Where to Stay in Ibiza for a Quiet Holiday

Ibiza, the iconic Balearic Island of Spain, has been the capital of gripping nightlife, distilling parties, and an incomparable frenzy for many years. Getting around the world more on its thriving café and nightlife scene has become a reality where the joy of life is evidenced. Nevertheless, Ibiza has the other side, sometimes lonely even due to the striking area of its island. You will find peace and solace here! Amidst all the flashing lights, the loud bass that pierces the air during the dance competitions, and the energy and liveliness of the crowds is a calm ocean that calmly lulls on. This oasis is a sweet escape from the continuous party ambiance.

This island encompasses secret little bays, deep forests, and sandy beaches while presenting a softer side of the island against its busier areas. Paradise in the world for those searching for peace and relaxation, Ibiza is a perfect holiday destination. The only sounds are the gentle waves on inviting shores and the breathing of the wind on the island.

When is the Best Time to Visit Ibiza for a Quiet Holiday

The best option to explore Ibiza Island would be during the spring and autumn shoulder seasons. Such seasons allow for a relatively pleasurable climate, fewer people waiting in lines, and beautiful flowers everywhere, a perfect combination for getting lost in nature and relaxing on the seashore. Since warm weather persists and lodging costs are lower, you will surely get deserted beaches with a calming atmosphere which you can visit to relax. Whether in exceptional landscapes or by the sea, when these times come, Ibiza offers a serene refuge and revitalization from peak season tourism’s daily activities and stress.

Best Hotels in Ibiza for a Quiet Holiday

For those looking for a quiet stay in Ibiza, the island recommends different hotels for all the tastes and likes you may have. A solitude resort or exotic hotel is where lovers may spend a romantic getaway without anyone else around and enjoy the scenery of amazing views and excellent services. Of course, for those who want fancy stuff, there are also luxury hotels equipped with exceptional services, villas, and calm spa centers that will guarantee you a remote and relaxed stay. Suppose you are looking for a remote, quiet, rich, and unforgettable experience. In that case, these are the best places to stay Ibiza quiet.

Hotel NameBooking.com Review CountBooking.com Overall
Hotel El Pinar8178,0
Mondrian Ibiza828,5
Six Senses Ibiza3158,5
Grupotel Ibiza Beach Resort – Adults Only3,3088,5
Sandos El Greco – Adults Only5567,7
Palladium Hotel Cala Llonga – Adults Only1,1457,8
Barceló Portinatx – Adults Only1,0938,7
Ca Na Xica – Hotel & Spa2489,4
Globales Montemar2756,2
Hostal La Cigüeña2549,2

🔗Hotel El Pinar: Hotel El Pinar is located in peaceful pine woods and quiet areas of Ibiza. This opens to Cala Llonga Bay, bringing the shades of the Mediterranean Sea. The resort boasts a range of facilities and services, including cozy rooms, pristine pools, and tranquil gardens. They attend to your needs all by themselves to have you enjoy a comfortable and satisfying stay. The lodge is serene and perfect for honeymoons, romantic getaways, or those wishing to escape the crowds. By the poolside, you can enjoy your leisure time, discover the nearby beaches, or taste the environmental food in the restaurant and hotel.

🔗Mondrian Ibiza: Mondrian Ibiza offers an unforgettable holiday experience in Cala Llonga’s coastal haven. There are some facilities, such as a seasonal pool for outdoor swimming, a gym, and spacious patios, which provide a calm atmosphere. The restaurants offer Mediterranean and Mexican dishes to answer your demands. The hotel offers a bike and car rental service if you want to explore the sights of Marina Botafoch or the Port of Ibiza. Suppose you are looking for luxury, relaxation, and wellness. In that case, Mondrian Ibiza is the best hotel where to stay in Ibiza for a quiet holiday.

🔗Six Senses Ibiza: Six Senses Ibiza, located in the island’s northern part, is a peaceful place to escape the city island’s wild parties. The eco-friendly accommodations are such that they naturally harmonize with the environment, luring you to a serene atmosphere. Sustainability is ensured through a process where you can be in contact with enchanting nature. Six Senses Ibiza offers calmness and natural beauty with spotless beaches and breathtaking scenery. It’s the ideal place where to stay in Ibiza to avoid clubbers.

🔗Grupotel Ibiza Beach Resort – Adults Only: Grupotel Ibiza Beach Resort for Adults Only offers a sense of peace for visitors who want relaxation. The beauty of the quiet beach along the island’s magnificent coast, its polished and stylish rooms, and the adult-only policy makes it the perfect place for those seeking total peace and quiet. Among the diverse facilities, you will surely rejuvenate with the spa, have a nice walk around the beach, and just chill by the pool. With caring service and an advantageous location, Grupotel Ibiza Beach Resort is an ideal place where to stay in Ibiza to avoid clubbers.

🔗Sandos El Greco – Adults Only: If you are looking for a quiet holiday, you should consider staying at Sandos El Greco – Adults Only. It is located in quiet areas of Ibiza, along with the stunning bay of Cala Portinatx Bay. This adults-only hotel is a place for a peaceful escape from the vibrant party area. Through its magnificently located cliffside venue overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, you can enjoy the fantastic view and calm atmosphere all the time. Whether bathing on a sandy beach, using wellness services, or just experiencing the silence of the surroundings, Sandos El Greco offers a perfect environment for tranquillity and relaxation in Ibiza.

🔗Palladium Hotel Cala Llonga – Adults Only: Palladium Hotel Cala Llonga – Adults Only, a resort of the quiet and calm Cala Llonga Bay in Ibiza, gives you a private spot far away from the busy night scenes. The resort is equipped with the finest and most significant rooms with all the modern conveniences and overlooking the fantastic scenery. You can enjoy various activities during your stay, including spa services, lounging by the pool, and leisurely walks along the beach. The hotel also boasts an elegant dining area and exceptional service, making it the perfect destination where to stay in Ibiza to avoid clubbers.

🔗Barceló Portinatx – Adults Only: Although Barcelò Portinatx – Adults Only is a strip away from the charming Ibiza town, one of the best places to stay Ibiza quiet. The adults-only resort is set between the sea and the village of Portinatx in northern Ibiza and offers modern and stylish accommodations with fantastic, peaceful views of the surrounding landscape, can be found on a privileged site in the charming village of Portinatx in northern Ibiza. The resort is situated near pure white beaches and shining water. Therefore, it is an excellent place for relaxation and complete rejuvenation. It is possible here to have peaceful days by the pool, get a relaxing massage, or participate in activities such as hiking or water sports to enjoy nature. Barceló Portinatx – Adults Only caters to the residue of carefree repose with fine dining and high-end service to create a peaceful and memorable holiday atmosphere.

🔗Ca Na Xica – Hotel & Spa: If you are looking for a quiet and chilling vacation in Ibiza, Ca Na Xica – Hotel & Spa is your destination. This charming hotel is situated in a countryside haven that lies miles away from the usual busy streets where tourists usually hang around. Moreover, the hotel has a spa, a zone of peace where you are pampered with various therapies and massages, bringing you a sense of health and calm. Ca Na Xica Hotel & Spa is the right place for those looking for a peaceful and refreshing holiday in Ibiza with the excellent service, calm atmosphere and lovely nature around it.

🔗Globales Montemar: Godlyes Montemar in Ibiza is ideal for a relaxing holiday. The hotel is located at a peaceful spot in the area with stunning views of San Antonio Bay, from which the lively party scene of the island can be yet seen. You can unwind in the well-appointed and inviting rooms featuring modern amenities and breathtaking views, the best setting for relaxation and rejuvenation. It is also possible to lay back and relax at the poolside, take a leisurely walk on the nearby beach, or indulge in the silence of the hotel’s gardens. Globales Montemar is amogst the best hotels where to stay in Ibiza to avoid clubbers.

🔗Hostal La Cigüeña: Hostal La Cigüeña is a comfortable and budget-friendly hostel accommodated in the quiet village of Santa Eulalia del Río on Ibiza. The hostel provides a secure hideaway from the busy tourist areas. It offers you an inviting space to unwind and recuperate. These accommodations are just suitable for relaxation after a day of adventures on the isle, and there is a terrace with amazing views of the surrounding countryside. The hostel’s dedicated staff are there to offer personalized tips on moving around the area, making it the best choice for those searching for quiet places to stay in Ibiza.

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