Where to Stay in Lake Como?

Lake Como is one of the most romantic regions of Italy. Every year, thousands of visitors come to Lake Como, about 50 kilometers from Milan, one of the largest cities in Italy. You will never forget your first sight of Lake Como, with its stunning beauty and the breathtaking scenery of the surrounding mountains and lush forests. The mild Mediterranean climate prevailing in the region also makes Lake Como very popular with visitors. There are many small villages and towns along the shore of the lake. In these towns, you can escape the tiring life of the metropolises and relax in unique beauty. You can taste the best examples of Italian cuisine around Lake Como and sip world-famous Italian wines while enjoying the view. If you are looking for a place to vacation in Europe, consider adding Lake Como to your list of places to visit.

Places to Visit in Lake Como

Lake Como is one of the great locations for those who want to explore the region they visit. There are many small towns around Lake Como where you can visit and have unforgettable moments. If you plan to visit the natural beauties around the lake, there are many places you can see. Lake Como is one of the great locations for those who want to explore the region they visit. From the moment you reach the area, you can be sure that you will not want to leave. You’ll need at least a few days here if you’re going to get the most out of Lake Como.


Best Things To Do in Bellagio

Bellagio is considered the best town around Lake Como. Bellagio is on a lake-surrounded peninsula that gets a lot of visitors all year. For this reason, it is known as the “Pearl of Lake Como.” If you want a luxurious and dazzling holiday, Bellagio is the place to visit. On the other hand, Bellagio is one of the most expensive towns in the region. You can enjoy this different world you have stepped into by taking an afternoon walk by the lake at Bellagio. La Punta is a frequent destination for those who love to take photographs and one of the must-sees in Bellagio. Many boats are taking a tour of Lake Como. By joining one of these boat tours, you can discover the most beautiful spots on the lake. If the boat tour does not interest you, you can visit the eye-catching boutiques in the town’s cobblestone streets and shop in the stores of world-famous brands.


Menaggio Lake Como

After Bellagio, Menaggio is one of the most visited spots in the region. Located on the left bank of Lake Como, Menaggio is also one of the largest towns in the area. Thanks to this, the town has many cafes, restaurants, shops, and bars. Menaggio is also one of the oldest towns in the region. Many historical buildings in Menaggio have been inhabited since the Middle Ages. You can explore the city’s past with buildings such as Piazza Garibaldi, Villa Mylius Vigoni, or churches. The town has long walking paths along the lakeshore. On a romantic evening, you can try delicious snacks from Italian cuisine while walking by the lake.


Things to do in Tremezzina

If you like to get lost in the greenery, Tremezzina is your place. Tremezzina, the garden of Lake Como, maintains its foliage even in winter. Visit the region, especially in May, when the garden flowers bloom. You can see all the colors that nature has to offer. One of the best things you can do in Tremezzina is stroll among the greenery and scents of flowers on the lakeshore. Take a walk to Lavedo Headland. You can visit Villa Balbianello, where scenes from famous Hollywood movies such as Star Wars or James Bond were shot. Villa Balbianello, which has a beautiful view, is one of the must-see places in Tremezzina.



Located in the heart of Lake Como, Varenna is one of the places where you will fall in love with its beauty. Founded in the Middle Ages, this small town today offers visitors a calm, quiet, and unforgettable holiday experience. You could spend an entire day wandering the town’s cobblestone streets. Villa Monastero is one of the must-see places in Varenna. Built in the 12th century, this villa is situated on the shore of the lake. You may not want to leave here with its lush gardens, eye-catching architecture, and fantastic lake view.


Brunate, a wonderful town overlooking Lake Como, is another must-visit in the region. Thousands of visitors come to this town with panoramic lake views every year. Consuming Italian coffee accompanied by fresh mountain air and shopping in the shops is another thing you can do in Brunate. If you like to explore the surroundings, there are many hiking trails in the area. Alternatively, you can rent a bike and explore the region. You can be sure that you will take lots of photos in the area you can reach with the funicular.

Best Places to Stay in Lake Como

There are many hotels in the area where you can stay while visiting Lake Como. Many options are available, from luxury hotels where you can pamper yourself to cheap hotels that are ideal for those who just want to spend the night and start a new day. However, if you plan to visit, especially in the spring and summer seasons when the region is flocked by visitors, you should make your hotel reservation early. Otherwise, finding a place to stay around Lake Como can be a little challenging.

Luxurious Places to Stay in Lake Como

The luxury hotels of a country that has given the world the meaning of “La Dolce Vita” have a structure suitable for this understanding. Bathrooms covered with world-famous Italian marble, beautiful rooms with lake views, large and comfortable beds, and unique Italian cuisine dishes and wines await you in luxury hotels.

Villa Serbelloni 🔗

Villa Serbelloni

Villa Serbelloni, located in Bellagio, the charming town on Lake Como, is the correct address for an unforgettable holiday experience. Located on the shores of Lake Como, the hotel’s rooms offer both a stunning lake view and a breathtaking view of the Alps. When you enter the building, which has been serving as a hotel since 1873, you will feel that you have returned to the Renaissance period. The frescoes on the hotel’s ceiling and chandeliers made of Murano glass reveal the magnificence of that period. You can have a romantic dinner at The Mistral Restaurant, awarded a Michelin star in 2005. Located on the lakeside terrace, the restaurant offers the most particular tastes of world cuisine. Let’s say you want to learn about the beauty of Italian food made with local ingredients. In that case, you should eat at La Goletta. The hotel has a full spa center where you can rejuvenate. If you think, “where do celebrities stay in Lake Como?” Villa Serbelloni is the only address for celebrity treatment.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo 🔗

Grand Hotel Tremezzo

You should visit the Grand Hotel Tremezzo for a wonderful spa experience by one of the world’s most scenic lakes. There is no limit to pampering yourself at the hotel, which offers a luxury experience beyond your dreams. T SPA offers a complete spa experience with a sauna, Turkish bath, steam room, and massage rooms. However, the visitors’ favorite part is the hot water pool on the terrace next to the lake. There are tennis courts, a fitness center, three swimming pools, and jogging areas for those who want to do sports in the fresh mountain air. If you spend a day on the lake, you can rent one of the hotel’s boats and explore the lake. You can try some of the countless beauties of Italian cuisine in the La Terrazza restaurant. As you can imagine, the restaurant is located right on the shore of the lake and offers an eye-catching view. Many of the bars in the hotel offer the finest wines produced in Italy. At sunset, you can taste world-famous Italian wines next to the meal or across the lake. Last but not least, Tremezzo is the best area to stay in Lake Como. You can start your exploration at Villa Carlotta’s botanic garden, which is just next to the hotel.

Villa Lario Resort Mandello 🔗

Villa Lario Resort Mandello

Villa Lario Resort Mandello is the best place to stay in Lake Como, with its terrace area overlooking the lake, its private beach, and many other features. You can take a wonderful sunbathe on the massive terrace of the dazzling hotel in Mandello del Lario. The hotel has an attractive restaurant where you can find many Italian delicacies. You can try flavors you have never tasted, together with delicious Italian wines, in the view of the deep blue lake and lush Alpine mountains. Villa Lario Resort Mandello is one of the best hotels in Lake Como for a quiet holiday by one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.

Budget-Friendly Places to Stay in Lake Como

Although there are many luxury hotels in the area, your options for staying are not limited to these. Suppose you have a limited hotel budget or prefer to spend your time and budget on the beauties of Lake Como instead of a hotel. In that case, you can choose one of the many budget-friendly hotels. Here, you can find the best hotels in Lake Como.

Hotel Belvedere

Hotel Belvedere

Located in the best town of Lake Como, Bellagio, Hotel Belvedere welcomes you with its elegant style. The hotel rooms facing the lakeside have a fantastic view of nature. When you step into the Belvedere, you may find it challenging to consider it a budget-friendly hotel. The hotel has a spa center with special care and massage rooms, a sauna, a Turkish bath, and a steam room. You can have a wonderful dinner in front of the lake view in the terrace restaurant. Managed by women for four generations since 1880, the hotel has a very warm atmosphere. If you think about where should I stay in Lake Como, you should consider Hotel Belvedere.

Grand Hotel Cadenabbia 🔗

Grand Hotel Cadenabbia

The Grand Hotel Cadenabbia is one of the best options for places to stay in Lake Como. Modernly designed rooms, a terrace pool, and a bar with a magnificent view are located in the best town to stay in Lake Como. These are some features of the Grand Hotel Cadenabbia. The hotel also has a great restaurant that serves delicacies from the Lombardy region. If you want to explore the lake, the Cadenabbia ferry is minutes from the hotel.

Hotel Royal Victoria, by R Collection Hotels 🔗

Hotel Royal Victoria, by R Collection Hotels

The Hotel Royal Victoria, by R Collection Hotels, is like it came straight out of a postcard. A beautifully designed hotel serves in a building from the 19th century. It is located in the heart of Varenna. Thus, you can walk anywhere in town. The Hotel Royal Victoria is one of your few options if you are looking for where to stay in Lake Como without a car.

Cheap Places to Stay in Lake Como

You can either be a backpacker looking for an adventure or just a regular tourist looking for nothing more than a sleeping place. There are lots of cheap hotels around Lake Como. Interestingly, some have great amenities that visitors will not expect from an affordable hotel. Here are the best places in Lake Como where to stay cheaply.

Hotel II Loggiato Dei Serviti 🔗

Hotel II Loggiato Dei Serviti

Hotel II Loggiato Dei Serviti might not be a vast facility, but it is ideally located in Como. It is a few meters away from the lake, train station, and Como Center. You can rest in Hotel II Loggiato Dei Serviti and start an energetic day. There is also breakfast served every morning. If you are looking for a cheap but decent place where to stay near Lake Como, Hotel II Loggiato Dei Serviti is one of the great options. 

Hotel Plinius 🔗

Hotel Plinius

Hotel Plinius is another good hotel in central Como. It has rooms with a very stylish design. The hotel is also in a beautiful location. It is close to the train station, shopping areas, and good local restaurants. You can explore the town on foot or just stroll around the lake. There are also many bars that offer exquisite Italian wines close to the hotel.

Hotel Argegno 🔗

Hotel Argegno

At first, it might be hard to think of an affordable hotel with a magnificent lake view. With its enchanting view, central location, pizzeria restaurant, and snack bar, Hotel Argegno is much more than a common, affordable place. You won’t want to get inside from the rooms’ balconies. You can explore the Argegno by walking or cycling. It is easily among the best places to stay in Lake Como if you are looking for an affordable yet good place.

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