Best Place to Stay in Madeira


Madeira is an essential island for lovers of softness: winter forgets to venture there every year. Not the tourists. Already in the 19th century, the British went there for the mildness of its climate and its tropical trees, which bloom in February. Today, travel to Madeira has become more popular, and the island is very popular with charters. However, moving away from Funchal, its overcrowded capital of visitors, you can taste Madeira’s charm and explore its mountains that have remained wild, and daydream in front of its terraced crops. Exotic flowers, vines, dazzling cliffs, and volcanic rocks offer an exceptional variety of colors and landscapes that make the island a natural floating garden. Here you can find the to best places to visit in Madeira.

Places to Visit in Madeira

You can be sure that there are lots of place to see on this island. Funchal, the capital of the Madeira, is the most sophisticated and populated city in the country. But Funchal isn’t the only place to visit. There are lots of places to explore in Madeira.

Funchal Botanical Gardens

Funchal Botanical GardensPin
Funchal Botanical Gardens

Funchal, the central city of Madeira, has 2 cable cars. The first starts from the ocean’s edge and leads directly to “Monte,” a large district on the city’s heights. The climb takes about 15 minutes and allows you to fly over Funchal with a beautiful unobstructed view. The arrival will be practically in front of the gates of the tropical garden of Funchal. It is one of the most beautiful gardens in the world and deserves a visit. You’ll spend almost 2 hours of visit to fully enjoy its beauty. It has several areas with different themes from around the world, a small museum, exhibitions, ponds, and a small palace, enough to take care of amid lush vegetation. Then extend your visit to Monte by joining the second cable car, that of the botanical garden. This second garden lists all the specimens on Madeira Island and several others from all over the world. The walk is rather pleasant and allows you to see the diversity of species on the island.

Riberia da Janela

Riberia da JanelaPin
Riberia da Janela

The hikes in Madeira along the “levadas” are very numerous. Levada is a small artificial water channel, allowing the recovery of water from the reliefs of the island for irrigation. A sort of aqueduct in the end. The advantage of the hikes that follow them is that there is no difference in altitude. For the Ribeira da Janela Levada, you’ll see some magnificent landscapes, a little wild at the end, a real treat. As often, it is a round trip, so you can go back whenever you want. If you are looking for a rewarding place where to go in Madeira, you should definitely visit Riberia da Janela.

Pic Ruivo

Pic RuivoPin
Pic Ruivo

It is well known that visiting Madeira is a unique opportunity for hiking enthusiasts to take unforgettable walks. The island has more than sixty marked routes offering optimal safety and varying difficulties. This is the trail leading to the summit of Pico Ruivo. With its 1862 meters, it is the highest point of the island, and the third peak of Portugal by its size. Easy and including many safety elements, ramps, stairs or panels. The path is available to anyone who wants to. The reward is none other than a splendid view of the island and the ocean.

Capo Girao

Capo GiraoPin
Capo Girao

It’s simply “the place to be” when looking for what to do in Madeira. This high cliff of almost 600 meters is one of the highest on the entire European continent. Either, geologically and from the cultural point of view, the site is quite remarkable. But it is indeed a recently implemented activity that prompts you to tell you about Cape Girão. Since 2012, a glazed platform overlooking the void has been placed at the very top of the rocky promontory. Perched on it, the most daring visitors treat themselves to thrills by looking down. If you are looking for a place where to go Madeira to test your senses, Capo Girao is the right place.

Ribeira das Cales

It is in this sublime valley in the heart of the island that you can indulge in a natural activity, canyoning. Served by many buses from the surrounding towns, it is therefore possible for you to take advantage of it easily. Canyoning consists in carrying out, on foot, the descent of a low river in the middle of its bed. To do this, you can take advantage of various techniques such as the use of the famous abseil well known in climbing. Waterfalls, cliffs, steep rocks, no obstacle will resist you. You will have understood that, it is one of the best activities when looking for what to do in Madeira.

Where to Stay in Madeira

Since it is a paradise like island in Atlantic Ocean, there are lots of places where to stay in Madeira. You can both treat yourself under a beautiful sun while lying on the beach and rejuvanate in the best resorts in Madeira. From spa center to globally known restaurants there are lots of amenities in hotels.

BIO Hotel – Hotel Quinta da Serra🔗

BIO Hotel - Hotel Quinta da SerraPin
BIO Hotel – Hotel Quinta da Serra

With BIO Hotel – Hotel Quinta da Serra, you will spend your holiday in a lush green environment. With the indoor swimming pool, spa center and hot tub, you can relax while enjoying your holiday and relieve the tiredness of the crowded city life. Madeira is a place that both nature lovers and sea holiday lovers will not forget. BIO Hotel is one of the places that stand out with its garden. There is even the island’s tallest eucalyptus tree in the garden of the hotel. The hotel located 800 meter high from sea level and there are good hiking paths around. If you are looking for where to stay in Madeira for hiking, BIO Hotel is a good place to choose.

Saccharum Resort & Spa – Savoy Signature🔗

Saccharum Resort & Spa - Savoy SignaturePin
Saccharum Resort & Spa – Savoy Signature

The 5-star Saccharum Resort & Spa is one of Madeira’s most luxurious hotels. One of the most important features of the hotel is its design. Each room of Saccharum, which has a sugar cane design, was designed by a different local artists. Located between the Madeira mountain and the Atlantic Ocean, the hotel offers breathtaking natural beauty. Hotel also have a private beach section on Calheta Beach. In addition, you can taste the local delicacies of the island at the restaurants in the hotel or enjoy the silence on the summer terrace. Families with children also have an unforgettable holiday experience with the playroom special for children within the body of Saccharum Resort & Spa. It is definitely among the best places to stay in Madeira.

Pestana Casino Park Hotel & Casino🔗

Pestana Casino Park Hotel & CasinoPin
Pestana Casino Park Hotel & Casino

A holiday in Madeira doesn’t have to be limited to the sea, beach, sun and nature. Located in Santa Caterina Park, Pestana Casino Park Hotel & Casino has many different entertainments. You can relax at the hotel’s pool or spa center and enjoy being on vacation. However, you have the opportunity to play fun games in the hotel’s luxury casino. Moreover, if your luck is on your side, you can have the opportunity to win as well as have fun. The Panoramic Restaurant is by far the best place to eat in the hotel, which has six different restaurants. While trying different flavors from world cuisines here, you can also witness the breathtaking view of the island. If you are looking to stay in Madeira best hotel is Pestana Casino Park Hotel.

Pestana Porto Santo Beach Resort & Spa🔗

Pestana Porto Santo Beach Resort & SpaPin
Pestana Porto Santo Beach Resort & Spa

Suppose you want to explore Madeira but do it away from the eyes. In that case, Pestana Porto Santo Beach Resort & Spa is the correct address for you. The hotel, which has a private beach for its visitors on the Porta Santo beach, is like a paradise on earth. The hotel has a total garden area of 30,000 m², surrounding its two natural pools. While relaxing and unwinding in the hotel’s spa center, which looks like an oasis in the desert, you can enjoy your holiday in four restaurants or three bars. It is possible to find the most delicious examples of Mediterranean cuisine in the hotel’s Italian restaurant. Pestana Porto Santo Beach Resort & Spa has a spa center you have not seen in previous hotels. A unique experience awaits you with hot water pools, dry and wet sauna rooms, water jet pools, and aromatic steam baths.

Melia Madeira Mare🔗

Melia Madeira MarePin
Melia Madeira Mare

Melia Madeira Mare is a beautiful place for those who prefer walking to explore the island’s capital and reach many critical touristic spots. Located in the city center of Funchal, the hotel allows you to set sail for an unforgettable experience. You can sip a cocktail from the pool bar while relaxing at the hotel’s outdoor pool. When you wake up in the morning in Melia Madeira Mare, which has spacious rooms, you will see an endless blue. Once you see the breathtaking view from the ocean-facing rooms, you will never want to forget it again. If you looking for where to stay Madeira, you should take a look at Melia Madeira Mare.

Pestana Carlton Madeira Ocean Resort🔗

Pestana Carlton Madeira Ocean ResortPin
Pestana Carlton Madeira Ocean Resort

An unforgettable hotel is all you need for an unforgettable Madeira holiday. The nature of the island and the beauties it offers are indisputable. However, one of the most important factors to ensure that this experience is not missing is the hotel. Pestana Carlton Madeira Ocean Resort is the kind that will take your island experience to the next level. Located in the city center of Funchal, the hotel offers everything for a unique holiday experience. For those who prefer the pool instead of swimming in the cool waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the hotel has two different salt water pools. If you are looking for different alternatives to relax, the hot indoor pool, massage rooms and Scottish Shower option await you at Venus Health Spa Center. Located on the Funchal city center, it is the best option where to stay in Madeira without a car by far.

The Vine Hotel🔗

The Vine HotelPin
The Vine Hotel

The Vine Hotel, which received the Best Design Hotel in Europe award, deserves this award to the fullest. One of the highlights of the hotel, located in the city center of Funchal, is its fusion cuisine. The Vine Hotel is the best place to stay in Madeira to experience this trend that brings a new perspective to food. Moreover, the services of the hotel are not limited to this. You can refresh at the Wine Therapy Spa on the hotel terrace and watch the calm waters of the Atlantic Ocean in the infinite pool. The vinotherapy service in the spa center ensures that your skin is refreshed and rejuvenated with wine. In addition to traveling and having fun, you can return from your holiday much younger with special care. If you looking for a luxurious, artistic and rejuvenating place The Vine Hotel is the best place to stay in Madeira.

Hotel Quinta das Vistas🔗

Hotel Quinta das VistasPin
Hotel Quinta das Vistas

Hotel Quinta das Vistas has a beautiful view that you cannot believe when you see it with your eyes. You will realize that the endless azure ocean of the city of Funchal, seen from the rooms, balconies or terrace of the 5-star hotel on the hill, has a relaxing effect. La Belle Terrace restaurant offers island-specific dishes made only with products from local producers. In addition to exotic drinks, Albatroz Piano Bar in the hotel offers a very rich wine selection. The hotel, which is located among the 12.000 square meters garden and green trees, will be a place where you will rejuvenate during your holiday.

Savoy Palace🔗

Savoy PalacePin
Savoy Palace

One of the first things that comes to mind when the Savoy is called is a unique hotel and holiday experience. In this respect, Savoy Palace is one of the most beautiful places to stay in Madeira. The outdoor swimming pool, fitness center and entertainment center in the hotel are some of the popular points of the hotel. You can be sure that you will have a holiday that you will always remember in the hotel, which is close to many beaches. In all aspects, Savoy Palace is one of the best places in Madeira.

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