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Geneva attracts millions of visitors every year who come as much for its heritage as for its countless luxury boutiques or its attractive proximity to Lake Geneva. Called the Capital of Peace, Geneva is the cradle of the Protestant Reformation, which affected Europe in the 16th century, having welcomed some of the greatest actors, such as the famous Jean Calvin. Its robust economic development will earn it the nickname of “the smallest of the big capitals,” Its historical heritage, marked both by the Reformation and by its rich medieval past, will not fail to surprise visitors to the city at the end of the lake. Geneva is also one of the wealthiest cities in Europe.

With a city center rich in monuments, unique parks on the shores of Lake Geneva, and walks along the banks of the Rhône, Geneva is the place to be. One of the essential features of the city is it is home to world-famous Swiss watchmaker Patek Philippe, the International Committee of the Red Cross, many Swiss chocolatiers, offices of the United Nations, and many other essential things.

The city also has a wide selection of hotels. Since the city is busy in terms of both the touristic and business world, there is a hotel for everyone in Geneva. The town is a rich and luxurious city. However, this does not mean that there are only luxury hotels in the city. It is possible to find cheap places to stay in Geneva.

Places to Visit in Geneva

Geneva may be a small city in terms of surface area. However, its history, international importance, natural beauty, and dazzling lifestyle are a city with a lot to offer. To truly tour Geneva and thoroughly explore the city, you need an extended vacation. If your days in Geneva are limited, you will have a hard time deciding where to go. If you visited the city once, you’ll probably visit it again in future. Because Geneva has a different charm on it.

Museum of Art and History

Museum of Art and HistoryPin
Museum of Art and History

The Museum of Art and History was inaugurated in 1910, but its construction was completed in 1940. It is a multidisciplinary art museum, so it is possible to see exhibitions and pieces of the collection in painting, architecture, archaeology, sculpture, and applied arts. Do not forget to go and see the most famous work in this museum, “The miraculous catch” by Witz, which is one of the two parts of the altarpiece found at the altar of the cathedral of Geneva. It is the largest museum in Geneva.

Old Town

Old TownPin
Old Town

It is an entirely different face of Geneva that one discovers by venturing into the alleys of the old town. You should start with a visit to the Tavel house, the oldest house in Geneva, built at the end of the 13th century. Today, it houses the city’s history museum and its free visit. Do not miss the introductory film, which tells the origin of Geneva, going back to the melting of the glaciers 20,000 years ago, which gave Lake Geneva. Thanks to its strategic position on the Rhône at the foot of the mountains, the city has become an essential place of commerce since Antiquity, foreshadowing its future as an international financial center. In the 16th century, Geneva became, in a way, the “Protestant Rome” with the adoption by the local authorities of the Reformation and the arrival of Calvin, who imposed his ideas there.

Patek Philippe Museum

You should visit the Philippe Patek museum, named after one of the most renowned Geneva watch manufacturers, founded in the 19th century by the Polish Antoine Norbert de Patek and the French Jean-Adrien Philippe. You will come out fascinated by so much beauty, creativity, and sophistication.  The reputation of the quality of Swiss watchmaking is worldwide. Visiting the museum of this renowned brand is an opportunity to see luxury models produced by the factory for several centuries. It showcases some of the luxury watchmaker’s most delicate pieces and describes the history, craftsmanship, and process behind creating these particular pieces. The city is considered the world’s luxury watch capital.

Best Hotels to Stay in Geneva

Geneva is an extremely rich city in terms of its history, lifestyle, cuisine, contributions to the world of accessories, natural beauties, and tourist attractions. However, the wealth of the city is not limited to these. It would be wrong to think such a city is not rich in hotels. There are lots of places to stay Geneva. The city is known for its world-famous luxury hotels and world-famous luxury watches. If you are considering where is the best place to stay in Geneva, there are many options.

Fairmont Grand Hotel Geneva🔗

Fairmont Grand Hotel GenevaPin
Fairmont Grand Hotel Geneva

Located by the Lake Geneva Fairmont Grant Hotel, Geneva is not only the best place to stay in Geneva on the lake but also one of the best in the city. You’ll understand why the city of Geneva is such a luxurious and rich place when you spend your vacation. You can taste Italian cuisine at Il Vero, one of the hotel’s three gourmet restaurants, eat the best steaks in the city from Le Grill restaurant or choose classic Chinese cuisine from Lou One restaurant. The hotel also has a 1400 square meter pool. The 19 meters long and 7.5 meters wide swimming pool is the largest indoor swimming pool in Geneva.

Hotel de la Cigogne🔗

Hotel de la CigognePin
Hotel de la Cigogne

Located in the old town, Hotel de la Cigogne offers an excellent experience for those who want to explore the city with its location close to many important points of the city. Moreover, the hotel provides not only location advantages. The hotel’s gourmet restaurant, Belle Epoque, offers a seasonal menu, always prepared with the freshest ingredients. You can experience a luxurious holiday at the hotel within walking distance of Longmalle square, the English Garden, and Lake Geneva. The old town part of the city is definitely the best area in Geneva to stay in.

InterContinental Geneva, an IHG Hotel🔗

InterContinental Geneva, an IHG HotelPin
InterContinental Geneva, an IHG Hotel

If you are looking for a place to stay in the city’s business district, InterContinental Geneva, an IHG Hotel, is a great option. Just a couple of minutes away from United Nations, CICG congress, and Geneva Airport, it is the best area to stay in Geneva for a business trip. The hotel provides more than 5000 digital newspapers and magazines worldwide in its special app. After either exploring the city or having an important meeting, you can have a great time near the terrace pool. The hotel also provides a splendid 400 square meter Cinq Mondes Spa to unwind and rejuvenate.

Places to Visit in Geneva for Couples

Geneva is a prosperous city in every way. The city also has many unique places for couples. It is one of the most beautiful cities that can be preferred in Europe to relax and stay together for a few days. Moreover, there are many places to stay in Geneva during your holiday. You can wander the streets of the city together and enjoy your holiday.

St. Pierre Cathedral

St. Pierre CathedralPin
St. Pierre Cathedral

Built in the 12th century, the cathedral, initially Catholic, has undergone significant transformations in the city’s religious history. In the 16th century, it became the temple of the Reformation, so there was no longer any question of looking like a cathedral. Calvin preached here from 1536 until he died in 1564. As is typical in Protestant places of worship, the Cathedral’s interior is bare and sober, where ornaments and signs of extravagance have been removed. During your visit to the Cathedral of Saint-Pierre in Geneva, you should definitely climb one of the towers to enjoy a magnificent view of the city of Geneva and Lake Geneva. For this, you will first have to climb 157 steps. But you’ll have the most beautiful view of the city and the lake. The chapel of the Maccabees, a little hidden to the right of the entrance, is the most beautiful place in Saint Peter’s Cathedral. Do not miss the archaeological site under the cathedral, which exhibits remains from antiquity.

The English Garden

The Flower Clock is located at the entrance of the English Garden. This landscape construction pays tribute to the Swiss watchmaking tradition; its appearance varies according to the seasons and the inspiration of the gardeners. This is an opportunity for many tourists to take a time-stamped selfie. The English Garden is a superb public garden near Lake Geneva. You can get closer to the Ferris Wheel and enjoy the shade of the trees during the hot season during your visit. This garden has the National Monument, which celebrates the city’s attachment to Switzerland in 1814, which is more recent than one might think. You can also cross the Mont-Blanc bridge to the north of the park, which crosses the lake.

Lake Geneva

Lake GenevaPin
Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is a vast natural lake located between France and Switzerland. A pleasant activity on sunny days, a boat trip on Lake Geneva will offer you breathtaking views of the Swiss and French Alps. On board the boat, you will also enjoy a panoramic view of the coastal towns of the lake. You can opt for boat rental in Geneva with or without a skipper. This will allow you to navigate at your leisure over an afternoon or a day. With a length of 73 km and an average depth of 154m, you should know that it is the largest freshwater reserve in Europe.

Best Hotels in Geneva for Couples

Places to stay in a city are as important as places to visit. Especially on your holiday as a couple, you need to choose the right hotel to have an unforgettable experience. Moreover, suppose you will stay in a fascinating city like Geneva. In that case, the choice of hotel is even more critical. Because you will need some time when choosing from so many options. If you have a vacation in the city as a couple, these are the best places in Geneva.

Les Armures🔗

Les ArmuresPin
Les Armures

Les Armures is one of the most luxurious hotels in Geneva where you can stay as a couple. Located in a 17-century building, the hotel amazes those who see it with its eye-catching rooms. You can reach many places by walking from the hotel, which is close to the city’s major tourist attractions. However, Les Armures is a hotel where you won’t want to go out. You can spend an unforgettable holiday in the hotel hosting influential American presidents such as Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, and John F. Kennedy. The city’s oldest coffee shop, Cafe Les Armures, is also located within the hotel. If you are looking for a luxurious place in Geneva where to stay, Les Armures is the best option.

Hotel Metropole Geneve🔗

Hotel Metropole GenevePin
Hotel Metropole Geneve

Hotel Metropole Geneve is the right choice for a dream vacation in a hotel with breathtaking lake views. The hotel, which is close to many important places such as The English Garden or the old city, offers a paradise holiday service. You can enjoy different cocktails while enjoying the panoramic lake view at the MET Rooftop Lounge on the hotel’s terrace. Restaurant Gusto, situated within the hotel, offers the most elite tastes of Italian cuisine in its indoor and outdoor sections. Hotel Metropole Geneve is one of the best places to stay in Geneva on the lake.

Hotel d’Angleterre🔗

Hotel d’AngleterrePin
Hotel d’Angleterre

With a breathtaking view of Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc, the hotel is one of the best hotels for couples. You can benefit from the special experience services offered by the hotel. You can visit the Charlie Chaplin museum, Cailler Chocolate Factory, and Patek Phillipe Museum to learn what it’s like to be a Swedish watchmaker with the hotel’s private transportation vehicle, Bentley Arnage 2001, or go for a romantic picnic at Parc des Eaux Vives. Hotel d’Angleterre is one of the best places where to stay in Geneva to have an unforgettable experience and enjoy a romantic vacation. Hotel d’Angleterre provides a vast range of services for its customers. 

Places to Visit in Geneva for Families

Geneva’s wealth offers an alternative for everyone. These alternatives include families with children. You can choose Geneva to spend your family vacation in Geneva and get away from daily life with your children. You can visit the important museums of the city and the region or discover the breathtaking natural beauties of Switzerland. There are many places in the city where you can go with children. For this reason, you definitely need to make serious planning before you go. Because it’ll be difficult to decide when you arrive to the cit.y

Jet d’Eau

Jet d’EauPin
Jet d’Eau

Initially, jet d’eau was not at all a tourist attraction. Its existence dates back to the end of the 19th century it involved the evacuation of a pressure relief valve to supply hydraulic energy to the watchmaking workshops of the city. It was in the 20th century that it was moved into the harbor and propelled to this disproportionate height at the speed of 200km/h. Get as close as possible to see the phenomenal power of the jet up close. Be careful; you can end up soaked at the slightest change in the wind, but the show is worth it. The most beautiful views of the Jet d’Eau are from them during a boat cruise on the lake. The water jet is sometimes interrupted due to windy or cold weather.


Just 20-minute drive west of the city center is the world’s largest particle physics laboratory: the European Council for Nuclear Research. Cern is the birthplace of the World Wide Web and the Internet. The center is also conducting some of the world’s most important tests and experiments. This is where historical, scientific experiments are conducted. The Universe of Particles exhibition is an opportunity to understand the work of international researchers on elementary particles. The site is outside Geneva, straddling France and Switzerland. You can also discover the Microcosm exhibition. Visits are free. The museum is for physics enthusiasts, where you will see an exhibition on the creation of the universe and physics. It is fascinating and accessible even if you are not a physicist.

Palace of Nations

The Palace of Nations houses the United Nations European headquarters, the UN’s most important center after New York. Still, it’s worth going there to see what the international area of ​​Geneva looks like, which is home to many headquarters of global organizations like the High Commissioner for Refugees, the International Labor Organization, the World Health Organization, and many others. The Palace of Nations is twice as large as the Palace of Versailles, and it accommodates 2,500 civil servants, not to mention the 25,000 delegates from all the member countries who pass through it each year. You and discover the formidable ceiling of the Human Rights and Alliance of Civilizations Room. Also, come and feel the vocation of great men by discovering the Broken Chair.

Best Hotels to Stay in Geneva for Families

You can spend a dream family vacation in Geneva in a dream hotel. Although the city is in a small area, it receives a lot of visitors as it hosts many important places on a global scale. This, combined with the tourists coming to explore the city, helps to understand why there are so many hotels in the area. You need to have a lot of free time to choose between hotels and choose the one that suits you best. To make a quick decision, these are the places to stay in Geneva.

Beau-Rivage Geneve🔗

Beau-Rivage GenevePin
Beau-Rivage Geneve

Finding the best hotel in a city where everything is the best is not difficult. One of these hotels is Beau-Rivage Geneve. Located right next to the Palace of Nations, the headquarters of the United Nations, the hotel is one of the best hotels to stay in for a family vacation. You can experience the most delicious version of French cuisine in the hotel’s restaurant, which has Michelin and 18 Gault Millau points. The hotel also has another restaurant, Le Patara, which serves Thai cuisine. You can either have your meal in one of these restaurants or have an unforgettable dining experience at the chef’s private table with only 8 guests in the kitchen. In short, Beau-Rivage Geneve is one of the best places where to stay in Geneva.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel de la Paix🔗

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel de la PaixPin
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel de la Paix🔗

With its luxurious, eye-catching, and large rooms, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel de la Paix is one of the best hotels to stay with the family. Completely renovated in 2017, the hotel is located in the city center. From here, within a few minutes walk, you can reach the tourist spots and the best restaurants in the city. However, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel de la Paix has a restaurant serving international cuisine and a Northern European-themed restaurant called The Fiskebar, where you can taste unforgettable flavors for a lifetime. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel de la Paix is one of the most luxurious hotels in geneva places to stay.

La Reserve Geneve Hotel & Spa🔗

La Reserve Geneve Hotel & SpaPin
La Reserve Geneve Hotel & Spa

La Reserve Geneve Hotel & Spa is a hidden paradise for you for a quieter yet relaxing and unifying family holiday a little further away from the city crowd. The daytime childcare service is the hotel’s most essential feature for families with kids. You can be alone while children explore the safe environment by taking advantage of this service. The hotel’s spa center, which is more significant than 2500 square meters, offers services you will not think of. In the spa center, you can relieve the tiredness of the whole year in the massage, sauna, or hammam. You can taste the most delicious examples of French and Chinese cuisine at the restaurant located within the hotel. The restaurant Le Lodge, located by the pool, is open only in summer and offers different tastes of Mediterranean cuisine. If you are looking for a place to stay close to Geneva but with a more private experience La Reserve Geneve Hotel & Spa best place to stay in Geneva

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