view. You can enjoy the sun and the blue sea at the hotel’s private beach. You can also participate in a breathtaking diving experience with the hotel’s private diving instructors. Indoor and outdoor swimming pool, spa center, hot tub, a good restaurant, and a fun bar, which we are used to seeing in luxury hotels. If this is your expectation from a hotel, Hotel Dubrovnik Palace is the best place to stay in Dubrovnik.

Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik 🔗

Hilton Imperial DubrovnikPin
Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik

If you want to stay in the center of the old city of Dubrovnik and visit the city’s highlights by walking, Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik is the best place for you. The Hilton experience you’re used to is also unmistakable at the world-famous hotel chain’s location in Dubrovnik. Providing service in the building built in 1897, the hotel’s rooms have a decoration inspired by the 19th century. The hotel’s restaurant offers the unique tastes of Mediterranean cuisine. One feature that makes Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik one of the most amazing hotels is that it provides an exceptional selection of world-famous Dalmatian wines. The old city area is the best area to stay in Dubrovnik to experience the local texture of the city and discover the culture of the region.

Budget-Friendly Places to Stay in Dubrovnik 💰💰

Budget-friendly hotels, which are one click away from luxury hotels but have much more services than cheap ones, are among the most preferred. If you want to stay in a place with this delicate balance, there are many options in Dubrovnik. If you think, “where is the best place to stay in Dubrovnik” here are the best budget-friendly ones.

Hotel Adria 🔗

Hotel AdriaPin
Hotel Adria

Dubrovnik is a city that is flooded with visitors almost every month of the year. Therefore, it can be challenging to get away from the crowd and get some rest. With its location just outside the old city, Hotel Adria is ideal for those who want to explore Dubrovnik but also relax a bit. The budget-friendly hotel’s well-lit rooms and spacious bathrooms are the first highlights. You can try the exceptional tastes of Dalmatian cuisine at the on-site restaurant. The best part of the restaurant is that it offers an exquisite view with its vast windows overlooking Gruz Bay.

Hotel Lero 🔗

Hotel LeroPin
Hotel Lero

When you see Hotel Lero with its outdoor pool, beautiful city view, two restaurants, and wellness center, you may think it is not budget-friendly. However, the hotel has a wide range of services. Its sea-facing rooms offer an unforgettable Mediterranean view. The Terra restaurant within the hotel serves essential dishes from Dalmatian, and international cuisine, while the Taj Mahal restaurant offers exceptional delicacies from Bosnian cuisine. You can spend an affordable luxury holiday at the hotel within walking distance of Dubrovnik’s old city center. If you are thinking of where to stay in Dubrovnik, Croatia, you should definitely consider Hotel Lero.

Royal Neptun Hotel 🔗

Royal Neptun HotelPin
Royal Neptun Hotel

If you want to enjoy a historical and cultural holiday in Dubrovnik as well as enjoy the deep blue sea, the Royal Neptun Hotel, located by the sea, is just for you. The hotel has panoramic sea views and spacious and well-lit rooms. Families with kids comfortably spend a couple of days in the hotel. Royal Neptun Hotel also has a complete spa center on-site. Briefly, Royal Neptun is amongst the best places to stay in Dubrovnik.

Cheap Places to Stay in Dubrovnik 💰

Cheap hotels are essential for a city. Moreover, in cities like Dubrovnik, where more and more visitors come every year, the importance of these hotels increases even more. The situation is no different in Dubrovnik. Staying in cheap hotels in the city does not mean that you will stay in flawed or inadequate hotels.

Hotel Petka 🔗

Hotel PetkaPin
Hotel Petka

Located in Lapad Bay, Hotel Petka is one of the best cheap hotels to stay in Dubrovnik. You can taste local delicacies and exceptional seafood at two different restaurants within the hotel. A perfect view awaits you in the sea-facing rooms of the hotel. After a tiring day, you’ll wake up in a blue sea room full of exquisite sea fragrance. Located a little outside of the old city, the hotel is in an ideal place where to stay in Dubrovnik for those who are looking for silence and calmness on vacation at the same time.

Hotel Ivka 🔗

Hotel IvkaPin
Hotel Ivka

The old town region in Dubrovnik best area to stay in, and you’ll understand once again while you stay in Hotel Ivka. Another significant side of the location of the hotel is its connection to the Football stadium. If you are a hardcore football fan, you should visit the stadium in Dubrovnik. It is not only close to the old town, but the hotel is also very close to Gruz port and Lapad Bay. Apart from the location, even if the hotel is a cheap place to stay, it has a significant restaurant where you can taste Dalmatian cuisine.

Hotel Vis 🔗

Hotel VisPin
Hotel Vis

One of the cheapest yet great places to stay in. You can stay in a beachfront hotel at a great price. Otel has a pebbly beach and beach bar where you can enjoy exotic cocktails under the warming summer sun. In the main restaurant of the hotel, you can taste different Dalmatian meals, or you can have a great dinner in the international cuisine section with vegetarian options. You should definitely consider to book a place in Hotel Vis if you are looking for a good yet cheap place to stay in Dubrovnik.

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