Where to Stay in Chios, Greece

Chios is located on the Aegean Sea’s northwestern coast, displaying Mediterranean ambiance and historical mystifications. Whether you come as a family searching for adventures, a couple in an over-the-moon mood, or an explorer searching for a dose of fresh air, Chios has a lot of things to offer everybody. Offering various of the island’s best places to dine, cruise, or relax, you will surely enjoy your stay in the ultimate paradise, Chios style. From intimate cottages to five-star hotels, Chios has a place that will be forever part of your most cherished memory.

When is the Best Time to Visit Chios

Chios Island is the place to be because it is suitable for a year-round holiday. Summer is a perfect time for either sun lovers or sea dreamers, with long, sun-kissed days, festive events, and bustling beaches. But it can be a bit overcrowded, so you should book in advance for the best places to stay in Chios. The mild spring and autumn seasons make flowering meadows and forests a beautiful rendezvous for nature lovers. Autumn is not only about the beauty of colors but also includes cultural festivals and harvests with a deep myth. Indeed, winter offers the perfect opportunity for solitude-seekers to amaze themselves. The sun of the Mediterranean winter that shines occasionally brings peacefulness. Find the right time for an ideal Chios trip so that you can have a well-planned vacation tailored according to your choices.

Best Hotels in Chios

Chios offers diverse types of residences that appeal to society. The island is ideal if you are looking for a luxury-seeking traveler who can get accommodation in lavish hotels. Parents with kids can immerse themselves in the luxury of family hotels specially designed for kids, where parents and kids have enough room, arranged kids’ activities, and other family-friendly facilities, making their stay unforgettable. Suppose you are a couple who is searching for a romantic getaway. In that case, you will see a small central hotel that is lovely and located in dreamy settings, which provide an intimate ambiance, unique views, and individual service, perfect for couples to create memories that will last forever. It does not matter whether you are looking for a peaceful and relaxing adventure or cultural tourism; the island offers many accommodations to suit your needs and wishes. Here are the best hotels in Chios, Greece.

Hotel NameBooking.com Review CountBooking.com Overall
Grecian Castle Chios1,0308,1
Pelineon Rooms3888,4
Chios Chandris1,1428,7
Almiriki Rooms & Apartments2679,0
Filoxenia Hotel1,1698,1
Erytha Hotel & Resort Chios8188,0
CityZen Rooms Chios6238,4
Hotel Berlin, Berlin, a member of Radisson Individuals14,0358,0
Ostria Seaside Studios and Apartments2209,5
Golden Sand Hotel4977,6
Agora Residence2778,9
Costa Point Chios5779,1
City Point Chios4668,4

Grecian Castle Chios: You will surely” enjoy the combination of history and luxury at Grecian Castle Chios. This magnificent hotel is surrounded by Chios’ port and provides stunning views in the distance. It perfectly combines modern architecture and traditional elements, offering an atmosphere of pure magnificence. The outstanding part is the cocktail bar, where you can relax with your drink and enjoy the panoramic scenery of Chios Town. It’s a place where the luxury meets the history, so your stay will be as lasting as it is pleasant. If you want to have an unforgettable Mediterranean experience, Grecian Castle Chios is the best hotel where to stay in Chios Greece.

Pelineon Rooms: Pelineon Rooms, nestled in the heart of Chios Town, offer travelers convenience, comfort, and simple elegance. Located just steps away from lively cafes and historical sites like the Castle of Chios, this hotel combines modern amenities with traditional Grecian elements. You can enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi, air-conditioned rooms with sea views or balconies, and in-room coffee and tea. Its prime location provides easy access to the island’s cultural and historical attractions, making it an ideal choice for those wishing to explore Chios’Chios’ charm. Pelineon Rooms is perfect for you if you seeking a blend of accessibility, local charm, and thoughtful amenities.

Chios Chandris: Nestled in the charming island of Chios, the Chios Chandris stands as a testament to the elegance and traditions of hospitality. With breathtaking views of Chios Port and the stunning Greek coastline, this iconic establishment offers a perfect blend of old-world charm and modern convenience. Here, you can expect nothing but the best in terms of comfort, service, and luxury. Whether you’re you’re a business traveler or a tourist, your stay at Chios Chandris promises to be an impeccable experience.

Almiriki Rooms & Apartments: Almiriki Rooms & Apartments proposes a relaxing seaside break on the southwest coast of Chios Island, which leads to a tranquil life. Located on the beautiful bay of Lithi, you can enjoy the beachfront relaxation, excellent amenities, and authentic local experiences. Its location makes leisurely swimming in Lithi Bay’s warm waters and exploring local bars more enjoyable. Almiriki Rooms & Apartments are the best places where to stay in Chios. A café-bar by the beach, modern convenience, and traditional architecture make him a superior choice for people wanting a blend of the Greek island charm and comfort.

Filoxenia Hotel: Tucked away in the center of Chios, the lovely Filoxenia Hotel offers a place to stay and an experience. It is comfortably located only 7 minutes from the Port of Chios. It is a cultural spot due to the surrounding Archaeological and Byzantine museums. The hotel provides modern amenities like air-conditioned rooms with flat-screen TVs and fridges, traditional charm, and a peaceful atmosphere. Its staff of professionals and its own particular sense of comfort make it a favorite place to stay for travelers. It is amongst the best hotels in Chios Greece, for exploring the cultural richness of the region. The terrace gives a complete view of the city. Hence, Filoxenia Hotel is perfect for urban explorers seeking peace and tranquillity.

Erytha Hotel & Resort Chios: Erytha Hotel & Resort Chios, a modern, traditional 4-star retreat on Karfas Beach, Chios, promises you a unique getaway. It is one of the best hotels in Chios, Greece. This resort features dual outdoor pools, a kid’s pool, and a secluded beach designed in the Mediterranean style for a classical Mediterranean getaway. You can just step into the Aegean Sea and be a few minutes away from the Chios airport and the city. The hotel, with rooms providing superb sea views, peaceful gardens, and breakfasts made from fresh produce and enjoying Mediterranean cuisine, is featured.

CityZen Rooms Chios: If you plan to visit Chios, choose CityZen Rooms, and you will not regret it. The hotel is a combination of comfort and convenience. In the central location of the city, it provides you easy access to the city’s galleries of arts, historical places, and culinary delights. Modern and chic rooms become a haven of comfort and relaxation after a busy day. Every room is fitted with the necessary facilities and fashionable furniture. Furthermore, the hotel has a restaurant serving typical Chios cuisine with authentic ingredients from the island and original culinary techniques.

Ostria Seaside Studios and Apartments: The Ostria Sea View Studios and Apartment in Chios is amongst the best hotels in Chios, Greece, if you are a traveler who would want to spend an enjoyable and luxurious coast stay. Just around the corner from the fantastic seafront with the Aegean Sea waters spread in front, it provides breathtaking views. This property is finished with lovely studios, apartment options, and the latest and most modern desirable features and private balconies for comfort and style. So mostly, Ostria makes a trip to Chios everlasting for travelers, considering its unforgettable experience.

Golden Sand Hotel: Golden Sand Hotel, located in Karfas Beach, is an ultimate beach resort with its Olympic-size swimming pool, spa center, and other deluxe amenities. Being not far from the Chios Airport and the town of Chios, it is connected by the tranquil sea view and easy access to local attractions. The hotel houses modern and classical Greek architectural styles, featuring spacious and luxurious rooms with various amenities. The hotel offers fine dining, a pet-friendly policy, and free on-site parking for travelers who want to experience old-world charm in a modern luxury setting with a peaceful and scenic environment.

Agora Residence: The Agora Residence is a quaint boutique accommodation in Chios town’s center. This location anticipates the requirements of adventurous tourists looking for convenience and comfort. Every room is designed differently through the melting of vintage family furniture with some pieces of contemporary designs. The hotel’s backyard is a natural haven of peace right in the city center, and it is ideal for relaxing an afternoon surrounded by traditional stone walls and lush plants. Either way, if you want the mix of the right neighborhood, local charm, and maximum comfort, then Agora Residence is the best place where to stay in Chios, Greece.

Sea View Resorts & Spa: If you want a royal experience that will re-energize your body and mind, Sea View Resorts & Spa in Chios is one of the best hotels in Chios, Greece. Providing a heavenly place for rest within this coastal wilderness, a resort with a magnificent view over the Aegean Sea has direct beach access. You can unwind on a beautiful seashore in an ambiance of elegance with room and suite furnishings featuring modern amenities and elegant décor, providing optimum comfort and satisfaction. Sea View Resorts & Spa has various facilities, including a spa, swimming pools, and tempting restaurants where you can relax and taste the resort’s exotic cuisine. This report will provide all the harmony in ambiance, service level, and various leisure opportunities that one is looking for if you want to take a break during your vacation on that beautiful island of Chios with its enchanting surroundings.

Costa Point Chios: Costa Point Chios is a guesthouse where you can stay while visiting Chios Island. With the prime location near that location, you can easily see different destinations and amenities. The guest house has excellent, comfortable memory foam and premium bedding to ensure a good night’s sleep. Its closeness to the Chios airport and restaurants nearby makes it an option of choice for adventure travelers. This hotel has good service and value where to stay in Chios, Greece. Therefore, it is the right choice for people who wish to enjoy their stay in a peaceful, well-designed room.

Seafront Studios and Apartments: Seafront Studios and Apartments in Chios offer the comfort of cozy accommodations with many modern advantages. This includes studio apartments and spacious apartments. The property is a picturesque location along the awe-inspiring coast of the Aegean Sea, with the guests having the gift of viewing the marvelous scenery. You may enjoy walking the beach slowly, stepping onto your balcony, and looking into the blue water. Chios’s picturesque location, cozy atmosphere, and peaceful sea lifestyle are the aspects that make Seafront Studios and Apartments unique for people who want the ultimate retreat and rejuvenation experience.

City Point Chios: If you prefer to discover the charms of Chios, pick City Point at once. At the same time, its price and range of services suit locals and tourists. This complex has multiple advantages at the heart of Chios town, including easy accessibility to significant sights on Chios Island, popular destinations, and a local physical population. Discover a sense of true relaxation with hotel’s deluxe rooms and suites, featuring all the latest conveniences and amenities for a comfortable stay. If you prefer to walk around, catch the flavors in the nearby restaurants, or just chill in the hotel’s cozy rooms, City Point Chios is one of the best places to stay in Chios.

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