Where to Stay in Madeira Without a Car

Madeira is gorgeous with its spectacular scenery, lush vegetation, rocky coastlines, and lofty mountains. The moderate subtropical environment has made the island an ideal destination for hiking, biking, and paragliding in all seasons. Madeira offers a diverse hiking option, from challenging mountain trails with breathtaking views to serene Levada walks through lush forests. Whether you’re an experienced hiker seeking rugged terrain or a leisurely stroller seeking scenic beauty, Madeira’s trails cater to all levels and preferences. If you want to hike in Madeira you can check also our Where to Stay in Madeira for Hiking guide.

Fresher fish dishes and distinctive Madeira wines are worth trying in Madeira. You can feel the city’s history in picturesque villages, historic sites, and during the traditional local festivals. You can enjoy Funchal’s old town, stroll through Santa, and rest in the tranquil streets of Ponta do Sol. Comprising natural beauty, human heritage, and culinary pleasures, Madeira is the ideal place for an unforgettable trip for all who visit the island. Last but not least, if you have a question like “Do you need a car in Madeira?” the answer is no. Thanks to central hotels in Madeira, you can easily access its beauties without any difficulties.

Best Hotels to Stay in Madeira Without a Car

Madeira offers diverse hotels for every traveler. Luxurious options boast stunning views and top-notch service. Families can find spacious rooms, kids’ clubs, and activities. Romantic getaways offer secluded retreats with intimate settings and unique experiences. Central hotels in Funchal provide easy access to the city and island exploration. Whether you seek indulgence, family fun, romance, or convenience, Madeira has a perfect hotel waiting for you. Here are the best hotels where to stay in Madeira without a car.

Hotel NameBooking.com Review CountBooking.com Overall
Vila Baleira Funchal9038,3
Three House Hotel1,0989,6
Hotel Madeira1,2548,2
Hotel Orquidea9418,0
Hotel Catedral1,5908,2
Sé Boutique Hotel6858,9
Castanheiro Boutique Hotel7179,3
The Wine Lodges3759,2
Apartamentos Turisticos Atlantida1,3828,7
Barceló Funchal Oldtown1,0369,1
The Views Baia – Adults Only1,3558,9

🔗Vila Baleira Funchal: Vila Baleira Funchal is an enticing choice for visitors to Madeira, offering prime location in Funchal’s heart, ensuring easy access to attractions and transportation. Its comprehensive amenities include comfortable accommodations, dining, spa, and leisure facilities, meeting diverse preferences. Personalized service enhances your experiences, from excursion arrangements to local insights. Scenic views of Funchal’s coastal landscape further enrich the stay. Whether seeking relaxation or adventure, Vila Baleira Funchal provides a convenient, comfortable, and scenic retreat, promising a memorable Madeira experience.

🔗Three House Hotel: The Three House Hotel, located in Funchal, Madeira, provides accommodation for travelers who do not have a car, ideally because it is close to public transportation and is very central. You can have pedestrian access to Funchal’s attractions, such as the historic old town and waterfront, and would have an easy time. It is one of the best options where to stay in Madeira without a car. The hotel provides the service personally by assisting with bookings and transport arrangements. The rooms and suites are provided with modern amenities and luxuries for the guests to enjoy a tranquil stay; moreover, the hotel’s coziness gives a natural Madeiran feel. In general, the Three House Hotel is a suitable stay for people who don’t have a car since they can use all the facilities that Funchal offers.

🔗Hotel Madeira: Hotel Madeira’s central location in Funchal is ideal for car-free travelers. You can explore the city center, bustling markets, and charming shops on foot. The hotel might even assist with transportation arrangements or offer guidance for navigating the city car-free. It is possible to relax in comfortable accommodations and enjoy on-site amenities after a day of exploration. You can also immerse yourself in Funchal’s charm and quickly discover its offerings.

🔗Hotel Orquidea: If you prefer traveling to Funchal, Madeira without a car and, generically, you will rather stay in Hotel Orquidea. The hotel is in the city center near public transport, the old town, and the waterfront. You can count on their personalized assistance regarding transport bookings and the arrangement of tours so that your stay passes smoothly. The hotel features comfortable lodging, on-site restaurants, and recreational activities for a rewarding stay. It’s warm hospitality that mimics an original Madeiran character turns the hotel into a perfect place for visitors looking for convenience, comfort, and authenticity when exploring Funchal without a car.

🔗Hotel Catedral: Staying at Hotel Catedral in Funchal, Madeira, is ideal for car-free travelers due to its central location and personalized service. The hotel is situated in the city’s heart and offers easy access to public transportation and nearby attractions. It is one of the best hotels where to stay in Madeira without a car. You can rely on personalized assistance for transportation arrangements and excursion bookings, ensuring a seamless stay. Comfortable accommodations, on-site dining options, and leisure facilities enhance your experience, while the hotel’s warm hospitality provides an authentic Madeiran ambiance. Overall, Hotel Catedral offers a convenient, comfortable, and authentic retreat without a car for visitors exploring Funchal.

🔗Sé Boutique Hotel: Sé Boutique Hotel in Madeira is the best choice for where to stay in Madeira without a car. Its central location ensures quick access to public transport and significant Funchal tourist attractions, restaurants, and shops. The hotel provides personalized services like transportation arrangements, excursion booking, and a list of must-sees in Madeira. The accommodation, which is both comfortable and stylish, in-house dining options, and leisure facilities make for a relaxing retreat after a day of sightseeing. Staying at Sé Boutique Hotel lets you have the authentic feel of the city and connect with local Madeiran culture, ensuring that they live at home during your stay in the hotel.

🔗Castanheiro Boutique Hotel: The Castanheiro Boutique Hotel in Madeira is a perfect place for people who don’t have a car to stay. It is ideally central; thus, public transportation is easy to access, and most attractions are within walking distance. The romantic Castanheiro Boutique Hotel is an ideal place where to stay in Madeira without a car to experience all the charm of Funchal thoroughly.

🔗The Wine Lodges: Staying at The Wine Lodges in Madeira is ideal for car-free travelers seeking a unique experience immersed in the island’s winemaking heritage. These converted historic wine cellars offer cozy accommodations with modern amenities conveniently located near Funchal’s attractions. You can explore the city’s sights and restaurants on foot or short rides. The lodges provide personalized service, including assistance with transportation and wine-related activities. You’ll be immersed in Madeira’s wine culture. You can learn about winemaking traditions, sample local varieties, and visit nearby vineyards. Overall, The Wine Lodges offer a memorable blend of cultural immersion, convenience, and comfortable accommodations for visitors without a car.

🔗Apartamentos Turisticos Atlantida: Apartamentos Turísticos Atlântida in Madeira is an ideal choice for visitors without a car. The central location provides easy access to public transport and essential amenities, including grocery stores, pharmacies, and cafes, all within walking distance. The apartments offer affordable rates without compromising comfort and convenience, with self-catering facilities for flexibility and cost-saving options. The spacious and well-appointed apartments provide a home-like atmosphere and a comfortable retreat for you to relax after exploring Funchal’s attractions, restaurants, and shops. Overall, Apartamentos Turísticos Atlântida provides the perfect accommodation for where to stay in Madeira without a car.

🔗Barceló Funchal Oldtown: Barceló Funchal Oldtown in Madeira is a cozy place for those without a car, as it is very well located, with many attractions in the vicinity; it also provides personalized service, comfortable accommodations, and an authentic atmosphere. You could walk to Funchal’s major attractions, restaurants, and shops; the hotel offers customized services like transportation and tour booking. Accommodations are modern and cozy. There are dining options and leisure facilities on the site. Barceló Funchal Oldtown Hotel ensures the experience of Madeiran culture and hospitality.

🔗The Views Baia – Adults Only: The Views Baia – Adults Only is a five-star hotel nestled just a few steps away from the wonderful beachfront of Madeira. It is the best distance traveling destination for tourists who don’t want to use a private vehicle. Located at a scenic spot, the hotel has facilities such as transportation aid and tour bookings and helps you to enjoy the picturesque beauty of Madeira. Premium spacious rooms are well-equipped with modern facilities. You can have on-site eating out and sea tours. The hotel is a tranquil place where visitors can unwind from the stresses of daily routines. It is an ideal place for those who need a living environment.

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