Where To Stay in Prague? Best Places in Prague

Prague is the capital of Czechia and the historical capital of Bohemia. The town was founded in the early 10th century. After the SSCB fall, the city became one of the tourist spots in Europe. The Old Town part of the city has breathtaking medieval architecture pieces worldwide. This district of the town is also UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city remained untouched during World War II. 

The town was founded in 807 BC. With its long history, Prague faced hundreds of wars, invasions, and overthrows but managed to preserve its beauty today. The city is filled with churches, bridges, catacombs, cathedrals, and museums even after a week in Prague, you can find a place to visit. If you ask yourself, “Where should I go in Prague?” you should be ready to make a very long list. Thanks to its rich history, the town receives more than 8.5 million tourists annually. Prague is the fifth most visited in Europe after London, Paris, Rome, and İstanbul, respectively. Vaclav Havel Airport Prague is the country’s largest airport. It is also among the busiest airports in Europe. 

It is wise to visit Prague in the spring and fall months. The weather is a little chilly these months, and there are fewer visitors to the city. Generally, tourist numbers sky-rocketed in summer. The Christmas season is also the best time to visit Prague. Because especially in the Old Town of the city is like a fairytale during the festive season. 

Where to Stay in Prague?


The town’s district system is confusing for travelers because the city has three different systems. This makes navigating very confusing. The old district system divides the city into 10 distinct regions, from Prague 1 to Prague 10. Most of the historical places of the town are in Prague 1. However, there are also some significant exceptions. Dividing the city into some quarters is much easier to navigate. City’s every district has its own unique texture and exquisite taste. Traveling from one section to another makes you feel like you have stepped into a different world. Since the city has a broad range of transportation options, it is easy to travel to the town. This is also a significant advantage in choosing the hotel. Hradcany, You Can Breath the History

Hradcany is one of the historical parts of the town. Hrad means castle in Czech, and you can easily guess this is the city’s Castle district. It is easily the best place to go in Prague. Hradcany is located just above the Lesser town. The main touristic attraction of the region is Prague Castle. Still, there are a lot of places to visit in Hradcany. 

Places to Visit Hradcany


Hradcany is the home of many castles and historical places in Prague. But to experience the city’s nightlife or urban life, you should look at other parts of the city. 

The Prague Castle

The first place to visit in Hradcany is inarguably Prague Castle. It is found by Prince Borivoj of the Premyslid Dynasty in 880. More than 7000 m2, the castle is the largest castle complex in the world, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. The castle was the seat of Bohemian Kings, Czech Kings, and Holy Roman Empire Kings. The castle now serves as the seat of the President of the Czechia. The castle is greater than seven football fields. Every hour the Changing of the Guard ceremony takes place. It is worth waiting for. You can also visit the Basilica of Saint George, Golden Lane, Royal Gardens, the Royal Summer Palace, Dalibor Tower, Black Tower, Capuchin Monastery, and St. Vitus Cathedral inside the castle area. 

St. Vitus Cathedral

St. Vitus Cathedral is the largest cathedral in the country. Cathedral was started to built-in 929 by Prince Vaclav and finished after 1000 years in 1929. The cathedral was dedicated to St. Vitus. While visiting the Prague Castle, you can also see St. Vitus Cathedral because it is located inside the castle complex. 

The Loreta Square

The Loreta Square was founded during the construction of the Czermin Palace. The square is one of the most touristic places in Prague because it is surrounded by the Prague Castle. Czermin Palace is also located in this square. With its fascinating history, you should visit the palace also. 

Where to Stay in Hradcany

Hradcany is not only one of the best places to visit but also the best area to stay in Prague. There are different options for accommodations in the area. 

Four Seasons Hotel Prague: When wake up and open up the curtains of your room or start a day with an energizing breakfast at the hotel’s terrace while Prague Castle is in the view. Located in the historical heart of the city Four Seasons Hotel is one of the best places to stay in Prague. After an exhausting day and just before the city’s nightlife, you can sit and relax in the AVA Spa, which also has the Prague Castle view. 

Golden Star: Like every other hotel in Hradcany, Golden Star also has an immersive view of the Prague Castle, Old Town, and Lesser Town. The hotel is famous for its 270 years old staircase. It is not much pricey as Four Seasons, but it offers a luxurious experience with its service.

Loreta Hotel: Located in Loreta Square, the Loreta Hotel is a great place to stay if you are looking for a bargain hotel. The hotel has an excellent location just 200 meters away from the Prague Castle. Parking location, free Wi-Fi connection, and excellent breakfast are good pluses. 

Lesser Town, A Place for Couples

Lesser TownPin
Lesser Town

Right next to the Hradcany, Lesser Town offers an utter experience. It is also a historic place in a district like Hradcany, whereas you can also get different tastes. If you want to run away from crowded churches, castles, or museums, there are quiet and green parks in Lesser Town like Petrin Hill. 

Places to Visit in Lesser Town

Wherever you go, the city’s history is chasing right behind you. The Lesser Town also has many historical places. Actually, Lesser Town is the oldest district in Prague. 

Wallenstein Square

Located between the Valdstejnska and the Tomasska streets the square was built by Albrecht Vaclav Eusebius von Wallenstein. The Wallenstein Palace is also located here. The palace now serves as the upper house of the Parliament of Czechia. You must also visit the Wallenstein Garden in the complex. 

St. Nicholas Church

On just the opposite side of the Old Town Square, it is impossible to miss St. Nicholas Church in Prague. It was started to built-in 1732 and finished three years later in 1735 by Kilian Ignaz Dientzenhofer. Today the church is open to the public and serves as a concert venue. 

Charles Bridge

It is the country’s most famous and popular tourist attraction. Until 1841 the bridge was the only way to cross the Vitava River. It was started in built-in 1357 and finished in the early 15th century. Many iconic photos of the Prague Castle were taken from this bridge. You can have a romantic selfie in front of the immersive castle view. 

Where to Stay in Lesser Town

In Prague where to stay is not a problem. Because there is a wide range of options in nearly every part of the town. Lesser Town also offers a variety of hotels. 

The Augustine Hotel: It is one of the most luxurious yet pricey hotels in Lesser Town. It is located just next to the Wallenstein Gardens. You can visit the Charles Bridge and the Castle within 5 minutes walk. The Augustine Hotel consists of 7 historical buildings. The most important of them was the name of the hotel Augustinian St. Thomas Monastery. In fact, there are still some practicing monks still in the different parts of St. Thomas. 

Aria Hotel Prague: Aria Hotel is a more budget-friendly alternative but offers a unique experience. The hotel provides direct access to visitors to the Baroque Vrtbovska Gardens. You can visit the garden from early April to the end of October.

Hotel Roma Prague: Hotel Roma is one of the best hotels in Prague on a tight budget. The hotel is located under the Petrin tower and close to Charles Bridge. The hotel might be budget-friendly, but with its gym, sauna, and free Wi-Fi, it is no less than any hotel. 

Old Town Square, Best Place to Visit

Old Town SquarePin
Old Town Square

The Old Town Square is home to the most iconic landmarks of Europe. It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the city. If you are interested in architecture, you can have a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Old Town. You can see Baroque, Gothic, and Renaissance architecture just in a square.

Places to Visit in Old Town Square

It is a tiny square but contains many historical landmarks to see. The square is the most visited place in Prague. The statue of Jan Hus is the first thing to appeal to itself. 

Astronomical Clock

Well, the first thing coming to mind in Prague is the Astronomical Clock. It is the most iconic landmark of the city. The clock is one of the oldest working astronomical clocks in the world. The clock was built in 1410. It shows Sun’s and Moon’s position, the moon’s phases, months, and many other astronomical data.

Tyn Church

Formerly known as the Church of Our Lady, Tyn Church is the most essential church in Old Town. It is obvious but finding its entrance might be difficult. 

Where to Stay in Old Town

There are plenty of hotels in the most populous part of the city. You can find the best hotels in Prague, in the Old Town area.

Buddha-Bar Hotel Prague: Just by the Old Town Square, Buddha-Bar Hotel is among the best place to stay in Prague. It is also very close to the town’s shopping street, Parizska. You can enjoy yourself in a hot tub or sauna to prepare yourself for the next day. 

Hotel Century Old Town Prague: In a 19th-century building, the hotel is actually a century year old. You can enjoy the view of Old Town Square in your room. The downside is that the old town square is crowded and sometimes noisy. 

Monastery Garden Prague: Monastery Garden Prague is not just surrounded by the historical parts of the city. The hotel is also very close to restaurants and bars. The hotel might not be pricey, but services like spa, breakfast, and Wi-Fi make you comfortable. 

New Town, Best Place for Night Life

Praque, New Town. Dancing HousePin
Praque, New Town. Dancing House

You understand that the city is a very long history even though the new town region is relatively new. The New Town in Prague was established in the 14th century. 

Places to Visit in New Town

New Town may be more than 600 years old but don’t be afraid. The region has countless modern attractions. 

Dancing House

Dancing House is the most iconic building in New Town. The house is designed by globally known deconstructivist architect Frank Gehry. The building is dedicated to dancers Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. The former name of the building was Fred and Ginger. 

Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square is the right place to enjoy the colorful nights of Prague. Many bars, restaurants, and casinos are located in this square. You can have fun in the square all night long. 

The New Town Hall

The new town hall in the 600 years old New Town was built in the 14th century. The city is definitely confusing about what is new and what is old. The New Town Hall is now home to the cultural and social events in the city. You can climb the 221-step staircase to the top of the tower and enjoy the view while panting.

Where to Stay in New Town

Looking for where to stay in Prague, New Town may be a good choice. It is a little bit away from the crowded Old Town Square, this area is an excellent place to rest and enjoy the Prague nights. 

Andaz Prague: Andaz Prague is located very close to Wenceslas Square. The world-class services of the hotel come with a price. You can relax after an exhausting night in the spa and steam. 

Grand Hotel Bohemia: You can enjoy the view of Old Town from your hotel in New Town. Grand Bohemia is not a break in the bank but offers some luxury. You can gaze through the city while sipping your cocktail in the terrace bar. 

EA Hotel New Town: If you spend your budget on castles, museums, or bars but also want to stay in a good place, EA Hotel New Town must be on the list of places to stay in Prague. The hotel is close to the city’s nightlife center but not so far away from the historical monuments. 

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