Best Places to Stay in Tybee Island

Tybee is a small island located eastern shore of Savannah, Georgia. It is only half an hour’s drive from Savannah. But when you step into the island, you’ll feel like coming into a different world. Tybee has everything that you expect from a small ocean village. Beautiful coast, alive beaches, fresh marine products, natural fruits, and vegetables. As you may expect, the island is very much alive in summer. If you are looking for golden beaches, breezing ocean water, and sun-kissed tan in a lively place, Tybee is the right place. Since it is one of the most famous places in the region, there are lots of options where to stay Tybee island oceanfront.

Places to Visit on Tybee Island

You think a small island might be boring, but it is wrong. Its natural beauty and historical places offer an excellent opportunity for exploration. Moreover, the island has been a tourist spot since the 1800s. Considering this, you may find many things to do in Tybee.

Tybee Light Station & Museum

Tybee Lighthouse is the tallest and the oldest in Georgia. It is also one of the most iconic lighthouses in the States. It was built in 1773 by the order of General James Oglethorpe. You should visit the lighthouse and experience its beautiful view. You can also see the magnificent first-order Fresnel lens. But first, you have to climb up 178 stairs.

Fort Pulaski National Monument

Fort Pulaski National Monument

Fort Pulaski National Monument is one of the crucial places in American Civil War history. In 1862, rifled cannons were used for the first time during the Battle of Fort Pulaski. These long-range weapons were experimental until this war, which is considered an end of masonry fortifications. There are also crucial civil war relics in the museum’s exhibition.

Little Tybee Island

If you’re interested in natural richness instead of military history, you should visit Little Tybee Island. Little Tybee Island offers an immersive wilderness preserve with salt marshes on the coastline, serene beaches, dunes, and subtropical forests. Little Tybee Island is actually larger than Tybee Island. It is located between Tybee Creek and Inlet. It is very close to Tybee. You can even see Little Tybee Island from the southern end of Tybee Island. It is a trendy destination among kayakers and surfers. But you can also see birth watchers, campers, and picnickers on Little Tybee. But since there is no facility on the island, you should make your preparation before leaving. Little Tybee Island can be crowded from time to time, but you can be sure that you can find a suitable place for you. And there are some limitations on the island, so you’ve to have information about that.

Marine Science Center

You can visit the Marine Science Center in the southern part of the island. The center is part of the University of Georgia and provides marine education programs. Since the island is a nesting region for endangered sea turtles, the center also has a valuable sea turtle project. Every year turtles turn back to their nests between May 1 and October 31. If you visit the island during this period, you shouldn’t touch sea turtles or hatchlings. Because since they are endangered species, they’re also under the protection of the Endangered Species Act.

Pier & Pavillion

Pier & Pavillion

It wouldn’t be so wrong if we say Pier & Pavillion is the hearth of the island. It is the most popular gathering site on the island. It is a meeting place for fishers, a venue for musical performances, and a home of special events. It is in the South Beach. There are picnic areas, public restrooms, and a snack bar on the site. It is free to enter. You can swim in the ocean, catch a fish or dance to the music. It is a miracle place on the island.

Where to Stay in Tybee Island

Since it is a famous destination in Georgia, there are plenty of options to stay on the island. If you consider visiting Tybee Island, you should make your reservations long before vacation. Because sometimes, it is tough to find a facility to stay on the island. If you want the visit the island and have an unforgettable holiday, these are the best places to stay in Tybee Island GA. Whether you are a lone backpacker or a big family with kids, there is a suitable place for you.

DeSoto Beach Hotel🔗

DeSoto Beach Hotel

Located just across the ocean, DeSoto Beach Hotel offers an excellent view for its visitors. The pool in the hotel’s garden is an essential alternative for those who dislike seawater. Thanks to its magnificent location, you can immerse yourself in the calm waters of the Atlantic Ocean in a few minutes. It is also effortless to attend parties on the beach in the evenings. You can have a dream holiday with the hotel’s services, which is half an hour from the Savannah city center. DeSoto Beach Hotel is one of the Tybee Island hotels on the beach.

DeSoto Beach Garden🔗

DeSoto Beach Garden

DeSoto Beach Garden suites are for you if you want to stay in a quieter, calmer, and more private place instead of a crowded hotel. The hotel suites have an open kitchen. Moreover, Tybee Island Lighthouse is a few minutes away from the hotel. But the critical part of the facility is there is no room service. So, you have to consider your priorities before your reservation. If you are looking for all-inclusive, you’ve to look for other places to stay on Tybee Island.

Admiral’s Inn on Tybee Island🔗

Admiral's Inn on Tybee Island

Admiral’s Inn on Tybee Island offers a cozy place where to stay on Tybee Island. It is just 250 meters away from the beach. It is also very close to the Tybee Island Lighthouse. Admiral’s Inn on Tybee Island also has a year-round outdoor pool. Considering you’re not interested in swimming in the ocean, you’ll always have an alternative. After a tiring day on the island, you can rest and sip your cocktail around the pool. The hotel also has a well-decorated fitness center. Thus you do not have to give a break to your exercise program. Staying at the heart of the island with such a facility is a memorable vacation for everyone.

Hotel Tybee🔗

Hotel Tybee

Just by the very famous Pier & Pavillion, Hotel Tybee is one of the best places to stay in Tybee Island. Thanks to its excellent location, many hotel rooms have an immersive Atlantic Ocean view. You can wake up in the morning and sip your fresh coffee while watching this breathtaking ocean. It is also effortless to attend events in Pier & Pavillion. If you like to stay in a place, very lively, you should consider staying in Hotel Tybee. Its well-lit and spacious rooms are also ideal for families and kids.

Atlantis Inn🔗

Atlantis Inn is another option to stay on Tybee Island. It is a little bit far away from the Tybee Island Lighthouse but still located in a pivotal place. On the other hand, Atlantis Inn is also close to some of the main tourist attractions like Fort Pulaski National Monument. If you are looking for a silent and serene place yet close to the beach and the center of the island, Atlantis Inn is a great option where to stay in Tybee Island.

Tybee Turtle🔗

Tybee Turtle

It is unsurprising to find such a hotel on an island famous for its sea turtles. Tybee Turtle is another oceanfront hotel on the island. You will feel refreshed in the hotel’s rooms, inspired by the island’s culture. You can enjoy the sea and sand at the hotel’s beach during the day and explore the island and its nightlife in the evening. The hotel’s rooms are very bright and spacious. It is easy to fit for families with kids.

Tybee Stars🔗

Tybee Stars

If you want to enjoy an unobstructed ocean view, You should consider staying at Tybee Stars. Just by the ocean, you can unwind yourself with azure paradise. After a tiring day, you can sit and relax at the hotel’s terrace while enjoying the ocean. But on the other hand, the hotel didn’t have such services as a restaurant or bar. Thanks to its close location to the city center you can walk for a little and find a great restaurant to taste local delicacies. If you want to explore the bars and clubs of the island, it is straightforward to reach from Tybee Stars.

Georgianne Inn & Suites🔗

Georgianne Inn & Suites

As its name suggests, Georgianne Inn & Suites offer both room or private suits for its visitor. If you want a little bit of privacy or you want to family vacation Georgianne Inn & Suites in Tybee Island best places to stay. It is not a beachfront hotel, but it is just 400-meters-away from Tybee Island Beach. It is possible to sit and relax on the hotel’s terrace and unwind across the sea. Georgianne Inn & Suites also offers complete barbecue facilities to its visitors. You can enjoy as a family or group of friends barbecue for dinner.

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