Where to Stay in Groningen? Best Places to Stay in Groningen

Groningen is a captivating city in the Netherlands. Its rich history and stunning architecture are showcased in well-preserved buildings and medieval landmarks like the Martinitoren. The vibrant cultural scene captivates with music festivals and artistic events. The city’s student-friendly atmosphere buzzes with social venues and embraces a strong biking culture. Beautiful parks like Noorderplantsoen invites leisurely strolls, and nearby quaint villages and picturesque countryside await exploring. Diverse boutiques await shoppers, and many restaurants and cafes offer delicious cuisine to taste local delicacies. Groningen’s compact layout ensures easy exploration, making it a delightful destination for all.

When to Visit Groningen


The best time to visit Groningen is from late spring to early autumn, typically from May to September. The weather is mild and comfortable during this period, with temperatures ranging from 15°C to 25°C. Late spring brings blooming flowers and a vibrant atmosphere. At the same time, summer offers longer daylight hours and various festivals. Autumn brings beautiful foliage and fewer crowds. Winter can be cold and windy, but it has a charm with holiday markets. You should plan your trip between May and September for a pleasant visit with outdoor activities and lively events.

Where to Stay in Groningen


Groningen offers a range of accommodation options to suit every traveler’s preference. Luxurious hotels and comfort, providing upscale amenities and impeccable service. Mid-range hotels balance affordability and quality, ensuring a pleasant stay without breaking the bank. Boutique hotels charm with their unique character and personalized touches. Also, cozy bed and breakfasts offer a homely ambiance and a delicious morning meal. From perfect heavens to budget-friendly places, there are many options for where to stay in Groningen. With a diverse selection of accommodations, you can find the ideal place to rest while exploring Groningen’s treasures.

Flonk Hotel Groningen Zuid: Choosing Flonk Hotel Groningen Zuid offers various compelling reasons. Located in the southern part of Groningen, it allows easy access to the city center while providing a more peaceful atmosphere. The hotel’s modern and stylish rooms ensure a comfortable stay. Its proximity to recreational areas, like the Stadspark, makes it appealing to nature lovers. If you seek a quieter retreat with convenient city access, Flonk Hotel Groningen Zuid is a fantastic accommodation choice.

Mercure Hotel Groningen Martiniplaza: The Mercure Hotel Groningen Martiniplaza is the perfect choice for business and leisure travelers. With its convenient location near events, modern and comfortable rooms, excellent amenities, and friendly staff, you’ll have everything you need for a relaxing and enjoyable stay.

Prinsenhof: If you’re searching for a place to stay in Groningen, you should check out Prinsenhof. This 4-star hotel is situated in a historic building near Prinsentuin and provides uniquely furnished rooms with modern amenities. You can start your day with a delicious breakfast at the Grand Café or indulge in a meal at Restaurant Nassau. The hotel’s prime location makes discovering Groningen’s most popular attractions convenient.

Where to Stay in City Center

City Center Groningen

Staying in a city center hotel in Groningen offers several compelling benefits. Guests enjoy convenience, with easy access to major attractions, shopping districts, restaurants, and entertainment venues, all within walking distance. The vibrant atmosphere immerses visitors in the city’s cultural and social scene, with events and festivals just steps away. Excellent public transport accessibility allows easy exploration beyond the immediate area. Moreover, city-center hotels offer various dining options and proximity to trendy bars, cafes, and nightlife. Safety and security are enhanced in well-lit and heavily frequented areas. Choosing a city-center hotel in Groningen ensures a convenient, dynamic, and enriching travel experience.

Martini Hotel: Staying at Martini Hotel in Groningen offers several advantages. Its central location provides easy access to attractions, shopping, and nightlife. Martini Hotel is located in the best area to stay in Groningen. You can enjoy stunning city views from the hotel near the iconic Martinitoren Tower. Comfortable rooms and attentive staff create a warm atmosphere. The hotel’s facilities, including a restaurant and bar, enhance the overall experience. Martini Hotel is an ideal choice for a convenient and comfortable stay in Groningen.

Flonk Hotel Groningen: Flonk Hotel Groningen Centre offers a trendy and modern stay in the heart of Groningen. You can easily access major attractions and enjoy exceptional service with comfortable rooms and attentive staff. The hotel’s bar is a trendy and inviting space where guests can unwind and enjoy various drinks, including cocktails, local beers, and wines. As for the restaurant, it serves delicious meals with a focus on locally sourced and fresh ingredients. It is amongst the best hotels in Groningen.

The Market Hotel: If you plan to visit Groningen, you should consider staying at The Market Hotel, a modern and stylish option in the city’s heart. Its prime location on Grote Markt offers easy access to attractions like the Martini Tower and City Hall. At the same time, cafes and shops surround the lively square. The hotel boasts spacious, comfortable rooms with free Wi-Fi, smart TVs, and coffee facilities. The friendly staff ensures excellent service and additional perks include 24-hour reception, bike rental, and on-site dining. With competitive rates, special offers, and a complimentary breakfast buffet, The Market Hotel offers fantastic value for an unforgettable stay in Groningen.

Where to Stay in Korrewegwijk


Korrewegwijk is a great place to visit for several reasons. This diverse neighborhood offers a unique and authentic experience, away from the more touristy areas. You’ll get a glimpse of everyday life in Groningen, with a mix of residents, students, and young professionals. It is also the best area to stay in Groningen for families. Korrewegwijk has a vibrant cultural scene with various community events and activities. Explore its charming streets, parks, and local shops to taste the city’s true essence. The neighborhood’s friendly atmosphere and warm hospitality also make it a welcoming place for travelers seeking a genuine and enriching experience in Groningen.

NH Groningen Hotel: If you are looking for a nice place where to stay in Groningen, NH Groningen Hotel is one of the best options. Its convenient location near the city center, train station, and university allows easy exploration of attractions like the Martini Tower and Groninger Museum. Comfortable rooms with modern amenities, including free Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs, ensure a pleasant stay. You can enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet, a cozy bar, and a fitness center. NH Groningen Hotel’s competitive pricing and special offers make it an excellent choice for an enjoyable and memorable stay in Groningen.

The Social Hub Groningen: When planning your visit to Groningen, consider staying at The Social Hub Groningen. This unique hostel promotes community and connections. You can engage in social events, interact with fellow travelers and locals, and contribute your talents to the dynamic environment. Located in the city center, the hostel provides easy access to attractions like the Martini Tower and Groninger Museum. It is one of the best places to stay in Groningen for backpackers. Choose from affordable and comfortable room options equipped with free Wi-Fi and other amenities. The Social Hub Groningen’s eco-friendly initiatives and support for local businesses make it a responsible and enriching choice.

Simplon Hostel: Simplon Hostel in Groningen offers budget-friendly accommodation with a vibrant social atmosphere. Its central location allows easy access to attractions, restaurants, and transport. You can choose from dormitory or private rooms and benefit from friendly staff providing helpful travel tips. The hostel’s communal areas encourage guest interaction, creating a welcoming vibe. Simplon Hostel is an excellent choice for an economical, well-located, and social stay in Groningen, ideal for all types of travelers looking to connect with others and explore the city’s charms.

Where to Stay in Damsterbuurt


If you’re in Groningen, don’t miss the chance to explore Damsterbuurt. This picturesque neighborhood boasts traditional Dutch architecture and a serene atmosphere. It is the best area to stay in Groningen. You’ll find a blend of historical buildings, charming streets, and green spaces that are perfect for leisurely strolls and bike rides. Local shops and cafes in Damsterbuurt offer a glimpse into the daily life of Groningen locals. Additionally, the peaceful ambiance of the neighborhood provides a refreshing break from the busy city center. For an authentic and tranquil experience in Groningen, Damsterbuurt is a delightful place to visit and enjoy.

Hotel Corps de Garde: Hotel Corps de Garde in Groningen offers a delightful experience for visitors. Its historic charm is housed in a beautifully restored building. With a central location, you can easily access major attractions. The comfortable, well-appointed rooms ensure a relaxing stay. The rooftop terrace offers stunning views of Groningen, perfect for unwinding. Hotel Corps de Garde is an excellent choice for an authentic and enriching stay in the city.

B&B Pakhuis Emden: When visiting Groningen, consider B&B Pakhuis Emden, a charming bed and breakfast in a historic warehouse near the city center. Its prime location allows easy access to attractions like the Martini Tower and Groninger Museum. Each morning, a delicious breakfast with local and organic ingredients is served in your room. With reasonable prices and added discounts, B&B Pakhuis Emden offers excellent value for you and is one of the best places to stay in Groningen for backpackers.

Leonardo Hotel Groningen: If you’re planning a trip to Groningen, the Leonardo Hotel is an excellent choice for modern and comfortable accommodation. It’s situated near the city center, MartiniPlaza arena, and city park, making it a convenient location for exploring. The hotel offers underground parking, a fully equipped gym, an on-site restaurant with vegetarian and kosher options, and complimentary Wi-Fi for guests. With 105 spacious rooms and concierge services, your stay in Groningen will be convenient and enjoyable.

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