Where to Stay in Sharjah? Best Places to Stay in Sharjah

Just in the North of Dubai, the city of Sharjah makes an attractive getaway to discover another part of this wonderful country. You should walk through the streets of Sharjah, a town well worth a little detour!

Sharjah is the capital city of the emirate of the same name. Located north of Dubai, which is stuck, the city is also trying to attract tourists by focusing on culture. The city has been enriched with many museums. It presents a dynamic cultural scene while keeping a little something that differentiates it from its neighbor. Sharjah is also a more conservative city than the other cities of the Emirates but which can be explored peacefully.

Suppose you are looking to escape from Dubai and Abu Dhabi and want to discover another part of the Emirates. In that case, you should give a chance to Sharjah. The city has enough places to visit to keep you busy for at least a day. 

Museums to Visit in Sharjah City

Like other cities in the country, Sharjah has not escaped modern and rapid urbanization. Some neighborhoods feature proud buildings, traffic is continuous, and getting around on foot is quite complicated in some parts. But the city has still managed to keep a little something of its own. If you think about where should i go in Sharjah, you should start exploration from the museums in the city center.

Rain Room

Rain Room
Rain Room

Rain Room is an immersive installation acquired by Sharjah Foundation which allows the visitor to enter a room immersed in semi-darkness, under a downpour, and without ever getting wet. Random International studios developed this artistic experience using sensors that detect your presence, causing the water to stop above you. You are entitled to 10 minutes, the other customers are waiting in a corridor next door. An experience between technology, art, and nature.

Museum of Islamic Civilisation

Museum of Islamic Civilisation
Museum of Islamic Civilisation

Located in Corniche Street, the vault houses the jewels of Islamic history. The structure itself is remarkable. Originally designed as a market near the Central Souq, this grand embodiment of the emirate’s heritage stands on the bank of Sharjah Creek. The vast, intricately detailed dome is an exemplary work of Islamic architecture. The collection includes religious manuscripts, handwritten copies of the Quran, calligraphy, beautifully painted pottery and glassware, and 5,000 other objects dating from the 7th century to the 13th century. There are also handicrafts in silver, gold, and brass.

Classic Cars Museum

Located near Sharjah International Airport, the Classic Car Museum is part of the Sharjah Classic Car Club. The museum exhibits cars even dating back to the early 1900s. The oldest car in the range, a Dodge, dates from 1915. Besides the classic cars and vintage trucks, there is an old Mercedes limo that belongs to the ruler of Sharjah. Automobile and classic car enthusiasts should never miss this place. That said, this place is very little known.

Al Hisn Museum

Al Hisn Museum is a former fort to secure the city. The fort was the tallest and most important building in Sharjah while the time it was built. During its existence as a fort, it served as the residence of the ruling family of Sharjah and the seat of government. Although it was turned into a museum in 1997, it was not until 2015 that the government of Sharjah renovated it to its current form as part of the Sharjah’s Heart project. The fort was built using coral stones and was covered with light brown plaster. Coral stones were a popular building material at that time. It is in the middle of Rolla town in Sharjah.

Where to Stay in Sharjah City


Although the city of Sharjah is relatively small, there are many places to stay. While enjoying the city’s must-see spots, you can spend your holiday in luxury hotels. If you want to discover where to stay in Sharjah city center, you’ve plenty of choices.

Sheraton Sharjah Beach Resort & Spa: If you are looking to stay in the best hotels Sharjah, Sheraton Sharjah Beach Resort & Spa must be your first choice. You can enjoy the sea at the hotel’s private beach or taste local delicacies in its famous restaurants. 

Four Points by Sheraton: Four Points by Sheraton provides everything you need to make yourself after a tiring day in Sharjah. Four Points by Sheraton is one of the correct addresses for a personal Sharjah experience, thanks to its unique suite options. The hotel is the best place to stay in Sharjah.

The Chedi Al Bait: The hotel is located in the famous hearth of the city. The Chedi Al Bait is amongst the best hotels Sharjah. After enjoying the city’s historical places, you can sit and relax in the indoor pool of the hotels. 

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Places to Visit in the Sharjah with Kids

If you visit Sharjah with kids, you can find a great place to have a great time. If you and the kids like adventure and adrenaline city center is the best place to go in Sharjah

Al Montazah

Al Montazah
Al Montazah

Al Montazah is one of the top tourist attraction in the region. Montazah Park recently has a great renovation. There are the Pearls Kingdom and the Island of Legends in the Al Montazah. The Island of the Legends is an outdoor adventure park for families. There is also a giant ferris wheel named The Eye of the Emirates in the Al Montazah. The eye was located originally in Al Qasba but moved here in 2018. The wheel is the most visited place of the park. There are also many kid-friends rides and playgrounds in Al Montazah. The Pearls Kingdom is the only water themed park in Sharjah. So, it is a hot spot for visitors with kids.

Al Qasba

Located near Al Khan Corniche, Al Qasba is a top tourist attraction in Sharjah. It is also a beachfront city, similar to Dubai Marina, but not on the latter’s scale. The famous Ferris wheel was here, along the waterway, before being moved to the Montazah Water Theme Park. Along the Qasba Canal is Sharjah’s most extensive entertainment district. There are various places like art houses, theaters, and many play areas for children.

Al Mahatta Museum

The museum preserves the history of aviation and air travel in the United Arab Emirates. After decades of disrepair, it was opened in 1998 by the Sultan of Sharjah Mohammed al Qasimi. It also has a collection of early model aircraft and flight equipment. The first aircraft to land on Mahatta’s runway, the Hanno, is on display in the museum. The museum, located on King Abdul Aziz Street, resembles the traditional buildings of the past and is built using the same techniques.

Al Noor Island

Al Noor Island
Al Noor Island

Opened in 2015, this oasis island in Khalid Lagoon is a recent attraction in Sharjah. This park mixes several tastes in the middle of the water. A footbridge connects the island to the mainland. The whole island has a color changing lights based on the time of the day. At dusk and dawn, everything becomes more exuberant in this place. The butterfly house, the biggest attraction on the island, is home to 500 butterflies of 20 different species. The air-conditioned enclosure helps these insects thrive and is also an architectural marvel.

Where to Stay in Sharjah City with Kids

Coral Beach Resort Sharjah: You can watch mesmerizing sea view from your window in the Coral Beach Resort Sharjah. The hotel is also one of the best places to stay in Sharjah with kids. A private beach and kids’ pool will allow you to have fun.

The Act Hotel: The Act Hotel Sharjah offers an immersive experience on the breathtaking Corniche Coast. Pet friendly, the five-starred hotel also has a pool and different playgrounds for kids. While you enjoy the hotel’s award-winning restaurant, your kids can have fun in the playgrounds.

Mövenpick Hotel: Mövenpick is one of the best hotels in Sharjah where to stay with kids. At Mövenpick, you can have your dinner with a view of Sharjah or enjoy the day at the rooftop pool.

Places to Visit in the Sharjah For Couples

Sharjah is one of the best places to visit for couples who want to experience the beauties of Sharjah together and experience one of the world-famous Arabian nights.

Khor Fakkan

Khor Fakkan is technically part of the emirate of Sharjah. It is one and half hour drive from the central city of Sharjah. Khor Fakkan has one of the largest harbors in the country. You will likely see cruise ships and container ships docked in the port. Shark Island is a little out of the way, which is the perfect spot for snorkeling and scuba diving. Khor Fakkan Beach also offers endless opportunities for adventure sports and entertainment. Bordered by the Hajar Mountains and blessed with breathtaking natural landscapes and stunning beaches, this place has all the ingredients to steal your heart.

Oasis of Al Badayer

Oasis of Al Badayer
Oasis of Al Badayer

A palace in the middle of the sands is literally what Al Badayer is. This oasis of coral-colored sand is a hub for desert exploration in Sharjah. Experience the Bedouin way of life and cuisine with the adrenaline rush of bashing dunes. But it is not just a camp in the desert. Indeed, this resort is bathed in luxury with swimming pools and prestigious suites. It is easily one of the best area to stay in Sharjah.

Maraya Art Center

The city has a large number of museums and events that promote arts and culture. The Maraya Arts Center is one such place. The art center was built in 2006. Maraya Art Galleries speaks of Sharjah’s heritage and history using modern art. They also help artists by organizing workshops and lectures by internationally renowned experts in each field. This is a must-see place in Sharjah for art lover couples. Maraya Arts Center is located in Qasba, a dynamic and stunning area of Sharjah and a well-known tourist spot.

Sharjah Desert Park

Just 28 kilometers away from Sharjah city center, Desert Park is an exciting yet must-see place in the town. Every year more than 300,000 people visit Desert Park. The park also has a couple of museums. Sharjah Natural History Museum, Arabian Wildlife Center, and Sharjah Botanical Museum are here. If you want to explore the region’s local heritage, Desert park is the best place to go in Sharjah.

Where to Stay in Sharjah City for Couples

Many hotels for couples visiting Sharjah can comfort and relieve the year’s exhaustion. You can have a romantic holiday in the Arabian peninsula while getting lost in astonishing nature and historical heritage.

Mysk Al Badayer Retreat: In the middle of the desert, Mysk Al Badayer Retreat offers an immersive oasis for couples. You can gaze through desert sunset from the outdoor pool of the hotel. Suppose you want to experience the feelings of being in the middle of nowhere all alone. In that case, Mysk Al Badayer Retreat is one of the best places to stay in Sharjah for couples.

Sahara Beach Resort & Spa: Sahara Beach Resort & Spa is surrounded by beaches. Besides the hotel’s private beach, you can walk to Al Corniche Beach, Al Khan Beach, and Al Mamzar Beach Park. You can also relax and unwind in the beautiful spa center of the hotel. 

Center Hotel Sharjah: As its name signifies, Center Hotel Sharjah is located in the heart of the city. You can visit museums or famous souks in the city within a couple of minutes walk. Center Hotel Sharjah is one of the top-notch places to stay in Sharjah.

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