Where to Stay in Yosemite? Best Places to Stay in Yosemite

Yosemite National Park is a breathtaking spot that boasts of towering cliffs, tranquil lakes, and cascading waterfalls. You can indulge in various outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, rock climbing, biking, fishing, and horseback riding. The park also houses an array of wildlife like black bears, deer, coyotes, bobcats, and several species of birds. Photography enthusiasts will be delighted by the park’s changing seasons and the dramatic lighting effects. The park also offers educational programs and interpretive exhibits that provide insights into geology, ecology, and cultural history. Yosemite is a great place both for nature lover backpackers, couples or families with kids.

When to Visit Yosemite?

Yosemite National Park has something special to offer in every season. Spring is a time of vibrant wildflowers and powerful waterfalls. Summer is great for outdoor adventures, but you should keep in mind that parking and crowds can be challenging. Fall is cooler and displays stunning foliage. Winter transforms the park into a tranquil winter wonderland. You can visit the park’s official website or the visitor center for up-to-date information. Plan your visit according to your personal preferences and interests to fully enjoy your experience.

Where to Stay in Yosemite?

Yosemite National Park have a range of accommodation options to choose from, including camping, backpacking, cozy cabins, vacation rentals, and nearby communities with lodges, bed and breakfasts, and vacation rentals. With something to suit every preference and budget, you can enjoy a comfortable stay while exploring the park’s breathtaking beauty. There are also various hotel options where to stay in Yosemite. If you are looking for the best hotels in the region, here are some of them.

Best Hotels to Stay in Yosemite

Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite

Visitors to Yosemite National Park can indulge in luxury and comfort with a selection of upscale hotels. Suppose you want to find even more extravagance. In that case, there are additional options outside the park, such as lodges, resorts, and boutique hotels. Due to the popularity of these accommodations, you should make your reservations in advance. These luxurious options provide the perfect balance of nature and sophistication for an unforgettable stay in Yosemite. Here are the best hotels in Yosemite.

The Ahwahnee: When you explore Yosemite National Park, you’ll find that The Ahwahnee is an ideal place to stay. The hotel’s rich history and timeless elegance will captivate you and immerse you in its grandeur. As The Ahwahnee is located in Yosemite Valley, you’ll have unparalleled access to the park’s iconic landmarks, ensuring a convenient and immersive experience. The luxurious accommodations feature tasteful furnishings and modern comforts, providing a high level of comfort and indulgence. The hotel’s renowned dining options offer gourmet cuisine, complemented by the elegant ambiance and stunning views, all for your enjoyment. You can also participate in cultural and educational programs that enrich your stay, offering insights into the park’s natural and cultural history. It is the best hotel where to stay in Yosemite national park if you want to have a dazzling experience.

Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite: Tenaya Lodge at Yosemite is the perfect place to stay for those exploring Yosemite National Park. Located outside the South Entrance, you can easily access all the park’s attractions while enjoying upscale accommodations, resort-like amenities, and family-friendly activities. Surrounded by the picturesque Sierra National Forest and open year-round, there’s something for everyone to enjoy, from hiking and biking to winter sports and cozy evenings by the fireplace. It is the best Yosemite Valley accommodation option for you.

Rush Creek Lodge: Located near Yosemite National Park’s west entrance, Rush Creek Lodge provides comfortable accommodations surrounded by pine trees. They have a full-service restaurant that serves locally sourced ingredients, and guests can enjoy outdoor pools, hot tubs, and activities such as guided hikes and archery. Their eco-friendly initiatives complement the park’s ethos. Rush Creek Lodge is conveniently located and serves as an ideal base for exploring Yosemite’s attractions. The hotel is located in the best area to stay in Yosemite for eco lovers.

Best Hotels for Couples in Yosemite

Evergreen Lodge at Yosemite

Yosemite National Park is a perfect romantic getaway for couples. The park’s stunning beauty provides a picturesque atmosphere with beautiful trails, scenic hikes, and peaceful areas for picnics. You can experience nature’s magnificence and strengthen your bond. The park’s landmarks offer breathtaking views and opportunities to create unforgettable memories. The park’s diverse wildlife and dark night skies add to its romantic charm. Yosemite also offers a variety of cozy accommodations for couples to relax in after a day of adventure. Here are the best places to stay in Yosemite for couples.

Yosemite View Lodge: If you’re a couple planning to visit Yosemite National Park, Yosemite View Lodge is an excellent choice for accommodation. It boasts a picturesque location on the Merced River and offers breathtaking views. You can select from a range of comfortable rooms and suites and enjoy the benefits of hot tubs and outdoor pools. The lodge is situated close to famous sights and features an in-house restaurant. The staff is courteous and attentive, making it the ultimate destination for a romantic getaway. It is one of the best Yosemite accommodations options for couples.

Evergreen Lodge at Yosemite: If you are looking for a cozy and comfortable place to stay during your visit to Yosemite National Park, you might want to consider Evergreen Lodge at Yosemite. This historic resort, which celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2023, is nestled in the woods bordering the park and offers a variety of cabins and custom camping options for couples and families. Evergreen Lodge has many amenities and activities to make your stay enjoyable, such as a saltwater pool, a hot tub, a pool bar, a tavern, a general store, a wellness program, and guided trips to explore Yosemite’s breathtaking scenery. You can also enjoy classic California cuisine sourced locally and made from scratch in the main lodge or on the open-air patio. It is one of the best hotels near Yosemite National Park.

AutoCamp Yosemite: For a unique and luxurious camping experience near Yosemite National Park, you should stay at AutoCamp Yosemite. You can choose from stylish Airstream trailers or canvas tents with private bathrooms and comfortable interiors. You can also enjoy communal fire pits and a clubhouse for socializing and take advantage of amenities like a camp store and complimentary bicycles. AutoCamp Yosemite offers a romantic retreat with the perfect blend of nature, adventure, and modern comforts.

Best Hotels for Families with Kids in Yosemite

Best Western Plus Yosemite Gateway Inn

Families seeking entertainment and education will find Yosemite National Park to be an ideal destination. The park boasts a variety of outdoor activities, opportunities for observing wildlife, and trails suitable for all ages. Families can choose from a range of accommodation options including campgrounds, lodges, and vacation rentals that cater to their specific needs. Yosemite National Park is the perfect place to make unforgettable memories and spend quality time with loved ones. You can have a fantastic vacation experience in Yosemite with kids.

Best Western Plus Yosemite Gateway Inn: If you’re planning a family trip to Yosemite, the Best Western Plus Yosemite Gateway Inn is a great place to stay. It is just outside the park’s south entrance, and the hotel offers spacious rooms with modern amenities such as free Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs. You’ll have easy access to famous landmarks without long commutes. The hotel also has family-friendly amenities like an outdoor pool and playground area, as well as on-site dining options. The staff is friendly and always ready to help with any needs or questions you have during your stay, making it a stress-free and enjoyable family vacation. It is one of the great places to stay in Yosemite Valley.

The Oakhurst Inn at Yosemite: Families with kids visiting Yosemite will find the Best Western Plus Yosemite Gateway Inn an ideal choice. The hotel offers spacious and well-appointed rooms with modern amenities like free Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs, ensuring a comfortable stay. Its location just outside the park’s south entrance provides easy access to Yosemite’s iconic landmarks. Kids can enjoy the outdoor pool and playground area, while on-site dining options offer convenience for meals. The friendly staff is always ready to assist, ensuring a pleasant and stress-free experience. With its family-friendly atmosphere and convenient location, the Best Western Plus Yosemite Gateway Inn is an excellent choice for families where to stay in Yosemite National Park.

Mariposa Lodge: If you plan to visit Yosemite National Park with your kids, consider staying at Mariposa Lodge. The hotel is located in the historic town of Mariposa, just 45 minutes from Yosemite Valley. Mariposa Lodge is close to many attractions and activities that your kids will love. They can visit the California State Mining and Mineral Museum, which showcases the state’s rich mining history and features more than 13,000 minerals, rocks, and gems. You can also explore the Mariposa Museum and History Center, which features exhibits and artifacts from the Gold Rush era. For some outdoor fun, go hiking, biking, fishing, or rafting in the nearby Yosemite Mariposa County Park System. It is a great place where to stay in Yosemite.

Best Hotels for Backpackers in Yosemite

Point Village Hotel and Self-Catering

Yosemite National Park is a beautiful destination for backpackers in the US. The park offers stunning scenery, diverse wildlife, and trails for all skill levels. You can witness waterfalls, cliffs, sequoias, and wildlife. Yosemite has accommodations to suit different budgets and preferences. Backpackers can apply for a wilderness permit to camp in the backcountry. Yosemite is a must-visit for a fulfilling and unforgettable trip.

The Wilderness Hotel: The Wilderness Hotel is a great choice for backpackers visiting Yosemite. It offers a range of accommodation options, equipment rentals, shuttle services, and guided hikes. The hotel staff are knowledgeable about the park and can provide valuable advice. The communal areas provide opportunities to meet other adventurers and share experiences. It’s a unique blend of comfort, convenience, and immersion in the park’s wilderness.

Empeiria High Sierra Hotel: If you’re a backpacker looking for a comfortable stay in Yosemite National Park, Empeiria High Sierra Hotel is the ideal choice. The hotel’s design is inspired by nature and offers modern amenities. Its location provides easy access to the park’s hiking trails. The hotel caters specifically to backpackers and has communal kitchens, shared common areas, and outdoor gathering spaces. You can also participate in guided hikes and outdoor workshops. You can enjoy outdoor sports near Mammoth Lakes. Empeiria High Sierra Hotel is the perfect place to where to stay in Yosemite, if you’re seeking an authentic wilderness experience.

Yosemite Westgate Lodge: If you’re a backpacker looking to unwind after a day of hiking in Yosemite National Park, Yosemite Westgate Lodge is the perfect place to stay. It is located just outside the park’s western entrance, the lodge offers easy access to popular landmarks. Additionally, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable, so you can get helpful advice whenever you need it. Plus, there are plenty of dining options nearby for your convenience if you like to taste local cuisine.

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