Where To Stay In Glasgow? Best Places To Stay in Glasgow

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland. An industrial and cultural city, Glasgow has variously been named city of architecture and innovation, city of culture, and city of sport. Energetic and trendy, Glasgow is one of the most enjoyable European cities to see.

A mix of industrial and sophisticated, Scotland’s largest city has evolved over the past two decades to become one of Britain’s most fascinating metropolises. At first glance, Glasgow and its fine Victorian-era buildings, a legacy of wealth generated by trade, give the impression of a stuffy place. Quite the opposite, the city is packed with stylish bars, upmarket restaurants, and lively clubs in the UK. 

The combination of this bustle with the legendary friendliness of its people is captivating. Forgotten its lousy reputation, Glasgow has become the British architecture and design capital. Lovers of architecture, art, history, and nightlife, everyone will be amazed to visit the city. There are also many options where to stay in Glasgow.

Places to Visit in Glasgow with Family

University of Glasgow
University of Glasgow

Edinburgh is a historical, natural, and astonishing city. As such, there are many places to visit. Some of these are quite suitable for a memorable holiday. You can see the following locations for a fun Edinburgh trip with kids.

Harry Potter Experience

Harry Potter and its wonderous world have a significant influence over kids. They might be upset since they didn’t have an invitation letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The University of Glasgow is a part of the fictional Hogwarts Castle. Kids can enjoy having a time in Hogwarts. The whole building is an architectural masterpiece; one cannot help but have a comforting thought for the sorcerer’s apprentices who rocked our youth at the sight of the halls and gardens.

Glasgow Science Center

Glasgow Science Center was built on the south bank of the River Clyde; it opened in 2001. The center is one of the most popular places in Glasgow among kids. It is a very playful and interactive science museum, somewhat in the style of La Villette in Paris. There are a lot of exhibitions on all fields of science, all in the form of interactive workshops to discover while having fun. There is also a planetarium and a 3D cinema. You can also take the opportunity to climb to the top of Glasgow Tower and enjoy the view.

University of Glasgow

Another must-see place in Glasgow with kids is the University of Glasgow. The university is among the most prestigious universities in the world. The architecture is also breathtaking. Your kids can experience how it feels to be in one of the most important universities in the world. 

Places to Stay in Glasgow with Family

The hotel has an essential place for a fun and unforgettable holiday. More than just a place to lie down after a tiring day, it adds color to your holiday. You can find the most suitable one among the different hotels in Glasgow and enjoy your holiday. These are the best options if you are looking for where to stay in Glasgow with family.

Glasgow Marriott Hotel: Glasgow Marriott Hotel is one of the best options for families. Its amenities and location offer a great advantage. The hotel has well decorated spacious and well-lit rooms. The hotel’s indoor pool is a great source to enjoy with the kids. There is also a complete spa and wellness center in the hotel. Thus you can relax and unwind during your vacation. Glasgow Marriott Hotel is one of the best places to stay in Glasgow for families.

Malmaison Glasgow: Malmaison Glasgow is a former church converted to a hotel later; as you may expect that the hotel is an unorthodox place to stay. It is very close to important locations for tourists. The hotel offers a decent place while preserving the church’s some authentic characteristics. If you are looking for where to stay in Glasgow in an exciting place, you should give a chance to Malmaison Glasgow. 

Hilton Glasgow: If you want to utmost vacation experience, one of the best options is Hilton Glasgow where to stay. The hotel offers a unique Hilton experience. Indoor pool and gaming will become the new address for the kids. The whole family can relax in the sauna and steam room after an exhausting day. Hilton Glasgow is amongst the best hotels Glasgow.

Places to Visit in Glasgow with Couples

People's Palace and Winter Gardens
People’s Palace and Winter Gardens

Glasgow offers a royal adventure with castles, parks, and breathtaking nature. You can have a fairy tale adventure in spectacular castles or a romantic picnic at sunset in lush green gardens.

People’s Palace and Winter Gardens

Glasgow Green Park houses the People’s Palace and Winter Gardens. The Doulton Fountain is made from terracotta, defining the UK’s colonies such as Australia, India, and South Africa. It is the largest in the world of its kind. The People Palace now serves as a museum, and outside the museum, you can also visit the Winter Gardens. They’re tropical glasshouses containing vast kinds of plants and trees like palm trees. You can sit and sip your coffee or enjoy your lunch on the site. There is an old tapestry factory also located there, and it is impossible to unnoticed its beautiful and colored façade.

Subcrawl in Glasgow

You might be familiar with pubcrawl activity, but subcrawl is a whole different experience. Glasgow has the third oldest metro system in the world after London and Budapest. There are 15 stops in the Glasgow subway, and you have to hop off at each stop and run towards to closest bar. You can be sure that you’re not alone during your subcrawl. It is also a great way to socialize with other subcrawlers. 

Kelvingrove Park

Kelvingrove Park
Kelvingrove Park

The park is surrounded by Gilmore Hill and the University of Glasgow to the west, Partick, and Anderston to the south, Charing Cross to the east, and Hillhead and Woodlands to the north. Thanks to this central position, it is trendy to go downtown from the West End to Charing Cross to avoid the traffic. This 34-hectare Victorian park was built by the famous English landscape gardener Sir Joseph Paxton in 1852. The park hosted the International Exhibition of Science, Art and Industry in 1888 and 1901 and the National History Exhibition of Art and Industry in 1911.

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Places to Stay in Glasgow for Couples

You can finish a day spent in the city with the hotel’s luxurious amenities as a couple. Having a nice dinner at the place you are staying and spending time together may be among the things you want to do. Fortunately, there are many hotels in Glasgow where you can do this more than enough. These are the best places to stay in Glasgow for couples.

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurant: If you are looking for where to stay in Glasgow Scotland, this is the most luxurious and glamorous option by far. In Kimpton Hotels & Restaurant, you can have an unforgettable experience. The hotel was built in 1823 and was a former Royal Scottish Automobile Club home. You can walk around the lush green garden, sit and relax in a well-decorated spa section, and rejuvenate in the rasul mud chamber. 

Crowne Plaza Glasgow: Crowne Plaza Glasgow is like a crown jewel in the city. The hotel at the heart of Glasgow offers an immersive city view. The rooms are very spacious and luminous. The hotel just by the River Clyde has an exquisite marine-themed Mariner restaurant. You can also enjoy the best Scotch in the Mariner Bar. Crown Plaza Glasgow is the best place where to stay in Glasgow city centre.

One Devonshire Garden a Hotel Du Vin: Suppose you want to stay in one of Scotland’s most exclusive and luxurious hotels, One Devonshire Garden. In that case, a Hotel Du Vin is the best option you can choose. It is more than a hotel with its remarkable Victorian architecture, thoughtful tastes, and eye-catching decoration. While you relax in the deep bathtubs in the rooms, you can get away from life and enjoy together with more than 300 different whiskeys or more than 600 types of wine from the hotel bar. It makes the hotel where is the best place to stay in Glasgow

Must-See Museums and Art Galleries in Glasgow

Glasgow is one of the cities with a long history in the UK. In this way, it has a profound and rich cultural heritage. It is possible to see the changes in the city from the past to the present, historical events, and the effects of this past on the understanding of art. If you think where should i go in Glasgow, these are the must-see places to visit. 

Hunterian Museum

Hunterian Museum
Hunterian Museum

Hunterian museum in Glasgow is the oldest public museum in Scotland. The museum opened thanks to famous anatomist and Glasgow University graduate William Hunter’s donations in 1807. The museum has a collection of more than a million pieces. The museum is split up into two parts. Both of art gallery and science sections are located on the university campus. From anatomy to natural history, Hunterian Museum has a breathtaking collection. You can see some organs in formaldehyde, mummified animal corpses, or skeletons. It might be unusual, but it is definitely worth visiting. Museum’s art gallery is just across the street and next to the library. The art collection is also magnificent. There are some essential pieces by Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin, James Abbott McNeill Whistler, George Stubbs, and world-renowned Rembrandt.

Gallery of Modern Art

The Gallery of Modern Art has many exhibitions of local and international artists, both permanent and temporary. If you are lucky, you can have a chance to observe some of the most famous artists’ pieces like Ken Currie, Andy Warhol, David Hockney, and Jack Knox. The gallery offers a wide range of media, from prints to sculptures. You can also attend a workshop in the gallery. The Gallery of Modern Art is also home to the country’s most significant contemporary visual art festival, Glasgow International Festival. You can find cafés, a shop and a library that offers books about art and design. Just opposite the gallery, you’ll see the equestrian statue of the Duke of Wellington. But this statue has a peculiar feature. The statue of the duke wearing a traffic cone for 35 years. The cone was a souvenir of a couple of drunken teens but transformed into a city symbol.

Riverside Museum

Riverside Museum is one of the most famous museums in Glasgow. Located between Finnieston and Partick, it is in the dock of Clyde. The museum is dedicated to different types of transportation. You’ll find a 19th tram next to a 1950s bus stop. It is a different kind of spot but attractive also. You can find your inner child and have a great time in the museum.

Places to Stay in Glasgow

Glasgow isn’t a huge city, but nevertheless, the location of the hotel is essential during your vacation. If you want to find a place where to stay in Glasgow for one night, the area might not be vital for you at all. But if you want to stay in the city for a couple of days, you have to find the best area to stay in Glasgow.

Radisson Blu Hotel: There are many places to stay in Glasgow. But very few of them offer an immersive experience like Radisson Blu Hotel. Besides the award-winning architecture, the hotel has a splendid atrium also. The rooms are very luxurious and spacious. There are glass windows from floor-to-ceiling in rooms. But these amenities have their costs. If you are looking for where to stay in Glasgow on a budget, you have to find a different place. 

Sherbrooke Castle Hotel: Since the country has many castles visiting them is not enough. You can even stay a few of them. Sherbrooke Castle Hostel is an alternate place if you think, “where should i stay in Glasgow.” The hotel is a little bit away from the city center. So you can rest in isolation from the city crowd. But the important part is staying in a medieval castle. 

Ambassador Hotel: Ambassador Hotel is one of the best places to stay in Glasgow if you are looking for a budget-friendly place. Just because it’s not over-priced doesn’t mean it has limited services. You can sit back, enjoy your cocktail on the hotel’s terrace, and watch the beautiful River Kelvin. It is also close to some important places like Botanical Gardens.

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