Where to Stay in Koh Phi Phi?

Koh Phi Phi islands, which have become one of Thailand’s most popular tourist destinations in recent years, offer their visitors an idyllic holiday. You will not want to leave here again when you see the natural beauties, golden beaches, deep blue sea, and islands. After Leonardo Di Caprio’s 2000 blockbuster movie The Beach, visitor numbers are getting higher annually in Koh Phi Phi. The region is not only famous for its deep blue sea and stunning beaches. A tremendous forest area where you can see all kinds of shades of green awaits you. Consisting of six smaller islands, the Koh Phi Phi archipelago, only the most significant island, Koh Phi Phi Don, is inhabited. Thus, Koh Phi Phi Don is the only island where to stay in the Koh Phi Phi archipelago. You can participate in boat tours to other islands. Other islands of Koh Phi Phi are Koh Phi Phi Leh, Bida Nok, Bida Nai, Koh young, and Ko Mai Phai.

Places to Visit in Koh Phi Phi

Since there are six islands in the region, you may assume that there are lots of must-see places in Koh Phi Phi, and actually, there are. If you want to explore this natural beauty, you should spend more than a few days in Koh Phi Phi. It would be best if you also explore the exotic and spicy Thai cuisine along with its heavenly beauties. Here are the best places to visit in Koh Phi Phi.

Koh Phi Phi Viewpoint

Koh Phi Phi Viewpoint

It is so typical to think of a beach as the number one place to visit on an archipelago, but there is a more special place on Koh Phi Phi Don than any other beach. Koh Phi Phi Don has a unique shape, like a dumbbell. The island is narrow on the middle side and more extensive on the edges. This shape creates a stunning aerial view. It is possible to reach the viewpoint by walking for about half an hour through beautiful greenery covered with palm trees. When you reach the summit, a magnificent view awaits you. Tonsai Bay, Tonsai Village, and Loh Dalam Bay lay before you. The dazzling teal waters of Tonsai Bay and attracting deep blue waters separated by the golden sandy beach of Tonsai Village.

Maya Bay

Maya Bay

Maya Bay is like a dreamy place in Koh Phi Phi. It is located on the coast of Phi Phi Leh. When you visit the bay, the first thing you notice is the 100-meter-high cliffs. Three cliffs on the bay have a stunning view. You’ll immediately remember the bay if you watch Leonardo Di Caprio’s famous movie The Beach. Dazzling clear teal waters and the sandy beach offer an unforgettable holiday. Maya Bay is also a favorite spot for snorkellers. Due to pollution and damage of visitors, the bay was closed to visitors in June 2018. It stayed closed during the pandemic. Today it is open to tourists only for two months of the year.

Bamboo Island

Bamboo Island is another favorite spot for tourists. Koh Pai island, just about 5 kilometers north of Koh Phi Phi Don, is widely known as Bamboo Island. You can see many boat tours spending their lunchtime here, thanks to its beautiful tropical weather. The island’s name, as you can imagine, comes from bamboo trees. The island’s center is a lush bamboo tree paradise surrounded by white sands. One of the essential features of this place is that it has the cleanest water in the region. Due to the barrier reef around the island, you can see many people snorkeling here.

Monkey Beach

Monkey Beach

With its soft sands and dazzling sea, the 150-meter-long Monkey Beach is one of the most frequent destinations for visitors. Located at one’s foot of Tonsayi Bay, Monkey Beach is within walking distance for its visitors. However, if you are visiting the beach for the first time, there is something you should pay attention to. There is Monkey Bay on the other side of Phi Phi Don. First-time visitors can be confused and visit Monkey Bay instead of Monkey Beach. Another point you should pay attention to is the wildlife in the region. You should not feed the wild animals in the natural habitat you see around the beach. Biting or scratching the skin of these animals can lead to disease transmission.

Other Beaches

You’re right to think that in an archipelago of six islands, there won’t be much more than a beach. The islands in Koh Phi Phi have dazzling beaches. Loh Dalum beach, Tonsai Beach, Ao Poh Beach, Laem Tong Beach, Ao Toh Ko, and Long Beach, located in Koh Phi Phi Don, are among the most popular beaches in the region. Maya Beach, Loh Lana Bay Beach, and Phak Nam Bay Beach are some of the other beaches you must visit in the area.

Best Hotels to Stay in Koh Phi Phi

As you can imagine, there are many hotels in the summer paradise, Koh Phi Phi. All of these hotels are located on the island of Koh Phi Phi Don, the only inhabited island on the archipelago. If you plan to visit the region, which is flooded with visitors every year, you should definitely make a reservation in advance. Otherwise, you may have a hard time finding a hotel you like. Here are the best hotels in Koh Phi Phi.

Luxurious Hotels to Stay in Koh Phi Phi

Another essential part of a holiday paradise famous for its sea, sand, and sun is luxury hotels. Although there is only one settlement on Koh Phi Phi, there are many hotels. But if you want to stay in an enchanting place, you must act fast.

Zeavola Resort 🔗

Zeavola Resort

Zeavola Resort, the most luxurious hotel on the island of Phi Phi Don, is the correct address for those who want to live a dream vacation. The Thai town-themed hotel offers many different options, from private bungalows to villas and suites. If you’re expecting dazzling bathrooms or gigantic casinos in Zeavola, you’re in for the wrong expectation. You can experience an unforgettable holiday in the hotel, which has a sustainable understanding intertwined with nature. The most important feature of the hotel is that the only transportation is by boat from the sea. Zeavola Resort is located in the best area to stay in Koh Phi Phi for a car-free, crowd-free, noise-free holiday.

SAii Phi Phi Island Village 🔗

SAii Phi Phi Island Village

SAii Phi Phi Island Village offers a choice for everyone looking for different types of hotels with its unique suites, villas, and bungalows. The hotel offers a dream vacation, a private beach, an endless pool, and a poolside bar for visitors. Overlooking Lo Ba Goa Bay, the hotel also has a fitness and spa center. To relax and rejuvenate during your holiday, you can have the world-famous Thai massage at Len Forest Spa and relieve the year’s exhaustion. You can taste essential flavors of international cuisine or taste exotic cocktails at the Api Restaurant and Bar located within the hotel.

Phi Phi Harbour View Hotel 🔗

Phi Phi Harbour View Hotel

Another breathtaking place in Phi Phi Don is Phi Phi Harbor View Hotel. If you want to spend a holiday where you do not want to leave the sea and the beach, it is the best hotel you can choose. Thanks to its location close to Loh Dalum Berach, Ton Sai Beach, and Monkey Beach, you can walk to any beach you want. You can also spend your day at the hotel’s beach if you wish. At the hotel’s terrace restaurant, you can enjoy a magnificent sea view while tasting great examples of Thai cuisine.

Budget-Friendly Hotels in Koh Phi Phi

You may think that you will not find a budget hotel in a tropical holiday paradise located in breathtaking geography. However, there are affordable hotels on Koh Phi Phi where you can have an unforgettable experience. Here are the best options if you are looking for budget-friendly hotels to stay in Koh Phi Phi.

Phi Phi Cliff Beach Resort 🔗

Phi Phi Cliff Beach Resort

Suppose you are looking for a beachfront but budget-friendly hotel. In that case, consider staying at Phi Phi Cliff Beach Resort. Located in Tonsai Bay, the hotel’s beachfront rooms have an immersive sea view. If you want to explore the village, the Ton Sai Pier or Loh Dalum Bay is within walking distance. You can find many excellent restaurants by the pier, offering superb examples of globally known Thai cuisine. Phi Phi Cliff Beach Resort might not be sounded like a budget-friendly hotel with its amenities, but it will be a dream place for you.

ChaoKoh Phi Phi Hotel and Resort 🔗

ChaoKoh Phi Phi Hotel and Resort

As mentioned before, Koh Phi Phi Don has a unique shape, narrow in the middle and larger on the edges like a dumbbell. Thanks to this distinctive shape, lots of hotels have stunning views. ChaoKoh Phi Phi Hotel and Resort is one of them. The panoramic sea view fills the room as soon as the sun rises. ChaoKoh Phi Phi Hotel and Resort is also close to many touristic spots like Ton Sai Pier or Loh Dalum Bay. You can enjoy in the vast open pool while sipping exotic cocktails from the pool bar. ChaoKoh Phi Phi Hotel and Resort is the best place to stay in Koh Phi Phi for leisure seekers.

Phi Phi Holiday Resort 🔗

Phi Phi Holiday Resort

Located on the shores of the Andaman Sea, Phi Phi Holiday Resort seems to be stuck between a lush green forest and an endless blue. If you like water sports like snorkeling, fishing, or scuba diving, Phi Phi Holiday Resort will be your favorite hotel in the area. Moreover, the hotel also has special events for families with children. While you are on vacation, you can take your child to a yoga class or Muay Thai class with their peers. The three different pools in the hotel are the kind you are not used to seeing in budget-friendly hotels.

Cheap Hotels to Stay in Koh Phi Phi

As in almost every tourist destination, it is possible to find cheap hotels in Koh Phi Phi Don. Moreover, when you see some hotels, you may not believe that they are affordable. A cheap seaside hotel with a private pool may be something hard to believe at first, but on Koh Phi Phi Don, the situation is a little different.

U Rip Resort 🔗

U Rip Resort

U Rip Resort, which has two different pools for adults and children, is one of the most popular affordable hotels in Koh Phi Phi Don. Located at the foot of the Ton Sai Mountain, the hotel awaits you with a beautiful mountain and sea view. If you are looking for a place that is both affordable and away from the crowds of the center, you can choose U Rip Resort. It is possible to explore the surroundings by walking from the hotel, which is about 1 kilometer from popular spots such as Ton Sai Pier or Loh Dalum Bay.

P2 Wood Loft 🔗

P2 Wood Loft

If you want to stay in a central but affordable place, P2 Wood Loft is the place you should choose. P2 Wood Loft is not by the sea but within walking distance of famous beaches in Phi Phi Don, such as Ton Sai Beach, Lam Hin Beach, and Loh Dalum Beach. If you don’t have anything you’re looking for other than getting rid of the tiredness of the day and getting ready for a new day, P2 Wood Loft is the place for you. Besides, you can explore the bars and nightclubs of the island located around the hotel.

Phi Phi Maiyada Resort 🔗

Phi Phi Maiyada Resort

Phi Phi Maiyada Resort is one of the most luxurious hotels where you can stay at an affordable price on Koh Phi Phi Don. While you cool off in the massive pool in the hotel, you can also taste locally produced beers. Phi Phi Maiyada Resort is also very close to popular destinations like Tonsai Beach and Loh Dalum Bay. Although the hotel is not by the sea, the balconies in the rooms of the hotel have a breathtaking sea view. The hot tub on the second floor also has a wonderful sea view. While enjoying the hot tub, on the one hand, you can watch the endless azure on the other hand.

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