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Lucerne is one of the most stunning cities in Switzerland. With its charming historical center, the surrounding mountains, and majestic Lac des Quatre Cantons, it is hard not to fall in love. But then how to visit Lucerne? If you are traveling to Lucerne with children or teenagers, it is worth starting your visit on the left bank of the Reuss. The Jesuit church, the Rosengart museum, and the Reuss attract visitors. Then take the covered bridge to get to the old town. The painted panels added in the 17th century depict scenes from the history of Switzerland and the city of Lucerne. In the old town of Lucerne, you will discover splendid guild houses, squares adorned with fountains, and medieval walls with towers. Do not miss to discover the Weinmarkt, where, in 1332, the people of Lucerne took the oath to enter the Confederation alongside Uri, Schwyz, and Unterwalden. The Hirschenplatz square, but especially the Kornmarkt square, on which the town hall and the Zunfthaus zu Pfistern guild house with magnificent frescoes are located, are also worth a visit. For those who have not yet seen enough, they take a tour of the ramparts of the Musegg and its nine towers. They are part of the city’s medieval fortifications, which were erected as early as the 13th century. Three towers can be visited, and one can also climb to the top.

Places to Visit in Lucerne

Lucerne is dream like place with its buildings and nature. It might not be the leading cities in Europe about tourist attraction but it has lots of offers. You can be sure that you will find much more than you can imagine in Lucerne. For this reason, one of the best things is to make a holiday plan before coming to the city and to determine the places to go in advance. And the same thing is also apply for the hotel choice. Since the city has plenty of hotels and many of them are really good deciding to where to stay in Luzern



The Lucerne Bridge is the city’s flagship monument and even the symbol of Switzerland (with the Matterhorn). This wooden bridge is the second longest in Europe with its 204 m. This wooden structure is also the oldest on the continent and its construction dates back to the 14th century. The remarkable point of this bridge is its sinuous shape and its imposing octagonal stone tower. You can then cross the Reuss river by this bridge and appreciate the scenery that surrounds you. In 1993, a fire ravaged the bridge, leaving almost only the large stone tower. Fortunately, the bridge was quickly rebuilt identically.

Old Town

Lucerne’s old town is full of charming buildings, many of which feature painted facades. It is very pleasant to stroll through its pedestrian streets, around which you will also discover many sculpted fountains. Don’t miss Zunfthaus zu Pfistern, along the quays, where the Pfisten Guild family tree has literally taken over the façade. You can travel through this city on a human scale mainly on foot. During your discovery of the city, you will most likely come across magnificent murals that characterize the city. Do not miss to go see the Saint-Léger church, the KKL Congress Center of Jean Nouvelle as well as the college of Lucerne. In these 3 cases, the architecture of the buildings is worth seeing.

Swiss Museum of Transport

One of the most famous museums in the country but also the most visited: the transport museum. You will find an amazing collection of means of transport like locomotives, trains, planes, cars, buses, ships and rockets. The museum also traces the history of these means of transport in an interactive way in order to interest both adults and children. In addition to this, the museum offers a planetarium, a cinematheque and an interactive journey called Swiss Chocolate Adventure. The latter consists, as its name suggests, of an exhibition on chocolate which ends in a delicious tasting.

Lion Monument

This impressive rock-carved lion commemorates the Swiss mercenaries who died defending Louis XVI during the Revolution. Swiss soldiers were renowned for their bravery and regularly worked as mercenaries abroad. This is how 850 of them died on August 10, 1792 at the Tuileries, in prison or were subsequently executed, all sacrificed by Louis XVI. This memorial was built in 1818 by public funding in an old sandstone quarry in the heart of the modern city. This sculpture of a lion impaled by a spear covered with a fleur-de-lis is as strange as it is moving. This memorial commemorates the death of the Swiss mercenaries who defended the Tuileries Palace and the King of France Louis XVI, during the attack orchestrated by revolutionaries in 1792. The imposing sculpture represents a dying lion on which is inscribed “Helvetiorum Fidei ac Virtuti” which translates as “to the loyalty and bravery of the Swiss”. This must-see place is just 5 minutes from the historic center and stands out impressively for the size of the structure

Places to Stay in Lucerne

Places to Stay in LucernePin
Places to Stay in Lucerne

Lucerne is a very rich place not only in terms of history and natural beauty, but also in terms of hotels. There are many options, from luxury hotels to a place where you can just spend the night. In many hotels in the city, you can relieve the tiredness of the day, refresh on a pleasant holiday or discover different flavors of Swiss cuisine. If you are going to visit the city these are the best hotels in Lucerne Switzerland.

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Hotel Schweizerhof Lucerne🔗

Managed by a family, Hotel Schweizerhof Lucerne is located right on the shore of the lake. Hotel Schweizerhof Lucerne, one of the most luxurious hotels in the city, is famous for its colorful window glasses. The hotel attracts attention with its red, blue, orange and yellow colored glasses, especially in the evening hours. The Finnish sauna located in the spa center of the hotel in the old city section has a panoramic view of the lake and the Alps. If you are looking for a luxurious place where to stay in Lucerne Switzerland, Hotel Schweizerhof Lucerne is the right choice.

Grand Hotel National Lucerne🔗

If you are looking for where to stay in Lucerne Rick Steves suggest, Grand Hotel National Lucerne is the only option in the city. The hotel, which has eye-catching architecture, was designed by Cesar Ritz and Auguste Escoffier towards the end of the 1800s. One of the most essential features of the Grand Hotel National Lucerne is that the hotel rooms have views of the famous peaks of Switzerland, such as the Rigi, Pilatus, and Stanserhorn. Thanks to its immersive view Grand Hotel National Lucerneis one of the best hotels in lucerne with a view.

The Hotel Lucerne, Autograph Collection🔗

The Hotel Lucerne, Autograph Collection was designed by the world-famous architect Jean Nouvel, who was also the architect of the Louvre museum in Abu Dhabi. It is one of the most modern and luxurious hotels you can stay in Lucerne. The hotel is more like an art gallery than a hotel. All horizontal panels in the hotel are made of stainless steel, and all vertical panels are made of wood. This brings a sense of design that you have not seen before. The hotel’s gourmet restaurant, Bam Bou, offers its guests the most delicious dishes in Switzerland. With its spacious and well decorated rooms, views, amenities and comfy beds The Hotel Lucerne, Autograph Collection best place to stay Lucerne.

Mandarin Oriental Palace🔗

Mandarin Oriental Place located by the lake offers an unforgettable experience. Hotel’s terrace restaurant have a breathtaking view. Located in the city center you can walk many important parts of the city from the hotel. If you are looking for a place in lucerne where to stay in a good place, Mandarin Oriental Palace is amongst the good places.

Penthouse by Art Deco Hotel Montana🔗

Penthouse by Art Deco Hotel Montana is one of the best hotels to stay in Lucerne. If you want to relieve the tiredness of the whole year besides exploring the city, you should definitely stay at Penthouse by Art Deco Hotel Montana. You can rejuvenate with the spa and steam bath in the hotel’s rooms. Moreover, all suites of the hotel have a hot tub. You can enjoy the unique alpine view while relaxing in these hot tubs. If you search for where to stay in Lucerne first time you should definitely go for this hotel.

Cascada Boutique Hotel🔗

Lucerne has many options for those who want to enjoy the city and spend a little budget for hotel. The very first of those options is Cascada Boutique Hotel. The rooms of the hotel are inspired by the unique Swiss waterfalls. The Bolero restaurant, within its structure, offers remarkable. examples of Spanish cuisine. This is an excellent place if you are looking for cheap places to stay in Lucerne Switzerland.

Kurhotel Sonnmatt Luzern🔗

Kurhotel Sonnmatt Luzern offers a hotel experience away from the city’s crowds with its rooms overlooking Lake Lucerne. After spending a few days in the city, this is the right hotel to get away for a bit and stay alone with the nature of Lucerne. You can spend a quiet evening at the hotel and explore the walking routes in the surrounding area. If you are looking for a place where to stay in lucerne for one night you should give a chance to Kurhotel Sonnmatt.

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