Where to Stay in Stirling? Best Places to Stay in Stirling


Stirling is one of Scotland’s largest cities. With an area of 16.7 km2, this historic city has nearly 45,000 inhabitants. It is about 50 km from the cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow and has played an important role in the history of Scotland. Many battles between the English and the Scots took place there. In 1297, at the level of the current Stirling Bridge, William Wallace defeated the English, thus becoming a symbol of Scotland. Then in 1314 that Robert Bruce led the Scottish troops to victory against the men of Edward II of England at Bannockburn. Then followed the declaration of Arbroath, which recognized the independence of Scotland. Stirling Castle and the streets of the medieval town are steeped in this history, Bannockburn Memorial is also there to remind visitors of the seminal events that took place here. Stirling is also the crossroads of most of the roads that cross the region. The area is particularly remarkable for its rural landscape and various historical monuments, the famous castle of Stirling and the Church of the Holy Rude are only some of them. Stirling is full of many places to visit.

Places to Visit in Stirling

Stirling is one of the most impressive castles to visit in Scotland. It is a fabulous example of Renaissance architecture. From its high walls, it offers a breathtaking view of the countryside and the old battlefields. Many battles took place in this city, and thanks to this, there are lots of places to see.

Stirling Castle

Stirling CastlePin
Stirling Castle

In the fascinating world of majestic Scottish castles, Stirling is a golden star. Called the key to the Kingdom of Scotland, this castle built on the vast volcanic rock on the River Forth is the finest, largest, and most representative of Scotland’s rich history. Like most buildings of the same type, this fortress has its own legends. The best known is that of the Green Lady, having served as a servant under Mary Stuart. Indeed, the latter was saved by the servant from a fire. Since their deaths, the green lady keeps appearing in the castle. It is an interesting idea to visit the cast to explore this legend.

Church of the Holy Rude

Church of the Holy RudePin
Church of the Holy Rude

Below the castle, the church of the Church of the Holy Rude and its cemetery extend over a bright green lawn. You will feel an enchanting atmosphere, out of time. Climbing the hill that surrounds the place, you can take stunning photos, but do not forget to visit the church’s interior, which dates from the 15th century. Although modest in size, the church is perfectly suited to visits.

William Wallace Monument

William Wallace MonumentPin
William Wallace Monument

William Wallace is the Scottish Hero you should remember. A monument is even dedicated to him, a little outside the city. It is one of the monuments that make the reputation of Scotland and Stirling in particular. It is a 67 meter high tower built in 1869 in memory of William Wallace. The latter, a true local hero, is one of the figures of Scottish resistance to England. If you have seen the film Braveheart with Mel Gibson, you can see very well who he is.

Places to Stay in Sterling

Stirling HotelsPin
Stirling Hotels

Sterling is not a very touristic place, but it is one of the most iconic places in the region with its history. Whether you go to Sterling for business, leisure, or city exploration, the hotels you choose will offer you an unforgettable Scottish experience. If you are considering where to stay in Stirling these are some of the best options.

Victoria Square & The Orangery🔗

Victoria Square & The Orangery is one of the best hotels in Scotland. You can stay in different suites in the hotel, which has a highly luxurious and dazzling understanding. You can discover the city’s historical side by staying at the hotel, which is a few minutes away from Stirling Castle, the most touristic point of the town. In the Orangery Restaurant, you can taste the best examples of Scottish cuisine. If you are looking for a place where to stay in Stirling first time, Victoria Square & The Orangery is the best choice.

Stirling Court Hotel🔗

Located within the University of Stirling, Stirling Court Hotel is one option for staying in the city. Stirling Court Hotel is not the best, most luxurious, most complete in terms of service, or the best restaurant in the region. Still, it is one of the best options you can choose among budget-friendly hotels. Plus, the university campus is the best area to stay in Stirling.

Golden Lion Hotel🔗

There are not many cheap but quality hotels to stay in Stirling. However, there is an option such as Golden Lion Hotel. Providing service for more than 200 years, Golden Lion Hotel is one of the best affordable places to stay in the city. You can have the opportunity to eat Scottish beef and lamb at the hotel’s restaurant, one of the famous examples of Scottish cuisine. You can taste world-famous Scottish malt whiskeys at the Cronies Bar, located within the hotel. Golden Lion Hotel is, in the first place cheap places to stay in Stirling Scotland.

Best Hotels for Couples in Stirling


Stirling is not the first city that comes to mind for those considering traveling to Europe. But you will realize when you visit the city that this is a place worth exploring. The town is essential in Scotland’s history and has breathtaking nature. You can turn your holiday into a romantic escape with the hotels you prefer in the city. If you are looking for in Stirling where to stay as a couple these are the best options.

Stirling Highland Hotel🔗

Providing service in the building built in 1854 as Stirling High School, Stirling Highland Hotel is one of the best options you can choose as a couple in the city. You can have a romantic dinner in the hotel’s award-winning restaurant. Headmaster’s Study Bar is a place where you can spend time together as a couple and taste local spirits. If you want to find the best place to stay Stirling for couples, Stirling Highland Hotel is the best option.

Holiday Inn Express Stirling🔗

If you want to have a romantic holiday but not push the budget too much, Holiday Inn Express Stirling is one of the places you want to spend the night. Although the hotel is located in the city’s business center, it is within a few kilometers of the city’s attractions, such as Stirling Castle or the William Wallace Monument. The hotel has a  decent restaurant but for an unforgettable night, you should also look for other options in the city. Long story short, Holiday Inn Express Stirling is a proper place where to stay in Stirling for couples.

Hotel Colessio🔗

Providing service in a building built during the Victorian era, Hotel Colessio is one of the best hotels in Stirling Scotland. The hotel, where luxury and elegance come together, is also famous for its restaurant. You can enjoy local delicacies while having a romantic meal at The Grill Room, where Josper Grill is the chef. Different cocktails await you at the hotel bar. One of the most essential advantages of Hotel Colessio is that it is one of the hotels with the most comfortable beds in the city.

Best Hotels for Families in Stirling

Stirling From Wallece MonumentPin
Stirling From Wallece Monument

Stirling is one of the beautiful cities to visit with the family. When you come to Stirling to see different sides of Europe and get to know a new culture, the city will offer you an experience beyond your expectations. You can also stop by as a part of a more extended Scottish holiday, such as just a few days in Stirling. The hotels in the city have very high-quality services. Therefore, you may find it challenging to choose. These are the best places to stay in Stirling Scotland.

Highland Gate, Stirling by Marston’s Inns🔗

Highland Gate, Stirling by Marston’s Inns is a hotel you should consider if you are a nature-loving family. The hotel, which has a place intertwined with nature, also has both indoor and outdoor playgrounds for children to play. The hotel is located a little outside of the city center. Therefore, it may not be suitable for an extended stay. But if you are looking for a place where to stay in Stirling for one night, you should consider Highland Gate, Stirling by Marston’s Inns.

King Robert Hotel🔗

King Robert Hotel is one of the best options for families with children, with its spacious and well-lit rooms. If you visit when the weather is nice, you can have fun with the children in the hotel’s garden. You can have a pleasant experience at the hotel, which is located opposite the King Robert statue, one of the essential symbols of the city. If you are looking for where to stay in Stirling Scotland, add King Robert Hotel to the list.

Friars Wynd Hotel🔗

Suppose you are looking for a place to spend the evening rather than a luxurious and dazzling place on your Stirling holiday. In that case, Friars Wynd Hotel may be a good choice for you. By staying at the Friars Wynd Hotel, which does not give more than what you expect from a hotel but has no flaws, you can keep part of your budget for sightseeing, souvenirs, or entertainment a little more extensive. One of the essential features of the hotel, which is within walking distance of the city’s tourist spots, is its local breakfast options.

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