Where to Stay in Bali, Island of the Gods

Bali is one of the places where “Paradise” fits best in the world. As soon as you arrive in Bali, you will understand why it is called the Island of the Gods. You will experience an unforgettable holiday in Bali, the most visited region of Indonesia and South Asia. Bali is a tropical island and generally warm year-round. But even if the weather is usually OK, there are only two primary seasons. They’re dry and rainy seasons. Due to the monsoon climate, it is quite rainy in Bali from November to March. Significantly after January, the rains become more intense. Those who will visit the region for the first time are recommended to come to the area during the dry season in order to have a more comfortable holiday. There are lots of places to visit in Bali. After your first day on the island, you can be sure that you will not want to leave the region. Here are the best places to visit in Bali.



Ubud is Bali’s spiritual and cultural center. You should definitely visit Ubud, one of the places where the world turns its eyes. If Hindu temples, yoga sessions in clean and fresh mountain air, open-air art galleries, and spiritual guides are ideal for you, then Ubud is for you. Tanah Lot, Besakih, and Uluwatu temples in the region are flooded with visitors daily. Bali is one of the most breathtaking places in the area, not only with its mesmerizing sea but also with its lush green nature. Ubud is one of the essential centers in Bali for those who love long walks in natural beauties. Gunung Batur and Gunung Agung are two active volcanic volcanoes in the region, and there are hiking trails in these volcanoes. Ubud is amongst the must-see place to visit in Bali.

Best Hotels to Stay in Ubud 🏨

Since Bali is a holiday paradise, there are many hotels in the region. Ubud is also one of the places where Bali has dazzling hotels. If you’re considering staying in Ubud, a popular tourist destination, here are the best hotels where to stay in Ubud.

Bliss Ubud Spa Resort 🔗

Bliss Ubud Spa Resort

Bliss Ubud Spa Resort is a heavenly place in Ubud. There is pretty much everything a luxury hotel should have, and more are here. The spa and wellness centers are one of the biggest curiosities of almost everyone visiting Bali. Bliss Ubud Spa Resort is one of the best options in the region, which is synonymous with purification, relaxation, unwinding, and regeneration. There is a whole complex dedicated to Yoga sessions in the resort, but it is also possible to rejuvenate in the lush green garden with open-air yoga and meditation sessions. The hotel also offers services such as an open-air swimming pool, hot tub, private massage rooms, and facial and skin care. Located 10 minutes from Ubud city center, the hotel is a place you will never want to leave.

Purana Suite Ubud 🔗

Purana Suite Ubud

Purana Suite Ubud is another excellent facility in the region. The hotel has ample rooms for families with kids. There is a beautiful garden with every tone of green, an open pool, a sun terrace where you can watch the impressive sunset, and a restaurant, both outstanding examples of local and international cuisine. If you want to explore Ubud by bike or car, there is a rental service in the hotel for its visitors. Thanks to its central location, you can also visit many tourist spots like Ubud Palace or Sarawasti Temple by walking.

Anumana Ubud Hotel 🔗

Anumana Ubud Hotel

Anumana Ubud Hotel is one of the many sacred paradises in Bali. Located in the center of Ubud, you can explore many places on foot. Anumana Ubud Hotel is the best place to stay in Bali for couples. Many couples take selfies in front of the rock pool of heart. The hotel has an immersive outdoor pool. You can stay in either pool view or forest view rooms. It is located right next to the very famous Monkey Forest. The hotel also has free bike rental services for its visitors. It is lovely to cycle around and explore the Ubud during sunset.

Seminyak & Petitenget

Seminyak & Petitenget

The most famous spot in Bali is Seminyak, and its Petitenget part, by far. If you want to shop in luxury stores, attend never-ending parties that lasts until the morning, and dine at the best restaurants in the region, Seminyak is the first place you should stop by.

Besides these, Seminyak is also a great place for sea and beach lovers. The beaches that look like a corner of paradise, the sunset view where all shades of yellow and red are visible, and the turquoise color of the Indian Ocean will draw you in. Seminyak and Petitenget are among the places that should be visited by those who want a fast and lively holiday. But if you want to explore other beauties of Bali, like cultural richness or natural wonders, you should leave for a couple of days from Seminyak and explore other regions.

Best Hotels to Stay in Seminyak 🏨

Everyone wants to stay in the most popular region in Bali. Thus, there are outstanding facilities in Seminyak. Everyone can find a suitable place to stay, from resorts to private suites. If you are looking for where to stay in Seminyak, here are the best options.

Lloyd’s Inn Bali 🔗

Lloyd's Inn Bali

Lloyd’s Inn Bali is like a modern hidden garden in a mystical center with its design, decoration, the understanding it reflects in its rooms and what it offers. With your first step, it’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a dreamy place. Lloyd’s Inn Bali is famous for its beautiful and serene garden. There are many modern decorated seating areas throughout this green paradise. You can also take your drink from the bar and enjoy it by the pool. Lloyd’s Inn Bali is close to tourist spots like Double Six Beach, Seminyak Beach, and Legian Beach. It might not be a beachfront hotel, but it is very close to these pristine beaches.

The Haven Bali Seminyak 🔗

The Haven Bali Seminyak

As its name stands, The Haven Bali Seminyak is a heavenly place to stay. There is a tropical garden in the center of the hotel. You can sit back and relax while sunbathing and enjoying your drink. An extensive open swimming pool offers a great place to swim. The hotel’s rooms are specifically designed to boast natural light inside. At the ATMA spa, you can relax and rejuvenate in private massage rooms, Turkish baths, saunas, steam showers, or in hot tubs. There are countless body and facial treatment options in ATMA spa. You can leave the tiredness and exhaustion of the year behind and enjoy yourself with your fresh new looking.

Pelangi Bali Hotel & Spa 🔗

Pelangi Bali Hotel & Spa

Pelangi Bali Hotel & Spa, where local Balinese culture and modern understanding come together, offers its visitors a hidden garden. You can enjoy the deep blue sea at the hotel’s private beach. The hotel has a swimming pool with a beautiful view. You can have a great time in the infinite pool stretching from the center of the hotel towards the sea and sip your exotic cocktail against the sunset. As you can imagine, one of the essential features of Pelangi Bali Hotel & Spa is the spa center. The well-decorated spa salon offers many options, from unique massage rooms to facial and body treatments. You can pamper yourself all day long in one of the world-famous Balinese spa centers.

Nusa Dua & Benoa

Suppose you’re eager to spend a dream vacation in world-famous, well-designed rooms, with countless chances to pamper yourself. You’ll not want to leave Nusa Dua. It is located just east side of the Bukit Peninsula. Nusa Dua is considered the most luxurious region in Bali. International resorts, suites, villas, hotels, and other accommodation complexes cover the region. You can have complete VIP treatment in Nusa Dua. The region is the best area to stay in Bali by far.

Nearly all of the beachfront facilities offer private beaches to their visitors. But it is also possible to access public beaches. Another essential part of the Nusa Dua is frequented by honeymooners. Best hotels in Bali for couples also waiting for their visitors in here. Bali National Golf Club is also located in Nusa Dua. The 18-hole golf course is a popular spot for golfers. As you may assume, Nusa Dua is also one of Bali’s most visited places. Especially if you want to visit the region during the high season, you should book in advance. Sometimes, finding places to stay in Bali, Nusa Dua, is challenging.

If watersports are your thing, you should visit Benoa. It is on the northern side of the Nusa Dua. There are many watersport facilities in the region. It is also possible to find some 4 and 5-star hotels in Benoa. If you want to find a less crowded and more quiet place than Nusa Dua, Benoa is an excellent location to escape.

Best Hotels to Stay in Nua Dua 🏨

Nua Dua is the best place to stay in Bali, whatever your tastes, wishes, and needs. In Nua Dua, which is a hotel paradise, the probability of finding a hotel that will not meet your expectations is almost zero. It is the best place where to stay in Bali for a week.

Merusaka Nusa Dua 🔗

Merusaka Nusa Dua

Merusaka Nusa Dua is amongst the Bali top hotels. When you step into the hotel, you will realize that you have come to a place you could not even imagine. Rooms with direct access to the pool, villa options in the lush garden, and a restaurant with different options from local and international cuisine are just a few of the hotel’s features. You can enjoy the glamorous sun, deep blue sea, and sparkling sandy beach at the hotel’s private beach.

Hilton Bali Resort 🔗

Hilton Bali Resort

Set in a lush garden, separated from the deep blue sea by a golden sandy beach, Hilton Bali Resort is a place you won’t want to leave once you step in. Frequented by couples, the hotel is one of the best resorts in Bali for honeymoon. There are four huge pools connected to each other in the green garden where the hotel is located. Hilton Bali Resort is like a corner from paradise with a jungle camp for kids, a spa center, a private beach, and rooms with dazzling views. In addition to the restaurant serving Italian, Balinese, Japanese, and European cuisines, the hotel also has The Shore Restaurant, which offers high-end seafood and meat.

Melia Bali 🔗

Melia Bali

In Melia Bali, you can find activities that you would not even think of on vacation and services that would not be expected from a hotel. There are ample opportunities to soak up the fresh Bali air at the seaside hotel with its lush garden. You can do this while having fun in the outdoor pool, taking a yoga class in the open air, or watching a fun movie in the open-air cinema in the garden. The hotel has a THE LEVEL programme. It is an exclusive and tailored experience for adults, couples, and families. Melia Bali is one of the best hotels in Bali for honeymoon, thanks to its THE LEVEL programme.



Legian is a place for night owls. There are many nightclubs in the region. To experience the colorful nightlife of Legian, you should definitely attend one of the legendary DJ performances. Legian’s of other favorite aspect is cheap drinks. Since it is one of the tourist centers in the world, you may expect high prices, specifically in nightclubs. But Legian’s lounges offer the cheapest drinks in Bali. Shopping is another essential feature of Legian. You can find shops of many international brands in this province. You might want to look for affordable hotels rather than luxurious yet expensive ones. Legian is the best part of Bali to stay in affordable but great hotels. There are many hotel facilities in Legian for couples, backpackers, or families.

Best Hotels to Stay in Legian 🏨

Legian, inarguably is the best place for party lovers. There are many nightclubs and beach clubs in the region. If you want to experience the colorful and unforgettable nightlife, Legian is the right option where to stay in Bali.

Mercure Bali Legian 🔗

Mercure Bali Legian

Located in the center of Legian, Mercure Bali is very close to many nightclubs in the area. If you want to have fun at the hotel, you can spend time at the Poole Bar & Lounge, located by the pool. The hotel is within walking distance of many places, such as Kuta Beach or Beachwalk Shopping Center. Mercure Bali Legian is the best place to stay in Bali for lively nightlife lovers. Ancak Restaurant, located within the hotel, is one of the ideal places to experience local Balinese delicacies.

Champlung Mas Hotel Legian 🔗

Champlung Mas Hotel Legian

It is possible to have an unforgettable holiday in the middle of a lush paradise with tropical plants on one side and the blue of the endless sea on the other. Champlung Mas Hotel Legian is located in the heart of Legian. It isn’t possible to start a bad day in rooms with simple but eye-catching designs. Champlung Mas Hotel Legian is the address of a beautiful holiday with its outdoor swimming pool, bar right next to the pool, and calm atmosphere. You can easily prepare yourself for the fast and colorful Legian nights by resting, gathering energy, and rejuvenating during the day. Legian is the best place to live in Bali for party lovers.

The Jayakarta Bali Beach Resort 🔗

The Jayakarta Bali Beach Resort

If you want to stay in a seaside hotel in Legian, your address is The Jayakarta Bali Beach Resort. The Jayakarta Bali Beach Resort is an effortless place to pamper yourself with a spa center that you will not want to leave, an outdoor pool, hot water showers, and massage rooms to relax your whole body. It is also easy to attend beach parties in Cocoon Beach Club, Double Six Beach, and Sunset Star from the hotel. To have an unforgettable vacation with relaxation and fun, you should consider staying in the Jayakarta.



Sanur is the oldest tourist destination in Bali. It was always a great place to visit, and even Bali was less famous than today. Sanur has a more laid-back atmosphere than any other region. It is an ideal place for families away from the crowd. Sanur is a more serene and relaxed place than other regions in Bali. It is like a small portion of Bali. You can find great bars, dazzling beaches, world-class hotels, or fancy restaurants. However, since all of these are not piled up, it is much calmer and quieter than other parts of Bali. There is also fast boats terminal in Sanur. This makes it easy to access Balur or other regions from Balur. It is possible to travel easily to Nusa or Lombok from this terminal. You can experience the local cuisine from great restaurants or enjoy the endless blue of the sea.

Best Hotels to Stay in Sanur 🏨

Sanur is one of Bali’s best places to stay, with its deep-rooted history, spiritual texture, stunning beaches, and quiet environment. If you are looking for a place where you can find many things to experience throughout Bali and do them in a secluded setting, you should definitely stay in Sanur.

Andaz Bali – a Concept by Hyatt 🔗

Andaz Bali - a Concept by Hyatt

A hidden garden in the heart of Sanur, next to a wonderful beach, Andaz Bali – a Concept by Hyatt is one of the best hotels in Bali. You can watch a peaceful sunset in a lush garden of different trees, join yoga classes or meditate. When you stop by the spa center in the hotel, you will get rid of all the burdens you feel on your shoulders. Located within walking distance of Sanur’s attractions, such as Sindhu Market, Kopi Bali House, or Le Mayeur Museum, the hotel offers an unforgettable holiday opportunity.

The Alantara Sanur 🔗

The Alantara Sanur

With its iconic, massive, attractive pool in the center, The Alantara Sanur is one of the corners of paradise in Bali. The hotel, which stands out with its well-lit rooms and services for couples, is one of the famous places in Sanur. If you are looking for where to stay in Bali for couples, The Alantara Sanur is one of the great options. You can explore the surroundings easily thanks to services such as bicycle and car rentals for visitors. You won’t be able to understand how time flies at The Alantara Sanur, with different activities at the hotel’s bar and poolside entertainment.

Prama Sanur Beach Bali 🔗

Prama Sanur Beach Bali

If you are looking for a perfect place on the coast of Sanur beach, Prama Sanur Beach Bali is one of the most suitable places for you. Spacious rooms with deep blue sea views are one of the most suitable options for families. The tropical garden around the hotel is the children’s favorite place to spend time. There is nothing in the spa center of the hotel. One of the great things about Bali is that you have no reason to pamper yourself. Leaving the spa center of Prama Sanur Beach Bali will be challenging with its different massage options, body care, hot water pool, and mud bath.

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