Where to Stay in Bern? Best Places to Stay in Bern

Bern, the capital of Switzerland, is a captivating city that entices visitors with its historic Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site featuring cobbled streets, medieval buildings, and iconic landmarks like the Zytglogge Clock Tower. The majestic Bern Munster offers breathtaking city views, while Bear Park showcases bears in a natural habitat. You can enjoy the beauty of over 200 rose varieties at the Rose Garden and explore various museums and cultural events. Bern’s relaxed ambiance, along with the scenic Aare River, adds to its charm. It is conveniently located and serves as an excellent gateway to explore the Swiss Alps and nearby cities.

When to Visit Bern

The best time to visit Bern is from May to September when the weather is delightful. Late spring offers blooming flowers and mild temperatures, while the summer months provide warm and pleasant weather, perfect for exploring the city’s attractions and taking part in cultural festivals. September offers a pleasant atmosphere with fewer crowds and the beginnings of autumn foliage. Winter can be charming with Christmas markets, but it’s colder. Check for major events and festivals to avoid peak tourism times. Overall, Bern is a beautiful destination throughout late spring, summer, and early autumn, offering a delightful experience for visitors.

Where to Stay in Bern


In Bern, you have a diverse range of hotel options to suit your preferences and budget. If you are looking for luxurious places, you can indulge in upscale accommodations offering elegant rooms, top-notch amenities, and impeccable service in the heart of the city. Some of these luxurious hotels provide breathtaking views of the Bernese skyline and the Aare River. If you are on a budget, you’ll find numerous mid-range and budget-friendly hotels and guesthouses that offer comfortable and affordable stays without compromising on quality. There are several areas where to stay in Bern, and here are some of them.

Where to Stay in Old Town, Bern

Old Town Bern

If you are visiting Bern, you should not miss the opportunity to see its Old Town. It has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1983. The Old Town of Bern is a remarkable example of medieval urban planning, with its well-preserved sandstone buildings, arcades, fountains, and towers. You can walk along the six kilometers of arcades that line the streets, admire the colorful street signs that date back to the French occupation in 1798, and visit the impressive cathedral with its Gothic architecture. The Old Town of Bern also offers spectacular views of the Aare River and the Alps and charming alleys and squares. You can learn more about the history and culture of Bern at one of its many museums, such as the Einstein House, where the famous physicist lived and worked. The Old Town of Bern is a gem of European heritage that will enchant you with its beauty and atmosphere. Old Town is the best area to stay in Bern, Switzerland, for first-time travelers.

Hotel Schwizerhof Bern & Spa: When visiting Bern, you should stay at Hotel Schweizerhof Bern & Spa for its prime location in the heart of the Old Town. This luxurious hotel offers unparalleled convenience, giving you easy access to the city’s iconic landmarks and attractions. Step outside, and you’ll find yourself amidst charming cobblestone streets, medieval buildings, and lively squares of the UNESCO World Heritage Old Town. Everything is just a short walk away from the Zytglogge Clock Tower to the Bern Munster. Moreover, the hotel’s central location lets you easily explore the city’s culinary delights and immerse yourself in the local culture. After a day of exploration, enjoy the hotel’s exceptional amenities, including a relaxing spa, making your stay in Bern’s captivating Old Town genuinely unforgettable. Hotel Schiweizerhof Bern & Spa is the best hotel in Bern, Switzerland.

Hotel Bellevue Palace Bern: If you’re planning a visit to Bern, Hotel Bellevue Palace Bern is an excellent choice for your stay. This luxurious and elegant hotel boasts a prime location in the heart of the Old Town, offering breathtaking views of the Alps and River Aare from its rooms, terrace, and restaurant. You’ll find attractions like the Zytglogge clock tower, Bear Park, Cathedral of Bern, and Rose Garden within walking distance. With a rich history dating back to 1913, the hotel has hosted famous guests like Albert Einstein and Audrey Hepburn. During your stay, you’ll enjoy excellent service, amenities, and spacious, modern rooms.

NH Bern The Bristol: When visiting Bern, NH Bern The Bristol is an excellent choice for accommodation due to its prime location in the heart of the Old Town. The Old Town is the best area to stay in Bern. Immersed in historic charm with cobbled streets and medieval buildings, this hotel allows easy access to Bern’s iconic landmarks, including the Zytglogge Clock Tower, Bear Park, and the Bern Munster Cathedral, all just a short walk away. The bustling markets, cafes, and boutiques of the Old Town surround the hotel, offering an authentic taste of local culture. After exploring, you can unwind in the hotel’s modern and comfortable rooms, complete with amenities like a fitness center and a restaurant, ensuring a delightful stay.

Where to Stay in Lorraine, Bern


Lorraine is a historic and lively district in the northeast of Bern. The area offers a blend of culture, history, and nature, making it an appealing tourist destination. You can discover Bern’s first railway station, dating back to 1848, still visible in Lorraine Park, or embrace the rich industrial heritage through a visit to the former Frisching pottery, now transformed into Brasserie Lorraine—a restaurant and cultural hub. You can also enjoy the bathing culture at Lorrainebad, a public bathhouse from 1785 featuring indoor and outdoor pools and hosting summer concerts. Lorraine’s vibrant and diverse ambiance, with its unique street art, shops, and eateries, promises an unforgettable experience in Bern.

prizeotel Bern-City: For a rewarding stay in Bern, you should opt for prizeotel Bern-City for several compelling reasons. Its central location in the heart of Bern grants easy access to the city’s main attractions, restaurants, and shops, maximizing the travel experience. The hotel’s modern and stylish design creates a trendy and comfortable ambiance, providing a pleasant retreat after a day of exploration. Despite being budget-friendly, prizeotel maintains a high standard of service and comfort, ensuring excellent value for money. The friendly and accommodating staff goes the extra mile to offer local recommendations and assistance. Additionally, the hotel’s commitment to sustainability appeals to eco-conscious travelers. With its prime location, modern amenities, and responsible practices, prizeotel Bern-City is a great place where to stay in Bern, Switzerland.

Moxy Bern Expo: For a unique and vibrant experience in Bern, you should choose Moxy Bern Expo as their accommodation. This contemporary hotel appeals to both business and leisure travelers with its energetic and social atmosphere. Conveniently located near the Bern Expo exhibition center, it offers easy access to events and conferences. Public transport connectivity to the city center and major attractions is also a plus. Moxy’s modern and comfortable rooms are equipped with the latest amenities, ensuring a pleasant stay. The 24/7 bar and lounge encourage interaction among guests.

Swissôtel Kursaal Bern: If you’re planning a trip to Bern, the Swissôtel Kursaal Bern is the perfect place to stay for an unforgettable experience. This luxurious hotel is situated in the city’s heart, providing easy access to all the main attractions, shopping areas, and restaurants. You can choose from a range of elegant rooms and suites, each offering stunning views of either the Bernese Alps or the tranquil River Aare. In addition, you can enjoy the hotel’s world-class facilities, including a spa, fitness center, and rooftop terrace. The Swissôtel Kursaal Bern is also conveniently located near the renowned Kursaal Bern event venue, making it an ideal option for business travelers attending meetings and conferences. With its opulent decor, exceptional service, and prime location, the Swissôtel Kursaal Bern is the perfect retreat for a luxurious and comfortable stay in Bern.

Where to Stay in Kirchenfeld, Bern


You should not miss exploring Kirchenfeld while visiting Bern. It offers a delightful blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. This charming neighborhood houses some of Bern’s most renowned museums, such as the Bern Historical Museum, showcasing Switzerland’s rich heritage. The Swiss Alpine Museum and Museum of Communication also captivate with their unique exhibitions. Besides cultural attractions, Kirchenfeld boasts scenic green spaces, including Helvetiaplatz Park and Kirchenfeld Bridge, offering stunning views of the Aare River and its surroundings. Whether delving into history or enjoying the serene landscapes, Kirchenfeld provides an excellent opportunity to enrich one’s Bern experience with art, nature, and knowledge.

Hotel Bären am Bundesplatz: For an unforgettable stay in Bern, you should choose Hotel Bären am Bundesplatz. Its prime location on Bundesplatz Square offers easy access to the city’s main attractions, shopping, and dining. The hotel’s rich history dating back to 1528, is reflected in its traditional Swiss architecture, creating a charming and character-filled ambiance. Moreover, the hotel’s commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices appeals to responsible travelers. With its historic charm, central location, and dedication to sustainability, Hotel Bären am Bundesplatz ensures an authentic and rewarding Bern experience. It is one of the most luxury hotels in Bern, Switzerland.

Luxury Apartments Justingerweg Bern: Luxury Apartments Justingerweg Bern offers a wealthy and comfortable experience in the heart of the city. With spacious and well-appointed accommodations, you will feel at home in these luxurious apartments. The central location allows for quickly exploring Bern’s attractions, shopping districts, and dining options. Whether visiting for business or leisure, Luxury Apartments Justingerweg Bern guarantees an upscale and memorable stay with all the comforts and conveniences you could desire.

Habsburg B&B: If you’re looking for an enchanting and authentic experience during your visit to Bern, staying at Habsburg B&B is a must! This delightful bed and breakfast is warm and charming, making it the perfect home away from home. It’s located in a historic building that immerses guests in Bern’s rich heritage and architectural splendor. The central location allows for easy access to the city’s top attractions, promising a convenient and memorable stay.

Where to Stay in Mattenhof-Weissenbühl, Bern

Mattenhof-Weissenbühl bern

The charming neighborhood of Mattenhof-Weissenbühl in Bern offers an exceptional way to experience the local culture and lifestyle. The seamless blending of old and new architecture creates a distinctive and enjoyable ambiance. Strolling through its vibrant streets introduces you to a bustling local scene, with plenty of shops, cafes, and restaurants offering an authentic taste of Bernese life. The neighborhood’s lush parks and green spaces provide a peaceful retreat for relaxing and picnicking. Getting to know the friendly locals is a great way to immerse yourself in the everyday life of Bern, making Mattenhof-Weissenbühl an essential stop for an authentic and enlightening experience in the Swiss capital.

Hotel National Bern: For a delightful and convenient experience in Bern, you should choose Hotel National as your accommodation. This charming hotel boasts a prime location in the city’s heart, making it an ideal base for exploring Bern’s main attractions, shopping districts, and dining options. Mattenhof-Weissenbühl is the best area to stay in Bern for families. The classic Belle Époque architecture adds to the hotel’s allure, with a rich history dating back to the early 20th century. Inside, the elegantly decorated rooms and suites provide a comfortable and relaxing retreat. Its proximity to public transportation allows for easy exploration of the city and nearby destinations, making Hotel National Bern a cozy and memorable choice for visitors.

Hotel Ambassador: When visiting Bern, Hotel Ambassador is the ideal choice for a delightful and memorable stay. With its prime location in the city’s heart, you are within walking distance of Bern’s top attractions, shopping areas, and restaurants. The tastefully decorated rooms and suites provide a luxurious and comfortable retreat after a day of exploration. Furthermore, the hotel’s rooftop terrace offers stunning views of the Bernese Alps and the Old Town, creating a perfect setting to relax and unwind. Hotel Ambassador is the perfect choice for a convenient, stylish, and enjoyable experience in Bern, offering all the comforts and amenities needed for a memorable visit to this charming Swiss city.

Bern Youth Hostel: If you’re planning to visit Bern on a budget, the Bern Youth Hostel could be the perfect place for you. This modern and well-equipped hostel has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, making it an excellent choice for solo travelers, backpackers, and groups. With its convenient location near the city center, you’ll easily access Bern’s top attractions, including the historic Old Town, Bear Park, and the Zytglogge Clock Tower. With affordable rates and helpful staff, the Bern Youth Hostel ensures a comfortable and enjoyable stay for travelers looking for an affordable and friendly accommodation option in Bern. It is one of the best places for backpackers where to stay in Bern.

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