Where To Stay in Utrecht? Best Places in Utrecht

Utrecht is a large city (4th in the Netherlands in terms of inhabitants), and it is also the capital of the province of Utrecht. This city is often seen as the center of the Netherlands, which is not really the case. It is part of the Randstad, a conurbation of the Netherlands, grouping the cities of Rotterdam, Amsterdam, The Hague, and Utrecht.

The Dom Tower, the old OudeGracht canal that crosses the center, and the beautiful square of Neude are some well-known places in the city of Utrecht. Best known thanks to its Dom tower and its university, Utrecht University, which is very popular among international students, Utrecht is a dynamic city with many things to do. In addition, it is a city close to Amsterdam, only 20 minutes by train from Amsterdam Centraal Station.

In the center of the Netherlands, 25 kilometers south of Amsterdam, the city has the particular charm of these Dutch cities, with its canals, cycle paths, houses with pointed roofs, and colorful facades.

Rich in history, you will be able to discover an essential cultural heritage there: cathedrals and other religious buildings, old fortifications, and underground ruins, to which is added a panel of museums devoted to subjects as varied as liturgical art, Dutch contemporary art, or astronomy.

Utrecht has different districts. Every one of them has its own unique taste. Utrecht has other neighborhoods. Every one of them has its own unique taste. Utrecht has different districts. Every one of them has its own unique taste. Its effervescence is expressed through the city center, which abounds in bars, restaurants, and lively markets where you can taste local specialties. Utrecht has different districts. Every one of them has its own unique taste. You can get different experiences and enrich yourself in Utrecht.

Dom District, Authentic Side of the City

Dom District
Dom District

The Domkwartier district, commonly known as Dom District, is located in the heart of the city center. This mythical district extends all around the magnificent Saint-Martin Cathedral of Utrecht (or Domkerk), the Pieterskerk church, and is limited to the level of Mariaplaats Square.

The Dom District is the best place to go in Utrecht, as it is considered very authentic, but it is also the heart of the Old Town. During the night, the impressive historical monuments of the district light up, making this place just spectacular. Furthermore, you will find many shops and terraces in the Domkwartier.

St. Martin’s Cathedral

The cathedral was built in 1254. It was Catholic until 1580, when it was converted to Protestantism by the Dutch Reformed, and remained so until 2003. St. Martin’s Cathedral is just next to the Cathedral Tower. They were both connected, but after the storm in 1674, the cathedral was separated from the tower and collapsed. The cathedral was the largest church in the country before it collapsed.

Dom Tower

The Dom Tower of Utrecht is the Netherlands’ oldest and highest church tower. The Dom Tower is the city’s most prominent landmark. It was started in 1321 and completed 61 years later, in 1382. It is impossible to miss the 112-meter-high tower. You can hear the bells even when you can’t see the building. There are thirteen bells on top of the tower, weighing between 400 and 8160 kilos. If you dare to climb the 465 steps, you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the city. If you have a lucky and crystal-clear day, you can even see Amsterdam from Dom Tower. Another important thing about the tower is that it was erected at the right spot where Utrecht originated more than 2,000 years ago.

Utrecht University Botanic Gardens

The botanical garden is very close to Utrecht Science Park, and it is home to thousands of insects, flowers, and other plants. It was built in the 17th century and is the oldest university garden in the Netherlands. It also has a butterfly house inside the greenhouse section of the gardens. In this botanical garden in Utrecht, you will find a vast collection of plants worldwide.

Where to Stay in Dom District

There are plenty of hotels in the region. The Dom District is also the best area to stay in Utrecht. Everyone can find an exact need in this district.

Hotel Beijers: Hotel Beijers is among the best places to stay in Utrecht. It is located in the city center, but it is also a quiet place. The hotel is very close to the city icons. Hotel Beijers is also famous for with top-notch Dutch breakfast. But like every other thing, luxury comes with a price. The hotel offers an exquisite experience in the city. 

Logement Petit Beijers: Logement Petit Beijer is a more affordable but still luxurious hotel in the district. It has spacious and well-lit rooms. The hotel also offers vegetarian breakfasts for its customers. Thanks to that, you can start the day full of energy. 

BUNK Hotel: BUNK Hotel is budget-friendly but not insufficient. On the contrary, you’ll be surprised by the hotel’s amenities. You can walk by the canals in the evening before enjoying your dinner at the local restaurants. 

De Nobelstraat, Best District for Families

De Nobelstraat
De Nobelstraat

Also known as the University District, this neighborhood is perfect for staying in Utrecht. Around the Nobelstraat area, you will find many typical cafes, bars, and restaurants.

The streets of Voorstraat, Nobelstraat, and Janskerkhof are the most beautiful and liveliest in this district. Also, this is the most suitable neighborhood to be in direct contact with the natives. There, you will have a plethora of activities to experience. These university district streets are the best areas for fun until the end of the night in Utrecht.


If you love to taste local cuisine, you can stop thinking about where should I go in Utrecht and visit Janskerkhof. The place is loaded with local bars and restaurants. Even if you are lucky, you can attend some local festivals in Janskerhof. Also, there is a flower and plant market every Saturday in the street. You can find vast different kind of flowers in the colorful, and fragrant market.


Voorstraat is a 300-meter-long street in De Nobelstraat. The street might be 300 meters long, but you can spend an entire day in the authentic shops in Voorstraat. There is also the famous Central Pharmacy Love on this street. You can visit local second-hand antique stores as well. There are some significant pieces from fashion designers and home decorators.

Museum Speelklok

The Speelklok is a musical museum that is a great place to have fun and learn in Utrecht. The Museum Speelklok is the most fun museum you can ever visit in the city. Indeed, this museum, with a festive and warm atmosphere, is full of collections composed mainly of musical clocks, pianolas, chime clocks, barrel organs, etc. You can experience pleasant moments with the children while enjoying their famous orchestras. Just on the upper side of the Voorstraat, you can hire bikes with your family and have fun in this museum.

Places to Stay in De Nobelstraat

De Nobelstraat is s tranquil place. If you get bored with the tourist flocks in the city or experience an ordinary Dutch day, De Nobelstraat is the place. De Nobelstraat is a good place in Utrecht where to stay if you’re looking for a quiet yet calming place.

Mother Goose Hotel: Mother Goose hotel is one of the best place to stay in Utrecht for families. The hotel’s bright rooms will prepare you for a new and adventurous day. It is close to Vecht canal, Dom Tower, and De Nobelstraat. You can’t decide which museum to visit after a few minutes’ walk. 

Hotel NH Centre Utrecht: Hotel NH Centre Utrecht is in the city’s old town section. Both Dom and De Nobelstraat districts are steps away from the hotel. Thanks to this, the building dates back to 1780. Globally known composer Franz List and many other Dutch celebrities were frequented back in time. 

City Center Lodge Utrecht: City Center Lodge Utrecht is on the opposite side of the canal. This budget-friendly hotel is ideal for couples who spend more time and money in the city. But don’t worry; it is within walking distance to De Nobelstraat and a little further from Dom District. 

Museum District, A Place for Art Lovers

Museum District
Museum District

Located between the Dom District and the beautiful Nicolaïkerk church in the south of the city center and consisting essentially of the Lange Nieuwstraat at its heart, this district practically encapsulates the history and culture of Utrecht.

In fact, this area has many hidden and beautiful inner courtyards, old buildings from the Middle Ages, small parks and alleys with trees that are hundreds of years old, and museums in ancient monasteries and universities.

Food lovers will be satisfied because the Museum District has many indigenous cafes and welcoming restaurants. There’s nothing better than a delicious local specialty after a long day of sightseeing. Not just only the Museum District, but museums encircle the whole city.

Centraal Museum

If you are an art enthusiast, visit the Centraal Museum, where you can discover the works of local artists. The extensive collection covering several centuries will satisfy history buffs and modern art lovers. Even if you don’t have kids, you can learn about the author of Miffy and his work at a museum devoted to the character. It is right in front of the central museum.


The train museum (Spoorwegmuseum) is located east of the city, near the station. We warmly recommend this museum, which will take you this time into the world of the railroad. A rich collection of parts ranging from the real locomotive to the miniature train will delight adults and children. After visiting the Centraal Museum, you can walk or cycle for a few minutes to see the Spoorwegmuseum.

University Museum

Be curious and discover the scientist in you at the Utrecht University Museum. Learn about scientists then and now, and watch their working lives.

The University Museum has several exhibits. Visit “Tot op het Bot” and be impressed by a nine-meter-high skeleton, touch an elephant’s skin, and discover the many points in common between humans and animals. Do you like strange objects? Don’t forget to enter the Curiosity Cabinet. This is where you will find a multitude of unfamiliar things. The museum is right behind the Centraal Museum.

Where to Stay in Museum District

The Museum district is located in the south of the city center but still close to it. There are plenty of choices for every budget in the region. You can step out of your hotel and visit many essential places in the city or take an afternoon walk in a park. It is a good place where to stay in Utrecht if you like peaceful and inspiring locations.

Boutique Hotel ZIES: Boutique Hotel ZIES is one of the best places hotels in Utrecht if you don’t mind the price. Located at the heart of the museum quarter, you can visit any museum in the region any time you want. Boutique Hotel ZIES does not serve a breakfast buffet but offers a breakfast bag that you can eat while walking down the streets or canal bank.

Bed & Breakfast De Verrasing: Utrecht is not an exhausting city, but there are too many places to visit. The hotel’s location is critical if you want to visit famous places as much as possible. Bed & Breakfast De Verrasing has an excellent location. In a few minutes, you can walk to the Museum Speelklok, the Centraal Museum, or the University Museum. 

Hotel Oudegracht: Hotel Oudegracht is a hotel in the medieval wharf cellar. The hotel is budget-friendly, but even so, you can sip your coffee and feast your eyes on a canal view from your room or your terrace. 

Utrecht is an excellent place to visit for everyone. Culture vultures, history buffs, romantic couples, and architecture enthusiasts. The city center is a little small; you can walk or cycle anywhere. The city is also close to other well-known Dutch cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague. To see everything, however, you’ll need at least two days.

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