Where To Stay in Eindhoven? Best Places in Eindhoven


Eindhoven, located in the North Brabant, is the 5th biggest city in the Netherlands after Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, and Utrecht. The city is located in the country’s south, near the Dommel and Gender rivers.

Eindhoven’s history dates back to the 13th century, when the city was originally a tiny village with a wooden castle.

Due to its fortifications and good location, the city expanded and strengthened throughout the 16th century, when it was captured by Spanish troops.

The city began to overgrow with the establishment of the Philips factories in 1891, and its industrial fame was cemented with the establishment of the car and truck manufacturer DAF. Two of Eindhoven’s most popular attractions are the museums dedicated to the works and techniques of these two global brands. There is much more for tourists to do in Eindhoven, from art museums to historic churches to beautiful parks. It is also recognized for its association with Vincent Van Gogh, who lived and painted in the nearby village of Nuenen.

During World War II, large parts of the city were destroyed. After this destruction, Eindhoven became the Dutch capital of industrial design. It grew into a booming town with a wide variety of tourist attractions and museums. Eindhoven is one of the best choices if you are looking for alternatives in the Netherlands. You can discover a whole different culture in the country. It is also access to the city. You can arrive via international airport or if you are visiting another city in the Netherlands you can visit Eindhoven after couple of hours train ride.

Places to Visit in Eindhoven With Family


A family vacation in Eindhoven is a good choice. The city has plenty of parks, museums, and design centers. You can also shop at local malls and shops in Eindhoven. 


If you are looking for what to do in Eindhoven with the family, go to DippiDoe, an amusement park for kids aged 5 to 10. So, after visiting museums, it’s time to please your children. With slides, rides, roller coasters, and a mini-golf court, this indoor and outdoor park will be perfect whatever the weather. DippiDoe is the best place to go in Eindhoven with family by far.



What to do in Eindhoven with the family? Aquabest is the best choice. Aquabest is a water park with its beach and numerous activities. You can spend a day soaking up the sun and swimming to relax between museums. The most important thing is that Aquabest is located just by the DippiDoe. So, it is possible to have fun at DippiDoe and enjoy the sun and water in Aquabest.


Efteling is an enchanting theme park in the Netherlands. It is not located in Eindhoven, but with 30 minutes drive, you can visit one of the country’s most attractive places for kids. It is also the largest theme park in the country. The park has magical forests, adrenalin driven roller-costers, and many playgrounds. If you plan a family vacation in Eindhoven, you shouldn’t miss this place.

Zoo Veldhoven

The Veldhoven Zoological Park opens its doors to you. This place is a small paradise for kids and families. You can discover different species of parrots like macaws, cockatoos, or gray parrots of Gabon. Apart from parrots, there are lots of other animals in the zoo. You can visit giant yet delicate elephants, vicious tigers, and bears or walk around reptiles. The park also offers a vast of indoor and outdoor activities for kids. 

Where to Stay in Eindhoven With Family


Although there are highly touristic cities such as Amsterdam or Rotterdam, it is undeniable that Eindhoven is one of the favorite centers of tourists in the Netherlands. Therefore, there are many hotel options in the city. While on a family holiday in Eindhoven, you can stay in luxury hotels and relieve the tiredness of the trip. If you are considering where to stay in Eindhoven, these are the best family options. 

Holiday Inn Eindhoven: Holiday Inn Eindhoven Center is among the best hotels Eindhoven. The hotel is very close to Eindhoven Train Station and public transportation. The hotel’s rooms for families are spacious and comfy. The hotel’s pools offer funny activities for kids. 

Novotel Eindhoven: Just 10 minutes from the city center, Novotel Eindhoven is one of the good places to stay in Eindhoven. The hotel has a gaming console section for kids. The hotel is also pet friendly. Thus, you don’t have to leave behind any member of the family event it’s furred. 

Park Plaza Eindhoven: In the city’s heart, Park Plaza Eindhoven offers budget-friendly accommodation for families. The hotel is within walking distance of the city’s tourist attractions. You can have fun in the hotel’s indoor pool after an exhausting day in Eindhoven.

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Places to Visit in Eindhoven for Couples

The Netherlands became a very romantic country when the tulip bulbs were blooming. Eindhoven also offers an unforgettable experience for couples. The city’s hotels, attractions, and some events present great opportunities for couples to spend a few days.

Motion Imagination Experience

Motion Imagination ExperiencePin
Motion Imagination Experience

Just a few meters from the central station of the Eindhoven, the Motion Experience is a place where art, fantasy, and imagination blend with color projections, light art, and music. This unique place was built to open all the senses to new experiences. Everyone can also learn more about science and technology while having fun. You can discover installations with projection at the Imagination Experience. Each symbolizes a world where a unique theme comes to life with interactive visual arts, digital art installations, and colossal floor projections.

GLOW Eindhoven

The city hosts an international light festival with light artists worldwide in mid-November. The artists converted the town into a vast, illuminated festival land. Each night, nearly a hundred illuminations brighten the city for a week. The festival’s heart is St. Catherine Church, a must-see place in the city. 


The Stratum is a must for nights out in the city. Wondering what to do in Eindhoven after dark? Walk the 225 meters-long of this avenue rich in cafes, bars, and restaurants. An ideal festive place to end a day of sightseeing. There are more than 40 cafés over the street, and they are open 24/7. You can experience youthfulness again in the Stratum. But for an unforgettable experience, you should visit the street after dark. After visiting, museums and art galleries, couples can experience a different adventure.

Best Hotels in Eindhoven for Couples

GLOW EindhovenPin
GLOW Eindhoven

Whether looking for a place to rest after a tiring day, from a museum to an art gallery, or a place to spend a romantic holiday, Eindhoven has it all. In addition to a holiday full of culture, art, and history in the city, you can enjoy your holiday in luxury hotels and rejuvenate in the pool or spa section. There are the best places to stay in Eindhoven for couples

NH Collection Eindhoven: NH Collection Eindhoven is the best place to stay in Eindhoven. You can taste the most unique tastes of Europe at the terrace restaurant of the hotel with an immersive city view. NH Collection Eindhoven is in the city’s center, within walking distance of the Philips Stadium, Van Abbemuseum, and Holland Casino Eindhoven. The hotel is located in the best area to stay in Eindhoven.

Inntel Hotels Art: Inntell Hotels Art is one of the most exciting places to stay in Eindhoven. Because some parts of the hotel are located in the monumental Philips Light Tower, which was built in 1909. The rooms in the tower have more than 4 meters high ceilings. 

Hotel Marienhage: Hotel Marienhage rises above the historic Marienhage Monastery. The hotel, which has unique architecture, is one of the most preferred places by couples. Thanks to the hotel’s proximity to the center, you can discover a new side of the city within a few minutes’ walk whenever you want. Hotel Marienhage is one of the most exciting places in Eindhoven where to stay.

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Museums to Visit in Eindhoven

Eindhoven is the industrial design center of the Netherlands. As such, it has many things to visit. It is possible to find many museums in Eindhoven, especially on design. Some museums also shed light on the city’s history and region. If you think where should i go in Eindhoven, museums are the best yet safest choice.

Philips Museum

You can’t think Eindhoven without Philips, and you can’t leave Eindhoven without seeing something to do with Philips. This electronics giant has a significant presence here. The brand was founded in Eindhoven in 1891 by Gerrard Philips. The Philips Museum is the place of birth of the brand. The museum gives a detailed insight into the history of the city and Philips. You will better appreciate the company and see how it helped shape the city’s present day. You can discover the company’s foundation with the light bulb production to the present day. It is now considered a pioneer in electronics and technologies, from everyday electronics to complex machinery in the medical field.

DAF Museum

Another important museum in the city is the DAF Museum, a place related to DAF Trucks, a significant truck manufacturing establishment in Europe. In this museum, you will discover many vehicles produced by the brand and prototypes of cars that were ultimately never marketed. On the ground floor, you will walk through a reconstruction of a village square with its shops, period garage, and a replica of the office of the Van Doorne brothers, the brand’s founders.

Van Abbemuseum

Since 1936, the Van Abbemuseum has been one of the most visited home of contemporary Dutch art. The museum has over a thousand sculptures, more than seven thousand paintings, and more than a thousand engraving. There are also some exquisite works of Pablo Picasso, Vasili Kandinsky, and Piet Mondrain. The museum was named after the founder and private collector Henri van Abbe.


There is a small village called Nuenen just a few kilometers away from the city. This tiny yet picturesque village is one of the most important places of Dutch art. Nuenen is the place of birth of accomplished artist and painter Vincent Van Gogh. The post-impressionist artist is one of the most famous painters in the world. You can visit Neunen during your Eindhoven vacation and explore the early stages of Van Gogh’s life.

Where to Stay in Eindhoven

The city center has lots of places to visit and thus also has many places to stay. If you are looking for the best places to stay in Eindhoven, you have plenty of choices. From luxurious hotels to places for backpackers, there are lots of options.

Hotel the Match: Offering a quiet experience in the center of Eindhoven, Hotel the Match is one of the most lovely places to stay in Eindhoven. Thanks to its close proximity to the tourist centers in the city, you can go to many places by bicycle. The modern illuminated courtyard at the back of the hotel is one of the alternative places you can escape to when you want to spend a few minutes away from the city.

Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne: You can just sit and relax at the Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne. Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne is one of the best places to stay to turn your holiday into a rest and rejuvenation break. The hotel’s Finnish bath, sauna, spa center, fitness room, and indoor pool are great sanctuaries where you can escape. Vestdijk47 restaurant is a place to taste some Dutch delicacies. After an exhausting day, you can sit and relax at Bar47 also.

Queen Hotel: Queen Hotel is one of the most exciting places to stay in Eindhoven in terms of its location. You can take a souvenir from your holiday with you by shopping at the local shops in the tourist market around the hotel. Queen Hotel is also close to Eindhoven’s most popular entertainment venues and bars. This way, you can experience the colorful and entertaining nightlife of the city.

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