Where to Stay in Ajman? Best Places to Stay in Ajman

Ajman is the smallest emirate in UAE. The emirate’s population is 500,000 approx. Ajman might be the smallest emirate, but it’s also a part of the Dubai – Sharjah – Ajman metropolitan area. While visiting Dubai, spending a day in Ajman might be wise. Ajman also didn’t have natural reserves like other emirates. It is gradually emerging from the shadows over the years. Ajman has several trade-free zones, and this makes an excellent profit for the town. There are lots of local and foreign companies having the benefits of trade-free zones.

Ajman is also the capital, but there are also two exclaves of the emirate. Masfout is a small city with a population of 9000 approx. But the city is home to the Na’im tribe, which is the tribe of the current ruler of Ajman, Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Numaimi III. Manama is the other exclave of the emirate. Manama is also a small agricultural village of Ajman. 

Since the emirate is small and relatively insignificant next to Dubai or Abu Dhabi, you can spend a day in Ajman while visiting Dubai. The city of Ajman is surrounded by Sharjah. So, visiting Sharjah and Ajman might be interesting. 

Historical Places to Visit in Ajman

Ajman Historical Places
Ajman Historical Places

Due to the city’s small size, places to go are limited. One of them is the places that shed light on the city’s history. There are several historical places to visit in Ajman. You can learn about the region’s history by visiting these places.

Ajman Fort and Museum

Ajman Fort is not just an essential place for Ajman. Still, it is also a significant place for the United Arab Emirates. Fort’s wind tower is the oldest barjeel in the UAE. The fortress was built by Portugais in 1775. The fort was a ruler’s residence from the late 18th century to 1970. It was converted into a museum in 1991, and today it is a historical center of the city. Ajman Fort and Museum is also one of the most significant buildings of classical Emirate architecture. 

Al Manama Museum

Al Manama Museum is located in Manama city, one of the exclaves of Ajman. It is a small museum located 70 km east of Ajman. You can drive for an hour on a scenic route of Al Dhaid Road. The museum has seven exhibition rooms with critical pieces of hand-crafted goods, jewelry, and weaponry. The museum is surprisingly good if you have an extra couple of hours to spend. 

Masfout Castle

Masfout is another exclave of the Emirate of Ajman. Built in the 1900s, the castle is made of mud and stones. It has a great gate and two rooms. The castle is tower-shaped because it was built as a defensive fortress against bandits. It’s 120 km far away from the city of Ajman you’ve to drive about 90 minutes to arrive. The castle is also an excellent place for hikers. The downside is that it is a little bit far away from Ajman, and you need plenty of time to get there and back to Ajman.

Where to Stay in Ajman

Ajman Beach
Ajman Beach

The fact that the city is small does not mean it will not be an option to stay. You may even have a hard time choosing where to stay in Ajman. There are essential alternatives if you consider in Ajman where to stay.

Ramada by Wyndham Beach Hotel Ajman: The hotel has a breathtaking view right in front of the golden yellow beach. In the morning, you can wake up to the room’s beautiful view of the Arabian Gulf. With the hotel’s private beach, spa center, massage parlors, and sauna, you can turn your holiday into a rejuvenation getaway. Ramada by Wyndham Beach Hotel is one of the best places to stay in Ajman. But it is important to note that the hotel does not serve liquors.

Mermaid Beach Hotel LLC: Located right across the beach, the hotel has quiet and minimal rooms. You can relieve the day’s exhaustion and prepare yourself for the next day in the air-conditioned rooms with sea views. You can use the hotel’s private beach for an additional fee. Mermaid Beach Hotel LLC is among the most beautiful hotels in Ajman.

Ewan Tower Hotel Apartments: If you are looking for a budget-friendly place to stay in the city, Ewan Tower Hotel Apartments is one of the best places to stay in Ajman. You can reach many interesting places in the city on foot from the hotel in the city center. If you are looking for a place to spend the night as a hotel and to spare your budget as much as possible, this is one of the correct addresses.

Places to Visit in Ajman for Couples

The city is relatively small, but there are some places to go as a couple. However, it is also one of the places for couples coming to Dubai on holiday to escape the crowd for a few days and spend a quiet holiday.



You can take a nice walk in a place full of cafes and restaurants. You can walk on a beautiful beach by the sea or spend an afternoon alone in the picnic areas along the way. Roadside restaurants are among the important places where you can taste the region’s delicacies.


Traditional souqs are really famous in the region. You can visit Saleh Souq and Golden Souq in Ajman. You can find beautiful hand-crafted dresses, pashminas, and other clothing designed in Arabic motifs. You can also find beautifully crafted souvenirs from souqs. Saleh Souq is very close to Ajman Museum and Corniche also. After spending a day in Corniche, you can attend a colorful evening in Saleh. 

Ajman City Center Mall

A vacation without shopping is unimaginable, and Ajman City Center Mall is the best place for shopping. You can find many local and world-famous brand shops in the mall. There are more than 60 shops in the mall, and you can spend hours inside it. 

Where to Stay in Ajman for Couples

Fairmont Ajman
Fairmont Ajman

If you decide to stay in the city as a couple, there are several places to choose. You can enjoy your holiday in one of the hotels that appeal to all tastes. Here are some of the best places to stay in Ajman for couples.

Radisson Blu Hotel: The newly opened hotel is a couple’s favorite. Although the hotel is new, the Radisson Blu experience is well known. You can combine cultural holiday and sea with tastefully furnished rooms, an Italian restaurant, a swimming pool, a private beach, and a spa center. Radisson Blue should be on the list if you want to find the best places to stay in Ajman

Wyndham Garden Ajman Corniche: Just located by the corniche of Ajman, Wyndham Garden offers a romantic den for couples. You can enjoy an infinite pool on the terrace of the hotel. You can also relax and unwind in the hotel’s well-decorated spa center. Wyndham Garden Ajman Corniche is among the best hotels Ajman.

Ewan Ajman Suites Hotel: Ewan Ajman Suites Hotel is a budget-friendly place for couples. You can have a romantic dinner in the 13th-floor restaurant of the hotel. The Lebanese cuisine of the hotel is very famous in the city. It is also possible to enjoy your cocktail in the hotel pool.

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Places to Visit in Ajman for Kids

Ajman might be an excellent place to visit with kids. You can enjoy the eye-catching blue sea or explore the local nature of the region. You can be sure that it will be a fulfilling experience for you and the kids.

Al Zorah Nature Reserve

Al Zorah Nature Reserve
Al Zorah Nature Reserve

Al Zorah Nature Reserve is home to more than 58 bird species. There are also breathtaking beaches and one-of-a-kind turquoise lagoons in reserve. The kids also enjoy waterborne activities like kayaking or water-bike.

Aqua Bounce

Aqua Bounce is the first water park in the emirate. Located in Fairmont Ajman, if you think where should i go in Ajman with kids, this is the best place by far. Floating sea toys in the water park are the main attraction place for kids. 

Ajman Equestrian Club

Arabian horses are the most beautiful and famous horse breeds in the world. There are more than 100 horses in the Ajman Equestrian Club. Kids can have a lesson with expert riders and have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The club is the best place to go in Ajman with kids. 

Where to Stay in Ajman With Kids


If you are looking for a place to stay in the city center with kids, there are essential alternatives in Ajman. After a tiring day, you can relax at the hotel and prepare for the new day.

Ramada Hotel & Suites by Wyndham Ajman: Ramada Hotel & Suites by Wyndham Ajman is one of the best hotels Ajman for kids. The hotel has very spacious and well-lit rooms. It is effortless to fit in with kids. You can also enjoy yourself in the pool or spa center of the hotel. 

Ajman Beach Hotel: Ajman Beach Hotel is a joyful place to stay with kids in Ajman. The hotel’s immersive rooms have an eye-catching sea view. The hotel also has an intercontinental restaurant from kebabs to tacos. Ajman Beach Hotel is also a couple of minutes walk to the main tourist attractions in Ajman. It is amongst the best area to stay in Ajman

Dream Palace Hotel: If you are looking for a budget-friendly and excellent place to stay with kids, Dream Palace Hotel is one of the good options. It is located a couple of minutes walking from the beach and other important spots of Ajman. Suppose you want more large budget for a tourist attraction and a tight one for a hotel. In that case, you should definitely consider Dream Palace Hotel.

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