Where to Stay in Lugano?


There is so much to discover between Lake Lugano, Monte Brè, and Monte San Salvatore, the historic city center, without forgetting Morcote and other charming villages. And that’s just the beginning. Lugano is a treasure nestled in a magnificent setting. With its tropical plants, palm trees, and delicious gelati, an air of Dolce Vita wafts through its streets. Between Lombardy at your fingertips and Italian singing in the streets, Italian Switzerland truly deserves its name. Change of scenery guaranteed. You’ll be blown away when you arrive, and the charm will last throughout your stay. Lugano is a secret gem in Switzerland, less wild than Graubünden and more exotic than the Bernese Oberland.

Places to Visit in Lugano

The city has much more things to offer its visitors. It might be a small town, but you must spend a couple of days visiting altogether. With breathtaking nature and its historical richness, you’ll have an unforgettable holiday. Here are the most important ones to visit in Lugano.

Old City of Lugano

Old City of LuganoPin
Old City of Lugano

One of the first things to do in Lugano is to explore its city center. It is not very big, so you will quickly glimpse its Mediterranean charm and glorious past. There are pretty colorful alleys, finely decorated old buildings, refined shops, and many bars and restaurants everywhere. Walking around the historic center of Lugano almost teleported us to Italy. It must be said that Ticino has only been Swiss since 1803. The ideal way to discover this city center is to stroll. Stroll quietly through the alleys and scents. And above all, do not forget to raise your head regularly because some facades are worth a look.

Lake Lugano

Lake LuganoPin
Lake Lugano

The essential thing to do in Lugano is a stroll along the lake, ideally with ice cream. There is a real sweetness of life, in addition to the delightful panorama over the whole bay, which goes from Monte Brè to Monte San Salvatore. You can take the section from wherever you want. The Lungolago di Lugano runs from Parco Ciani to Paradisio, where a fountain exists. It counts about 30 minutes on foot and just over 2 km. The promenade is ideal, with a flat and wide path punctuated by benches and gazebos. Shortly before Paradisio, you pass an avenue of trees which must be charming in the spring, with a sculpture of the bust of Washington.

Monte Brè

Monte BrèPin
Monte Brè

Monte Brè dominates the city with its 925 meters. It is the mountain that is on your left when you are facing the lake. This is also the point of view that is the most recommended place by visitors. If you make the round trip by funicular, a good half day is enough for this tour. The view from Monte Brè is already a sufficient argument to go up there. From the belvedere, 5 minutes from the funicular station, you can see Lugano and its bay, Monte San Salvatore, the lake, and the Melide causeway. A panoramic panel indicates the peaks you see around, including a small piece of Monte Generoso, another impressive scenic rise.



A charming and very photogenic village. Less known than Morcote but no less pretty, Gandria clings to the mountainside, at the foot of Monte Brè, on the shores of Lake Lugano. A picturesque village with charming, colorful, and narrow streets without cars. You cannot miss the Church of San Vigilio, which stands out from the other houses. From there, you let yourself go down to the edge of the lake to take the boat that takes you back to Lugano. A path starts from Monte Brè to reach Gandria on foot; it is the “Nature and Archaeology” path. You definitely walk this path to Gandria.

Parco Ciani

Parco CianiPin
Parco Ciani

A few steps from the lively center of Lugano, you should go for a walk in Parco Ciani. The latter, considered one of the most beautiful parks in Switzerland, attracts tourists and locals. With its 63,000m2 overlooking the lake, Parco Ciani is the green lung of the city of Lugano. Its exceptional location near the center and on the edge of the lake makes it a unique place to relax. For your information, Ciani Park also includes the Villa Ciani, the Palais des Congrès and the Cantonal Museum of Natural History.


Swissminiatur allows, as its name suggests, to discover the most beautiful places in Switzerland on a reduced scale. This outdoor miniature park is located on the shores of Lake Lugano in Melide. In particular, you can admire more than 120 1/25 scale models representing Switzerland’s most important buildings, monuments, and means of transport. Chillon Castle, the Federal Parliament in Bern, Mount Titlis, and the Piazza Grande in Locarno are the most popular. If you don’t know Switzerland, it’s an excellent way to get around the country quickly, especially to note where you want to go for your next stay. If you already know Switzerland, you will enjoy rediscovering the critical places of the country in miniature. You will see how meticulous the work is and that every detail is thought out to reproduce the most beautiful places in Switzerland.

Places to Stay in Lugano 🏨

Lugano is a small city but has plenty to see. Being an old settlement, it attracts many visitors with its natural beauty and Mediterranean air. This way, there are many hotels to choose from in the city. Many options await you, from luxurious hotels to ordinary hotels where you can spend the evening. If you are thinking about where should i stay when visiting the Lugano, here are the best hotels in Lugano.

Luxurious Hotels to Stay in Lugano 💰💰💰

Suppose you want to enjoy your vacation to the fullest and have a different experience while discovering a new place. In that case, you can find everything you are looking for in Lugano luxury hotels.

Hotel Splendide Royal 🔗

Hotel Splendide RoyalPin
Hotel Splendide Royal

Since 1887, Hotel Splendide Royal has been one of the most luxurious hotels you can stay in Lugano. The I Due Sud restaurant within the hotel has 1 Michelin star and 16 Gault et Millau points. If you stay at Hotel Splendide Royal, you should eat at this restaurant. If you like Mediterranean cuisine more, you can prefer La Veranda, another restaurant. This place has 14 Gault et Millau points. From the very first step you take, you feel that you have come to a magnificent place until the end. In addition to the hotel’s globally famous restaurants, you will feel reborn in the luxurious spa center. Hotel Splendide Royal is the best place to stay in Lugano by far.

Grand Hotel Villa Castagnola 🔗

Grand Hotel Villa CastagnolaPin
Grand Hotel Villa Castagnola

Located on the shores of Lake Lugano, Grand Hotel Villa Castagnola is where you can pamper yourself with its architecture, design, and breathtaking views. You can spend a romantic holiday in Lugano in the hotel most preferred by couples. The hotel, which is within walking distance of the old city, has an indoor pool, tennis court, and restaurants offering different services, as well as a sub-tropical park, which we are not used to seeing in hotels. The hotel’s two restaurants, Le Relais and Gallery Arté al Lago offer delicious examples of Mediterranean cuisine. Grand Hotel Villa Castagnola is the best place to stay in Lugano Switzerland.

Best Western Hotel Bellevue au Lac 🔗

Best Western Hotel Bellevue au LacPin
Best Western Hotel Bellevue au Lac

As the name suggests, Best Western Hotel Bellevue au Lac Lugano has an exquisite view of the shores of Lake Lugano. When you wake up in the morning after a tiring night, an unobstructed view of the city will welcome you. One of the essential advantages of the hotel is that it is within walking distance to many parts of the city. Hotel Bellevue Lugano has two different restaurants, one serving Italian cuisine and one serving international cuisine. There is also a Bellevue bar serving 24 hours a day. For a complete holiday experience, stay at the Best Western Hotel Bellevue Lac. It is amongst the in Lugano hotels 5 star.

Budget Friendly Places to Stay in Lugano 💰💰

Lugano might be a luxurious and prosperous city, but it doesn’t mean there are only glamorous hotels. If you want a more decent place, you can also find the best places to stay in Lugano.

Hotel Admiral Lugano 🔗

Hotel Admiral LuganoPin
Hotel Admiral Lugano

If you are looking for a budget-friendly hotel where to stay in Lugano Switzerland, one of the first places to choose is Hotel Admiral Lugano. The hotel is located in Paradiso and within walking distance of Lugano city center. It is very close to Swissminiatur Park or the Modern Art Museum, which are essential places to visit in the city. The hotel also has an indoor and outdoor pool. Being a budget-friendly place does not mean that the hotel does not have rich services.

Hotel De La Paix 🔗

Hotel De La PaixPin
Hotel De La Paix

With its eye-catching color and architecture, Hotel De La Paix is a place where you will want to take pictures in front of. The hotel is located in an 18th-century building and is about 1 km from the city center. Hotel De La Paix could be an excellent place for you if you want to stay in Lugano but in a quieter place rather than the city center. Although the hotel is budget-friendly, it is one of the budget-friendly hotels you are not used to seeing with its outdoor pool, two different restaurants, and bistro bar. With its brilliant location, it is amongst the best places to stay in Lugano.

Hotel Lido Seegarten 🔗

Hotel Lido SeegartenPin
Hotel Lido Seegarten

Hotel Lido Seegarten, a family hotel located by Lugano lake, is one of the best hotels in the city. The hotel’s visitors, which offer direct access to the lake from the pool in the front, can enjoy the lake. You can sip your exotic cocktail while relaxing on a beautiful Lugano evening at the bar on the lake shore. Hotel Lido Seegarten, which is within walking distance of the city center, offers an unexpected service from budget-friendly hotels.

Cheap Hotels to Stay in Lugano 💰

Switzerland is generally known as a prosperous country in the world and a place preferred by the rich. This image can be intimidating, especially for first-timers, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t cheap hotels in Switzerland and Lugano.

ibis Budget Lugano Paradiso 🔗

ibis Budget Lugano ParadisoPin
ibis Budget Lugano Paradiso

A branch of ibis Budget, the affordable hotel of the famous ibis hotel chain, is also located in Lugano. The hotel, which stands out as a quality and reliable place to stay, offers the most basic needs that its visitors expect from a hotel, thus providing a significant price advantage. Located in the city center, ibis Budget Lugano Paradiso best hotel Lugano Switzerland, if you are looking for a cheap hotel to stay in Lugano.

Lugano Center GuestHouse 🔗

Lugano Center GuestHousePin
Lugano Center GuestHouse

Located in the city center, Lugano Center GuestHouse is one of the ideal places for those who only expect a clean and safe place to stay. The hotel also has a bike rental service if you want to explore the city by bike. The hotel is located very close to important places such as Monte San Salvatore or Art Museum Lugano, and you can easily reach many places by bicycle. Another essential advantage of the hotel is that it is close to the famous restaurants and bars in the city. If you want to experience the nightlife in Lugano, Lugano Center GuestHouse is one of the best places to stay in Lugano.

Hotel Besso Lugano 🔗

Hotel Besso LuganoPin
Hotel Besso Lugano

Whether you’re a backpacker or spend more on holiday instead of a hotel, Hotel Besso Lugano is the place for you. If you want to relax in a comfortable bed after a tiring day and get ready for the next day, Hotel Besso Lugano is one of the best places to stay. However, if you are looking for more, it would be better for you to turn to different alternatives. Suppose you’re looking for a budget-friendly place where to stay in Lugano, and the cheapness of the hotel is more important than the service. In that case, Hotel Besso Lugano is one of the best places to visit.

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