Where To Stay in Edinburgh? Best Places To Stay in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a vibrant city rich in culture, history, and stunning views. It was an important city for centuries, particularly in education and the arts. With more than 500,000 residents, the town hosts many yearly cultural events. The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, or EdFringe, is the world’s largest and most famous art festival.

Scotland’s capital city is wrapped in the magnificence of the monuments, castles, and palaces and the greenery that fills the center streets, always bustling with tourists and citizens. The city has a lot to offer. Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh, and Calton Hill are just some of them.

Places to Visit in Edinburgh with Families


Edinburgh is a city surrounded by castles, museums, and green parks. You can visit many places with kids, from the Museum of Childhood to the breathtaking Royal Botanic Garden. You can have a fabulous holiday by visiting the exciting places of Edinburgh. If you think about where should i go in Edinburgh with the kids, here are the best places. There is also a vast option in Edinburgh where to stay with kids.

Museum of Childhood

The collection includes teddy bears and dolls from the 18th century who are still dressed in the fashion of the time, puppets, toy soldiers, or even basic little pedal cars. The objects that generally attract the most attention from visitors are a Doll House with 21 rooms and more than 2,000 objects inside or the small butcher’s shop from the 1980s, which still maintains a small butcher. You visit the museum and observe the evolution of toys through time. Video games are now the most anticipated items among children. However, the detail and refinement of these dolls, bears, and figures still steal kids’ hearts.

Our Dynamic Earth

Inside the building that looks like a substantial white armadillo, it is possible to go back more than 4.5 billion years to discover the Earth’s secrets. Our Dynamic Earth exhibit starts with the Big Bang, like our universe. Visitors explore the very early era of the universe. You can feel the creation of the Earth and explore its evolution. You will come face to face with a dinosaur, stand in the middle of an earthquake, experience the air of a tropical forest, and fly over the prehistoric glaciers of Scotland. At the end of the Our Dynamic Earth, there is a 3D show in the museum’s planetarium.

Royal Botanic Garden

In 1670, two doctors who grew plants for medicine set up the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh. The garden was originally in Holyrood but later moved to Inverleith to keep it away from the city’s pollution. The garden is 28 hectares and split into different sections, each dedicated to a type of vegetation. Each part of the garden is particularly cared for. The Chinese Garden, the Queen Mother’s Memorial Garden, the Tree Garden, and the Rock Garden are among the most popular areas for visitors. The glasshouses are the only paid part of the garden. But it is definitely worth visiting. There are more than 2400 unique plants from different locations worldwide. In an instant, you can walk through every other place, such as the cliffs of Indonesia, the Australian woodlands, the Arabian deserts, or the Amazon rainforest.

Places to Stay in Edinburgh With Families 

Hotels are almost a hidden gem where you can escape the outside world and relax on holiday wrapped in nature, history, and culture. There are many hot spots in Edinburgh, which can be pretty tiring—numerous hotels in Edinburgh where you can stay as a family and enjoy your holiday. These are the top choices if you are looking for where to stay in Edinburgh with family.

Yotel Edinburgh: YOTEL Edinburgh has an excellent location in the city if you are looking for where to stay in Edinburgh city centre. The hotel is close to important tourist attractions like Edinburgh Castle, the National Museum of Scotland, and Real Mary King’s Close. 

Aparthotel Adagio Edinburgh Royal Mile: Edinburgh is a city of castles, which means you can even stay in an old castle. The façade of the Aparthotel Adagio Edinburgh Royal Mile is appealing. You can have a royal experience in the hotel. If you are looking for where should i stay in Edinburgh with kids, this is one of the best options. The kids find this place like a dream castle.

Doubletree by Hilton Edinburgh City Center: Doubletree by Hilton is located in the heart of the city and is a perfect place for families. The hotel’s award-winning Bread Streed Brasserie offers mouth-watering Scottish delicacies. Doubletree by Hilton is a reasonable alternative for where is the best place to stay in Edinburgh.

Places to Visit in Edinburgh for Couples

Visit Edinburgh
Visit Edinburgh

Edinburgh has a lot of marvels, and a couple of them are just perfect for couples. Romantic and beautiful moments are yours to have.

Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

The Gallery of Modern Art is a large building in the style of the Renaissance. It has a vast collection of art from 1900. The first floor houses special and temporary exhibitions. On the second floor is Russian and French art from the early 20th century, modern British and expressionist art, Scottish contemporary art, and some Cubist works. Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol are two of the most well-known artists whose work is shown in the museum. The Dean Gallery exhibits its collection of surrealist and dadaist art. Among the most important paintings in its collection, you can contemplate works by great masters such as Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró, and René François Ghislain Magritte. If you wander around the charming Water of Leith or Dean Village area and make it as far as the Museum of Modern Art, you can take a quick peek, as entry is free.

Princess Street Gardens

From the Middle Ages to the 19th century, the Nor Loch was used for witchcraft experiments and the disappearance of corpses, as a wastewater outlet, and finally as a source of “drinking” water. One of the main reasons why the city wasn’t clean and people got sick and died was because of the lake. Princes Street Gardens was opened in 1820, after the lake was drained. Throughout the year, Princes Street Gardens are one of Edinburgh’s most important meeting points, with the Ross Fountain being the most important monument in the place. After being shown at the Great London Exhibition in 1862, this fountain was put up in 1872. The garden transforms into a winter wonderland during the Christmas festivities and hosts the Christmas market. There is also a whopping 33-meter-high Ferris wheel named The Edinburgh Eye and an ice skating ring. You can have a beautiful and novel picnic in the gardens.

Water of Leith

Thirty-five kilometers long, Edinburgh’s most important river is the Water of Leith. There is a promenade along the river for more than 15 kilometers. The route offered by Water of Leith is ideal for families, couples, or groups of friends who wish to rest and take a walk in the heart of nature. You will discover many tourist attractions along the way, like Dean Village, the Royal Botanical Garden, the Gallery of Modern Art, and others. You can find as many as eighty different kinds of birds in the area, so keep your eyes peeled for swans, ducks, and others. There are many species of jumping fish that you will see. You will see people walking, cycling, and even on horseback during your walk. Walking along the river will enchant you as a couple.

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Where to Stay in Edinburg for Couples

Water of Leith
Water of Leith

Edinburgh is a fairytale place with its parks, nature, and history. The standard of hotels in the city is generally like this. You can choose one of Edinburgh’s most beautiful hotels for a romantic holiday. In short, these are the best places to stay in Edinburgh for couples.

The Witchery by the Castle: Staying in the Witchery by the Castle is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can have a count and countess experience in the castle. The Hotel has limited suites, and each of them has exceptional features. But since it is one of the most expensive places to stay, you should look elsewhere if you are looking for where to stay in Edinburgh on a budget.

The Inn on the Mile: Located on the Royale Mile, the hotel offers a different kind of leisure. The Inn on the Mile is an elegant, modern, and prestigious place to stay in the city. Thanks to its location, the Inn is close to pretty everywhere. It is among the best hotels Edinburgh.

The Balmoral Hotel: Staying in the Balmoral Hotel is like a travel back to the 1900s. The hotel has been in service for more than 100 years. You can have an exquisite dinner in Number One Restaurant and taste over 500 kinds of Scotch Whisky. The hotel’s spa section is also a fantastic place to relieve yourself and prepare for the next day. Suppose you are looking for a complete hotel experience where to stay in Edinburgh Scotland. In that case, the Balmoral Hotel is a top-notch place. 

Must See Places in Edinburgh

There are some places to stay in Edinburgh for whoever you are, whether on a business trip, a family trip, or as a backpacker. These are the crucial ones.

Arthur’s Seat

Edinburgh is located on the floor of a volcano. This ancient volcano is Arthur’s Seat. Arthur’s Seat is a well-known hill that rises over 251 meters and has a great view. The place is the city’s most popular place for visitors. There are many hiking trails for those who like to walk and climb. When you reach the top, you’ll not regret the visit. If you visit the place, especially at sunset or dawn, you’ll experience a breathtaking moment.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle

There are a lot of rumors about Edinburgh Castle. For some, it is haunted; others think the castle dates back to the Bronze Age, but what is certain is that this fortress has stood above the city for nearly a thousand years. It was destroyed during the war between the Scottish crown and the British power. Then it was rebuilt again. From the 16th century on, it became a military base, then a prison for Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland.

Recently, it has become one of the city’s main tourist attractions. Edinburgh Castle, located at the top of the Role Mile, is also home to the Royals of Scotland.

Palace of Holyrood

The palace is a true gem of classical architecture, with impressive baroque decoration. In the Middle Ages, kings left the ascetical Edinburgh Castle in favor of the comfortable Abbey of Holyrood. In 1503, James IV ordered the construction of the first residence, and a few years later, James V had the tower built in which Queen Mary Stuart would live between 1561 and 1567. A century later, Charles II made this palace one of the most admired in Scotland. The Augustinian Abbey of Holyrood, built in the 12th century, is located on the grounds of the Palace of Holyrood. It remains a romantic and mysterious place, even now in ruins.

Places to Stay in Edinburgh

There are many hotels in Edinburgh, from hotels with every imaginable amenities and luxury to a casual places to spend the night. You can choose the dreamy ones among these options, or you can stay in a more straightforward one and spend more money on the city’s tourist attractions. These are the best places to stay in Edinburgh for everyone.

The Place Hotel: The Place Hotel is one of the city’s most luxurious yet pricey options. If you are looking for places to stay in Edinburgh, The Place Hotel is one of them but a remarkable one. Spacious rooms have modern decoration. You can try unique Scottish tastes in the hotel’s restaurant.

Melville Castle Hotel: Walking without seeing a castle is nearly impossible in Edinburgh. But if seeing is not enough for you, you can stay one of them. Melville Castle Otel offers a royal experience. The most crucial part is that the hotel is also budget-friendly. The hotel is a good choice if you want where to stay in Edinburgh and have a castle experience.

Edinburgh Marriott Hotel: Edinburgh Marriott Hotel is one decent choice in the city. But it still offers a Marriott taste. Edinburgh Marriott Hotel offers an indoor swimming pool and a gym. The hotel is also located in the best area to stay in Edinburgh.

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