Where To Stay in Dorset? Best Place To Stay in Dorset

Dorset is the perfect jumping-off point for anyone who wants to experience the English countryside and its beautiful natural scenery. No matter where in Dorset you end up going, you’re guaranteed to have a fantastic time. Dorset is more than just a place that stands out with its natural beauties. Dorset’s majestic castles and quaint villages will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a different era. Dorset, which is only a few hours’ drive from London, is the perfect destination for a relaxing and entertaining weekend getaway. If you consider visiting Dorset, you may need to stay for a few days.

Places to Visit in Dorset

Dorset is the perfect destination to get away from the crowded streets of metropolises, relax, unwind, explore new places, and take long nature walks. You will have a unique experience in Dorset, which has unforgettable views.

Jurassic Coast

Jurassic Coast

The first thing that comes to mind when you say “Dorset” is the Jurassic Coast. This is the only natural beauty in the UK that has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. One hundred eighty-five million-year-old limestone has been found on the Jurassic Coast, stretching along Dorset’s entire west coast from Studley to Devon. The coast is an iconic place in England because that’s where fossil hunting began. One of the great things about the Jurassic Coast is that you can also hunt for fossils. While walking on the beach, it is quite possible to come across a fossil of a sea creature that lived millions of years ago. The most iconic place on the beach itself is Durdle Door. Durdle Door, a natural limestone arch, sits on the hill between Swanage and Weymouth. This belt is one of the most important natural beauties in the world. It started to form with the erosion of hard limestone by the sea 25 million years ago.



Weymouth is the place to go in Dorset if you are planning a holiday by the sea,. Weymouth, a picture-perfect seaside town that attracts a number of visitors during the summer. Located on the banks of the River Wey, the city has a fascinating natural harbor. The very calm and shallow sea is one of the safest places for children to swim. Weymouth hosts the Kite Festival in May and the Seafood Festival in July. If you are visiting the region during this time of the year, you should definitely stop by Weymouth for the festivals. Weymouth is located right in the middle of the Jurassic Coast. While visiting the city, you can participate in the famous fossil hunts.


Since the early 1800s, upper-class Britons have been going toBournemouth with its warm weather and spas.. It is considered one of Dorset’s paradises, with fantastic weather, a deep blue sea, and lush forests. When you go to Bournemouth, you can see huge villas, most of them over 100 years old. You can imagine yourself in a Mediterranean country by the seaside in Bournemouth, which has golden beaches. Moreover, the region is not only limited to the beach and the sea. Bournemouth’s nightlife is also vibrant. In the Square area, you can discover the city’s colorful nightlife. Bournemouth has been voted England’s favorite region. It is also considered one of the most desirable places to live in Europe.

Corfe Castle

Corfe Castle

With a history spanning more than 1000 years, Corfe Castle is one of the most visited places in Dorset. The castle, built by William the Conqueror in the 11th century, is one of the first castles made of stone in England. Today, the castle is owned by the National Trust and  is open to visitors. You can watch a magnificent view of nature from the castle on Purbeck Hill. You can drink tea in the castle’s tea rooms, built in the 18th century, and go back to the past.

Lyme Regis

If you are looking for a romantic vacation in Dorset, Lyme Regis is the place for you. Lyme Regis, one of the popular towns of the Victorian era, is a peaceful and quiet town. A romantic walk on the famous Cobb beach town at sunset will provide an adventure like no other. If you’ve read The French Lieutenant’s Woman by British author John Fowles, you can follow the footsteps of the great love that took place in Lyme Regis. Another feature of the town is the presence of millions of years-old fossils. If you want, you can go on a little fossil hunt on the beach. If you are looking for a quiet corner in Dorset where you can be alone, you can be sure that Lyme Regis is the place for you.

Best Places to Stay in Dorset 🏨

When you spend a few days in Dorset, which has breathtaking nature, you will realize that you are truly resting. There are many hidden paradises in the region where an endless green and an infinite blue come together. A wide variety of hotels await you, from luxury hotels in stunning buildings to affordable accommodation options where you can spend the night.

Luxurious Hotels to Stay in Dorset

Luxury hotels are for you if you want to be pampered on holiday, stay in stunning rooms, try new flavors, and get away from all the tiredness. You will feel rejuvenated and energized when you spend a few days at the glamorous places to stay on the Dorset coast.

Summer Lodge Country House Hotel 🔗

Summer Lodge Country House Hotel

Suppose you dream of staying in the middle of a green forest, away from the crowded city centers, and waking up to the sound of birds during the day. In that case, you can make your dream come true at Summer Lodge Country House Hotel. When you enter the hotel in Evershot, you will feel like you have stepped into a completely different world. You will think that you are sleeping on the clouds while lying on soft and comfortable beds. The Summer Lodge Country House Hotel is a perfect example of English culture with its design and indoor areas. The spa center in the hotel is one of the places you will want to stay forever. A complete spa experience awaits you with its massage rooms, indoor swimming pool, hot water pool, sauna, and fitness center. The restaurant in the hotel has a fine dining menu and a great selection of wines. You can have an unforgettable dining experience in the restaurant, where British delicacies and unique examples of international cuisine are served. Summer Lodge Country House is by far the best place to stay in Dorset.

Chewton Glen Hotel 🔗

Chewton Glen Hotel

Another glamourous place to stay in Dorset is the Chewton Glen Hotel. The features of the hotel do not end with counting. The fine dining dishes made from seasonal products in the hotel’s award-winning restaurant are astonishing. In addition, fresh and warm cookies are baked every day in the afternoon for afternoon tea service at the hotel’s restaurant. The hotel has a golf course for sports fans and 4 indoor and outdoor tennis courts. You can enjoy the golf course if you want to have fun while on vacation. One of the services we are used to seeing in luxury hotels is the spa center. The hotel’s spa center includes private massage rooms, Turkish baths, a sauna, a whirlpool, and steam rooms. If you are looking for where to stay in Dorset, Chewton Glen Hotel is one of the best options. 

Norfolk Royale Hotel 🔗

Norfolk Royale Hotel

Suppose you want to be in the city life and explore the surroundings by walking. In that case, the Norfolk Royale Hotel is a hidden paradise in the city center of Bournemouth. The hotel, an example of Art Deco architecture, has dazzling rooms. The hotel also has an indoor pool under a glass dome. The pool will quickly become your favourite spot if you prefer gazing at the sky while relaxing in the heated water. The hotel’s spa center also includes steam rooms and saunas. You can try different flavors of British cuisine at Echoes Restaurant, which is also decorated with an Art Deco design. You can enjoy the city view while drinking afternoon tea in the sitting area on the hotel’s terrace. Bournemouth is the best area to stay in Dorset, and Norfolk Royale Hotel is one of the best hotels in the city. 

Budget-Friendly Places to Stay in Dorset

Dorset is a place that appeals to broad visitors with its nature and sea. For this reason, it hosts many visitors throughout the year. In addition to luxury hotels, there are more budget-friendly and family-oriented hotels in the area. Moreover, when you see the services of some hotels, you will not believe they are budget-friendly.

The Pilot Boat 🔗

The Pilot Boat

The Pilot Boat is the best hotel to stay in Lyme Regis. If you want to enjoy the sea in Lyme Regis during the summer months, you can be sure that you have come to the correct address. Located right by the sea, the hotel rooms have a fantastic sea view. You can enjoy activities in the area, such as snorkeling, windsurfing, or scuba diving. Every morning at the hotel, the best breakfast examples of British and Irish cuisine are served. The Pilot Boat is one of the best places to stay in Dorset by the sea.

Moonfleet Manor 🔗

Moonfleet Manor

If you are looking for a hotel by the sea but away from the crowds, Moonfleet Manor is a place you should definitely consider staying. At Moonfleet Manor, a family hotel, you can enjoy the blue sea and sky while admiring the English countryside. The 2 AA Rosette award-winning restaurant within the hotel serves British and French cuisine with fresh, locally produced products. Moonfleet Manor is one of the best places to stay in Weymouth. However, if your visit coincides with festival times, it is better to act early. Finding a hotel to stay at Weymouth during the festival months can be challenging.

Durley Dean 🔗

Durley Dean

If you visit Dorset, you can stay in one of the famous Victorian townhouses. Located in the heart of Bournemouth, Durley Dean provides service in a building that will dazzle your eyes with its beauty. To explore Bournemouth’s colorful nightlife, you can choose from the many bars and pubs around the hotel. It may be hard to believe that the Durley Dean is a budget hotel. Because the hotel has a full spa center, fitness center, and swimming pool. If you are looking for a good place where to stay on the Dorset coast, you should consider Durley Dean.

Cheap Places to Stay in Dorset

There are many cheap hotels to stay in Dorset. The fact that some hotels in Dorset are cheap does not mean that they are inadequate in terms of service.You can stay in hotels adorned with British culture and explore the area. You can have a great holiday in affordable hotels that offer more than just a place to sleep.

Hotel Celebrity 🔗

Hotel Celebrity

Located in Bournemouth, close to both the sea and the city center, Hotel Celebrity is one of the best affordable hotels to stay in Dorset. You can have an excellent English breakfast every morning in the restaurant located within the hotel. In the garden at the back of the hotel, there is a lovely English bar with celebrity-themed decor.

The Pines Hotel 🔗

The Pines Hotel

All around the stunning Swanage Bay, The Pines Hotel boasts breathtaking views. Located by the sea, the hotel offers a beautiful view of the sea and the Isle of Wight from its rooms and restaurant. Fresh food from local producers is used in the on-site restaurant. If you want to explore a bay full of natural beauties on a quiet and calm holiday, The Pines Hotel is one of the best hotels where to stay in Swanage.

The Nags Head 🔗

The Nags Head
The Nags Head

The Nags Head is a different hotel that only offers room service. If you’re looking for nothing more than a place to spend the night, The Nags Head is one of the best places to stay in the Lyme Regis. The hotel is right by the water, so you can walk to the beach in a few minutes. The hotel has live music on weekends. You can enjoy English beer while enjoying music at the hotel.

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