Where to Stay in Basel? Best Places to Stay in Basel


Basel is a real treasure located on the banks of the Rhine at the crossroads of the three borders Switzerland, France, and Germany. Basel is the third city in Switzerland, after Zurich and Geneva, which is not very well known in terms of tourism, which is very surprising. When you think of a trip to Switzerland, you always imagine its mountains and natural landscapes first rather than its cities. Yet Basel is worth visiting! It has the charm of a village while having the cultural assets of a large metropolis, plus the magnificent natural environment of the banks of the Rhine in which you can even swim! It is an ideal destination to discover over a weekend or more if you have time; there are many things to see.

Places to Visit in Basel

With a total of 40 museums, Basel has the highest density of museums in Switzerland. Every year, in mid-June, it also becomes the world capital of contemporary art with the holding of Art Basel, the world’s most significant modern and contemporary art fair.

Fondation Beyeler

One of the most famous museums is the Fondation Beyeler, which presents a collection of 200 works of art, including Monet, Cézanne, Picasso, Van Gogh, and Warhol. The museum offers a beautiful harmony between Art, architecture, and nature with the garden and the surrounding fields. Created in 1997, it brings together more than 320 modern and contemporary artworks. The foundation also offers temporary exhibitions.

Museum Tinguely

World-renowned Swiss architect Mario Botta also designed the Tinguely Museum. This iconic Basel museum takes its name from the Swiss artist Jean Tinguely who grew up in the city. This place dedicated to art was created following a legacy of his works by his wife, plastic artist, sculptor, painter, and world-famous Niki de Saint Phalle. Tinguely’s sculptures are worthy of the most eccentric masterpieces and are sure to surprise you. Plans, sketches, and modern sculptures come and discover a particular universe out of the ordinary. The most impressive piece in the Tinguely Museum is the work “Utopia,” whose real name is “Grosse Méta-Maxi-Maxi-Utopia.” With 140 m2 of floor space, it is a sculpture machine more than 4 meters high that can be climbed using stairs and mechanical walkways. An incredible system of wooden wheels and metal parts moves when you activate the mechanism—an excellent place to visit for children, as well as for adults.

Basel Minster

Basel MinsterPin
Basel Minster

A true emblem of the city, the Protestant cathedral of Basel is a masterpiece of medieval art. It is easily accessible from Basel CFF station, located in the city center. Built in the year 1018, this cathedral owes its particularity to the pink sandstone blocks of which it is composed. Built over the cathedral hill, Basel Cathedral is one of the most popular tourist sites in the city. Cathedral’s patterned roof tiles are easily recognizable by their vivid colors. It was built from the 9th to 13th century with red sandstones from Vosges, France. The church was built in Gothic style after an earthquake in 1356. During this rebuilding, many parts of the church were preserved. The Protestants destroyed the high altar of the cathedral and its many pieces of furniture in 1529. Inside the cathedral is the tomb of the famous theologian Erasmus, a significant figure in European culture.

Places to Stay in Basel City Centrum

There are many hotels you can stay at during your visit to Basel. You can choose the most suitable place for you from the points in the city center or close to the city center. There are different options in Basel, from ultra-luxurious hotels in the city to an ordinary places where you can spend the night. These are the best places to stay in Basel Switzerland.

Hyperion Hotel Basel🔗

Hyperion Hotel Basel, which has one of the highest buildings in Basel with a height of 105 meters, offers its visitors an unforgettable city view. Located in the city center, the hotel is within walking distance of the Basel Messe, the old town, and the Badisch Bahnhof train station. The modern designed rooms allow you to enjoy the city view while relieving the day’s tiredness. One of the essential advantages of the hotel is that it provides free BaselCard to its visitors. With the BaselCard, you can enter museums and other touristic places in the city with a 50% discount. Hyperion Hotel is an excellent place in Basel where to stay.

Radisson Blu Basel🔗

Radisson Blu Basel is one of the best options if you want a quiet and comfortable place to stay in the city center. Exploring the city on foot with its location close to the train station, zoo, and other essential city points is possible. At the hotel’s Italian restaurant, Filini, you can choose from various dishes, from delicious risottos to Italian-cooked pasta. If the weather is nice, the glass window that completely covers the restaurant’s façade opens. In this way, you can dine under the lights of the city. The hotel’s indoor pool is open to guests for 24 hours. Radisson Blu Basel is amongst the best place to stay in Basel.

Mövenpick Hotel Basel🔗

Mövenpick Hotel offers a feast for the eyes from its lobby with its minimal and modern design. You can enjoy the luxury and comfort of the hotel, which has stylishly designed rooms. You can enjoy local and seasonal delicacies and taste valuable wines at MP’s Bistro & Bar, located inside the hotel. In the hotel’s other restaurant, PURO, you can choose unique dishes from modern Latin American and Asian cuisine. The hotel offers a gourmet experience in both restaurants and alternatives suitable only for your palate. You can explore the important places of the city by taking advantage of the bicycle rental service of the hotel, which is located in the center. Mövenpick Hotel Basel is one of the best luxury hotels in Basel Switzerland.

Places to Visit in Basel for Couples

Basel may not be as famous as other European cities. But it has many hidden beauties. Basel in Europe is not one of the first places that come to mind when it comes to a romantic holiday. This does not mean you will not have a beautiful and unforgettable holiday. While exploring the city together, you can relieve the exhaustion of the year at the same time.

Old Town

Old TownPin
Old Town

Basel is also not a city where you have to spend all your time in museums because its historic center is beautiful with alleys and traditional houses full of charm. It almost feels like a village, with most pedestrianized streets, many fountains, and half-timbered façades. The two historic buildings not to be missed are first of all the town hall, astonishing with its bright red façades and murals. You will find more murals in the Hausgenossen guild house at 34. The Rathaus Basel, a blood-red building, richly decorated with murals, was built in the 16th century. It is one of the must-sees in Basel. It hosts the town hall but also the government of the canton. You can also admire the paintings that represent scenes of Renaissance life. They are also colorful; they are lovely to see. Inside its courtyard, you will see the imposing and gilded statue of Lucius Munatius Plancus, former lieutenant of Caesar. If you are thinking about what area to stay in Basel, Old Town is the best choice.

Rhine River

Rhine RiverPin
Rhine River

Life develops around rivers; in Basel, this is also the case! Students, business people, retirees, families, couples, and everyone comes to relax on the banks of the Rhine, the number one symbol of life in Basel. It is a great way to explore daily life in the city. Ending a beautiful sunny day by walking along the banks of the Rhine to enjoy the local atmosphere and soak up a little more of the Basel way of life. Hundreds on the banks of the Rhine swim, listen to music, drink a cocktail in one of the many refreshments and even have a barbecue in the appropriate spaces made available to the public. You’ll find a friendly atmosphere on the banks of the river.


From the German “marketplace,” Marktplatz is the central place of the city of Basel. Take the opportunity to discover buildings with typical Swiss architecture. You can walk through the many shops and restaurants around. This square serves as a long street with many brand stores and jewelry stores. Marktplatz, from its name, means a square for the market, a place where we can find fruits and vegetables. Not far from the square, you can visit the Pharmacy Museum of the University of Basel, one of the largest dedicated to this field and which offers an extensive collection of period pharmaceutical objects and utensils.

Best Hotels to Stay in Basel for Couples

You may be undecided about where to stay during a romantic holiday in Basel because there are many hotel options for couples in the city. You can stay in one of the oldest hotels in Europe and have a dream vacation. If you are looking for a romantic place where to stay in Basel Switzerland, these are some of the bests.

Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois🔗

Queen Elizabeth II, Napoleon Bonapart, Empress Michiko of Japan, James Joyce, Pablo Picasso, and Thomas Mann. These names are some of the visitors of Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois. Located in the old town and on the banks of the Rhine, the hotel is one of the oldest in Europe and has been in service since 1681. Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois is a dream destination with its fantastic view, well-thought-out decoration, and classic-style rooms. The Cheval Blanc, located within the hotel, has 19 Gault Millau points and 3 Michelin stars. You can have an unforgettable dinner at the restaurant managed by the world-famous chef Peter Knogl. Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois where is the best place to stay in Basel.  Although the hotel is not one of the best hotels Basel, it is among the top-notch places to stay in the whole Europe.

Sorell Hotel Merian🔗

Sorell Hotel Merian, one of the hotels on the banks of the Rhine river, is located right next to the Middle Bridge. The hotel is within walking distance of many places such as Tinguely Museum, Spalentor, Basel Cathedral, and the city center offers an unforgettable experience. You can have a wonderful dinner at the luxury restaurant on the hotel’s terrace with views of the Rhine river and Basel. Moreover, Sorell Hotel Merian has one of Basel’s most famous fish restaurants. Sorell Hotel Merian is one of the best places to stay in Basel for couples.

Hotel Marthof Basel🔗

Hotel Marthof Basel is one of the eye-catching hotels with its excellent exterior. The four-star hotel is located right next to the old town part of the city, close to many major tourist attractions. Enjoy a romantic dinner at the hotel’s terrace restaurant with a stunning view of the Basel cathedral. The spa center at Hotel Marthof Basel is a hidden paradise for couples who want to renew while discovering a new city. The old town is the best district to stay in Basel, and Hotel Marthof Basel has a perfect location.

Places to Visit in Basel with Kids

Toy Worlds Museum BaselPin
Toy Worlds Museum Basel

Spending time with children on vacation is essential but can also be problematic. For this reason, adding places that may be of interest to them on vacation. In Basel, you can find places where you can’t understand how time passes with children, and you can have fun there.

 Zoologischer Garten

Only 5 minutes by train from the city center and the train station, Basel Zoo is the largest and oldest in Switzerland, opened in 1874. It is an ideal place to visit if you are traveling with kids. Many species, from the best known to the rarest, are represented and allow you to discover all the secrets of the animals. Kids can approach some of the animals and touch them, and from the age of 8, they can participate in the work of the farm. A fun and entertaining break during your stay in Switzerland that will delight the little ones. There are no less than 600 different species from all continents! Elephants, tigers, giraffes, hippos… You won’t be disappointed! There are even thematic exhibitions to understand, for example, the importance of preserving monkeys. The zoo is more than 13 hectares thus you’ve to have plenty of time and good pair of walking shoes. Zoo Basel is among the most visited places in Switzerland.

Toy Worlds Museum Basel

A collection of over 6,000 toys, including dolls, stuffed animals, dollhouses, model stores, and carousels, Toy Worlds Museum Basel is an excellent place for kids, but not just kids. Dollhouses are exceptional, not only as historical examples but also as recently commissioned works from artists who create miniature rooms and shops. A section is devoted to the Neapolitan folk art of nativity scenes that are set in the context of daily life in early Naples, with characters dressed in infinitely detailed costumes. The museum’s collection of 2,500 teddy bears is considered the largest in the world. Six windows facing the street are devoted to changing displays of the collections based on seasonal or other themes and representing current special exhibitions. Toy Worlds Museum Basel is the largest museum of its kind in Europe. Temporary exhibitions are also organized from time to time.

Pharmacy Museum of the University of Basel

Historical medicine is the subject of this world-class museum housed in a listed building at the University of Basel. At the beginning of the 16th century, there was a printing press here, which was partly owned by Johann Froben, a close friend of Erasmus, who often visited here. The amount of artifacts inside is almost overwhelming and features floor-to-ceiling ceramic vessels. There are mortars, first aid brats, laboratory instruments, entire pharmacy interiors including cabinets, strange contraptions for practicing alchemy, and the preserved remains of historic medicines. But perhaps most exciting are the 15th and 16th-century books by physicians Johannes de Cuba and Leonhart Fuchs.

Places to Stay in Basel with Kids

In order to enjoy the holiday with children in Basel, it is necessary to be careful about the hotel to stay in, as well as to think about the places to go. Generally, hotels with large rooms and services for children are among the ideal choices in this regard. If you are thinking about where should i stay in Basel with children, these are the best hotels you can choose. Especially if you consider finding a place where to stay in Basel for one night, the hotel choice becomes extremely important.

Hotel Basel – Da wohnen, wo Basel Lebt🔗

With its vast, well-lit rooms and central location, Hotel Basel is one of the ideal places to stay with children. In the hotel’s famous restaurant, meals that may attract children’s attention are carefully prepared. Hotel Basel – Da wohnen, wo Basel Lebt is one of the best places to stay in Basel with kids.

Pullman Basel Europe🔗

Another of the best hotels to stay with children is Pullman Basel Europe. You can have fun with the children in the lush interior garden of the hotel and spend quality time together. Pullman Basel Europe is located in the best area to stay in Basel Switzerland. You and the kids can visit the essential spots of the city after a couple of minutes walk. You can have fun with your children in the soundproofed rooms of the hotel.

Essential by Dorint Basel City🔗

Located in the triangle formed by the cultural, modern, and traditional faces of the city, Essential by Dorint Basel City is one of the most suitable hotels for those who want to explore the city with children. The hotel’s famous restaurant, Côté Jardin, offers the most critical tastes of Swiss cuisine. The hotel’s lush garden is one of the ideal places to spend time with children. You can spend an unforgettable holiday and get to know a new culture closely at the hotel. If you are considering where to stay in Basel, you should give a chance to the Essential by Dorint Basel City.

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