Where to Stay in Zurich? Best Places to Stay in Zurich


The financial capital of Switzerland is not just a city of banks and luxury boutiques. Zurich is a cosmopolitan, creative, and dynamic city, in addition to having a splendid natural surrounding, by the lake that bears its name and at the foot of the peaks of the Alps. In short, an ideal destination for a weekend is both a nature and city trip. Spending a weekend there is a lovely destination, especially if you want to soak up and immerse yourself in the Swiss German atmosphere. In addition, on sunny days, you can swim on the quays of the Limmat river and in the lake with a view of the magnificent Swiss buildings and mountains.

Museums to Visit in Zurich

Since the city has a vibrant and long history, there are more than a dozen museums. Some of them are the Museum of Art, Fifa World Museum, Lindt Home of Chocolate, Swiss National Museum, Museum of Digital Arts, Beyer Clock and Watch Museum, and Zoological Museum. But since there are plenty of places to visit in the city, you should choose your options.

National Museum of Switzerland

National Museum of SwitzerlandPin
National Museum of Switzerland

If you are interested in the history of Switzerland, you should visit the Swiss National Museum or Landesmuseum in the city. This unique country is blended three distant cultures of Europe. The magnificent castle in front of the central train station is easy to visit. You can learn how the country became the world financial center with its famous banking secrecy and complex political system. Even if the country is a small place in the middle of Europe, it has a very decentralized unique system. The Swiss National Museum is the right place to visit to understand this position and much more.

FIFA Museum

The World Football Museum. Finally, for sports fans, the museum not to be missed is the Fifa World Museum. This fascinating museum is in this city because FIFA headquarters are in Zurich. This is a place that football lovers could not forget! Few people know it, but this is where the World Cup trophy is preciously kept. The cup made the trip for the protocol ceremonies. It is brandished by the French team on the evening of the final in Moscow at the Luzhniki stadium. Still, afterward, the players only received a copy and the original returned to Zurich. It is a rare opportunity to look at it closely. Still, it is a trophy representing the best sportsmen on Earth. Weighing 6kg and 37cm high, it is made of 75% gold and malachite, a green stone.

Museum of Art

Museum of ArtPin
Museum of Art

Zurich Museum of Art or Kunsthaus Museum is one of the best museums in Europe. You can see some of the essential pieces by Vincent Van Gogh, Andy Warhol, Rembrandt, Claude Monet, and Rudolf Koller. The museum has more than 4000 paintings and sculptures, 95000 printed artworks, and drawings from the early 13th century to today. It is considered the artistic treasure of the country. There are also some temporary exhibitions in the museum from time to time. If you decide to visit Kunsthaus Museum, you should prepare yourself to spend 4 – 5 hours.

Places to Stay in Zurich 🏨

Zurich is the financial and tourism capital of the country. When this is the case, finding a place to stay is relatively easy. It is possible to find a suitable option for everyone, from luxurious and dazzling hotels to those who do not look for more than a place to stay during their trip. It is also possible where to stay in Zurich Rick Steves suggests.

Zurich Marriott Hotel 🔗

Zurich Marriott HotelPin
Zurich Marriott Hotel

Suppose you are looking for a luxury hotel to spend your holiday in Zurich. In that case, the Zurich Marriot Hotel is the first place you should look. Everything from the hotel’s toilet to the internet speed is top-notch. When you stay in one of the rooms with a panoramic view of the city, you will witness a view you cannot take your eyes off. While the eCHo restaurant within the hotel offers local delicacies, you can choose the White Elephant restaurant, which offers exceptional Thai cuisine, to try alternative flavors. Lenox Bar, where you can try the hotel’s unique selection of cigars and alcohol, and the 24-hour spa center will make your holiday feel like paradise. If you think where is the best place to stay in Zurich, Marriott is the right place.

Sheraton Zurich Hotel 🔗

Sheraton Zurich HotelPin
Sheraton Zurich Hotel

Sheraton Zurich is another paradise in the city. The Sheraton experience you are familiar with shows itself here as well. Sheraton Zurich is one of the best options to explore the town for a few days and at the same time relax and enjoy your holiday. It is an ideal hotel for those who prefer places away from the crowd due to its location a little outside the city center. You can visit the Paradeplatz, the National Museum of Switzerland, or Lake Zurich with a couple of minutes drive. Suppose you are searching for a place to stay in Zurich where to stay Sheraton Zurich offers a unique experience.

Alden Suite Hotel Splügenschloss Zurich 🔗

Alden Suite Hotel Splügenschloss ZurichPin
Alden Suite Hotel Splügenschloss Zurich

Alden Suite Hotel Splügenschloss Zurich is a small hotel that does not compromise on quality. After waking up to a beautiful Zurich morning, it is impossible to miss the hotel’s open buffet breakfast while preparing to explore the city. After a tiring day, the hot tub in the rooms will be a savior for you to refresh and relax. Delicious meats await to a tasting by the visitors in the hotel’s famous steakhouse restaurant. Moreover, the restaurant serves outdoors in the summer months. Located in the city center, it is easy to walk many essential places of the city from Alden Suite Hotel Splügenschloss Zurich.

Neues Schloss Privat Hotel Zurich 🔗

Neues Schloss Privat Hotel ZurichPin
Neues Schloss Privat Hotel Zurich

Neues Schloss Privat Hotel Zurich, located in the heart of Zurich, is one of the most luxurious hotels. The hotel rooms feature natural materials such as granite, leather, and walnut wood. Zurich’s cultural richness is evident in the hotel’s restaurant. Each dinner becomes a different pleasure in the restaurant, where selections from Mediterranean and Southern European cuisines are available. Neues Schloss Privat Hotel has an exceptional service that distinguishes it from other hotels in the city. There are sleep experience beds specially designed for the hotel in the rooms of this hotel. It would not be wrong to say that Neues Schloss Privat Hotel Zurich is one of the hotels with the most comfortable beds in the city. If you are looking for where to stay in Zurich for 2 nights, Neues Schloss Privat Hotel is the right choice because it is nearly impossible to leave these beds after a single night.

Places to Visit in Zurich For Couples 💌

One of the most essential sides of European cities is that they are very romantic with their rich history and eye-catching landscapes. Zurich has nothing left of these cities. You can turn your vacation into a romantic escape and explore the city streets together. Although Zurich is a small city, it offers many alternatives for couples. That’s why it’s surprisingly hard to plan a trip. These are some of the best locations to visit for couples.

Botanical Garden

Botanical GardenPin
Botanical Garden

If you are a nature lover couple, Zurich is a paradise for you. You should visit the botanical garden of the University of Zurich. In the city, you will discover thousands of flowers, a large spectacular garden planted with rare species, and two greenhouses with tropical and sub-tropical plants and animals. A strange plantation of cucurbits also rises on compost mountains reaching several meters high, a flowery meadow and many other things are also waiting for you. For a quiet walk and rest, this garden will delight couples.

Im Viadukt

The western district is an old industrial district renovated and transformed into a trendy neighborhood. Factories and warehouses have been transformed into offices, cafés, theatres, bars, and cultural spaces. Five hundred meters long street full of creativity, leisure, fashion, and events. It is the most lively place in the city. You can buy souvenirs to remind you of this vacation, shop in the beautiful fashion shops to look or eat excellent meals in restaurants. You don’t want to leave Im Viadukt quickly.

Street Parade

Welcome to the largest techno party in the world. The Street Parade of Zurich has more than 900,000 visitors. Every 13 August since 1991, the Street Parade takes place in the city. World famous DJs and techno groups attend this parade and have concerts. More than a 2,4 km long route, the parade has more than 100 huge or small different parties. The parade has a theme every year, and this year it was THINK. After the colossal parade, you can head to the official after-party, where the party will continue until the end of the night. FYI, distribution of earplugs is compulsory at the entrance to the after-party.

Best Hotels to Stay in Zurich for Couples 🏩

Vacation is much more than exploration, relaxation, and satisfaction. The city offers incredible options for couples. Spending a few days together in private is an invaluable experience to relieve the stress of daily life. Hotels play a significant role in taking this experience to the next level. Even if you spend the whole day touring the city and the entire night at the bars, a bad hotel experience will cause this holiday to be recollected negatively. Since hotels are this important, these are the best places to stay in Zurich for couples.

FIVE Zurich Lifestyle Hotel & Spa 🔗

FIVE Zurich Lifestyle Hotel & SpaPin
FIVE Zurich Lifestyle Hotel & Spa

As its name suggests, FIVE Zurich Lifestyle Hotel & Spa offers much more than accommodation. The hotel offers couples a new lifestyle. A total holiday pleasure awaits you with its outdoor pool, fitness center, and complete spa center. Some days you have a tough choice between exploring the city or having fun all day at the hotel. FIVE Zurich Lifestyle Hotel & Spa, a hidden paradise for those who love hiking and cycling, will offer you an unforgettable experience. The hotel is one of the best places to stay in Zurich for couples by far.

Storchen Zurich 🔗

Storchen ZurichPin
Storchen Zurich

Have you ever wondered what is the feeling of staying in a 650 year old building? Storchen Zurich is one of the oldest buildings in the city. Just by the Limmat River, it has a unique place. When you look out the window in the morning, a city view similar to the one in your dreams will greet you. You can enjoy the quietness and calmness of the river on the balcony of the room. The hotel’s terrace restaurant, open in summer, overlooks the Grossmünster Church. The Nest, a terrace bar, has also a unique view. You can share romantic moments while sipping your drinks at The Nest at sunset. If you are looking for where to stay in Zurich old town, you should definitely choose Storchen Zurich.

The Dolder Grand 🔗

The Dolder GrandPin
The Dolder Grand

Located above Zurich, the Dolder Grand is completely surrounded by natural beauty. The hotel is for you if you want a private holiday. The hotel’s rooms with views of the city of Zurich, Lake Zurich, the Alps, and the forest are breathtaking. The spa center, larger than 4000 square meters, offers a unique experience to its visitors. The panoramic view pool and private spa rooms will be where you can come back to life. The Dolder Grand is one of the most romantic spots in the city with its location and services. You can find specially selected dishes from world-famous cuisines in the Saltz restaurant, which has 14 Gault Millau points. The hotel’s main restaurant, The Restaurant, has 19 Gault Millau points and 2 Michelin stars. In this restaurant, you can taste examples of innovative gourmet cuisine.

Ruby Mimi Hotel Zurich 🔗

Ruby Mimi Hotel ZurichPin
Ruby Mimi Hotel Zurich

If you think what area to stay in Zurich is the best, the number one answer is the city center. Ruby Mimi Hotel Zurich is one of the best places to stay in the city. It is just 300 meters away from the Swiss National Museum and 700 meters away from Gorssmünster, Fraumüster, and Paradeplatz. Moreover, the advantages of the hotel are not limited to this. Spending a quiet and romantic evening in the hotel’s bar with different alcohol options is also possible. With its classical design, the bar offers a lively experience in the evenings.

Places to Visit in Zurich for Kids 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

Zurich might not be the first destination to visit with kids, but surprisingly you’ve plenty of places to visit in the city. Parks, museums, and the city’s natural wonders are great places to visit with kids. You can see different locations where children will not get bored, and they can explore the city and its past.

Lake Zurich

Lake ZurichPin
Lake Zurich

It is one of the most beautiful places in Zurich: its lake, with transparent and translucent water, is fed by the glaciers of the Alps. It is, of course, one of the favorite rallying points of the people of Zurich for the weekend or on sunny days. Beaches allow you to swim there; otherwise, you can also take boat trips, kayaking, and paddleboarding. These are the primary fun sources for kids. There are also several swimming pools on the lake’s edges. It allows you to change quietly, shower, and enjoy the sun on the wooden planks. You can swim both in the lake or for children or apprentice swimmers in the small pool. Zurich is a beautiful, relaxing destination with thermal baths right in the city center. You can try a spa ritual at one of Zurich’s most iconic spas.

City Archives of Zurich

You can discover Zurich, the historic city! It is in a magnificent 800-year-old building where you can have access to the city’s archives. The building is worth a visit: adorned with two towers dating from the Middle Ages, it offers a superb setting for the municipal archives and the history of architecture. For visitors, temporary exhibitions retrace the history of Zürich’s urbanization. The historical and cultural interests are numerous for the older ones and the youngest; a large model of the city around 1800 invites you to take a tour of Zurich with a more playful look.

Lindt Home of Chocolate

Lindt Home of ChocolatePin
Lindt Home of Chocolate

Famous Swiss chocolate brand Lindt offers an interactive chocolate history. Considering that Switzerland is renowned for its chocolates, it is not surprising that the chocolate museum is actually in Zurich. There are many museums in the city, but the chocolate museum is a must-see for all visitors, without exception. In Lindt Home of Chocolate, the time will fly with kids. It is possible to learn everything about chocolate in the museum, which is located in an area of ​​more than 500 square meters. The 9 meter long, 1500 kilogram chocolate waterfall, situated in the middle of the museum, is where people cannot believe their eyes. You can make your own chocolate in the museum, which is also the largest chocolate store in the world.

Places to Stay in Zurich with Kids 🏨

Going out to explore a new city for children can be pretty tiring. For this reason, hotel selection is also essential for holidays with children. Choosing a comfortable hotel where children can spend their time comfortably makes the holiday more enjoyable. There are many hotels in Zurich where you can stay with children. When choosing between them, consider some minor details. If you are thinking about where should i stay in Zurich with kids, these are amongst the best options.

Park Hyatt Zurich 🔗

Park Hyatt ZurichPin
Park Hyatt Zurich

Park Hyatt Zurich is one of the most luxurious and comfortable hotels where you can stay with children. The hotel has dazzling rooms and a game room where children can have fun. In the Parkhuus restaurant, you can taste the purest flavors from the cuisines of Switzerland and the surrounding countries. However, the hotel also has essential features for adults. The hotel’s two-story winery with more than 3000 bottles, the ONYX bar where you can relax and enjoy the music, and the fireplace lounge on the terrace are ideal places to spend a quiet evening. If you are looking for where to stay in Zurich with kids, Park Hyatt Zurich is one of the best options.

La Reserve Eden au Lac Zurich 🔗

La Reserve Eden au Lac ZurichPin
La Reserve Eden au Lac Zurich

La Reserve Eden au Lac Zurich, serving in a building with a history of more than 100 years, has a beautiful lake view. The famous designer Philippe Starck designed the new face of the hotel, which has rooms with different designs. A selection of dishes from different cuisines awaits the visitors at the Eden Kitchen & Bar restaurant. It is possible to reach touristic places such as Bahnhofstrasse on foot from the hotel, which is located in the center of the city. If you are looking for a place where you can relax and explore the city quickly, La Reserve Eden au Lac Zurich is amongst the best hotels Zurich.

Renaissance Zurich Tower Hotel 🔗

Renaissance Zurich Tower HotelPin
Renaissance Zurich Tower Hotel

Renaissance Zurich Tower Hotel is one of the best places you can choose with children, with its enormous rooms and comfortable beds. Renaissance Zurich Tower Hotel is the perfect option to relax and get ready for the next day after you have swept through the city all day. The hotel is among the suitable options not only for children but also for adults. The Equinox restaurant within the hotel has a wide selection of wines. Lucid bar, located on the terrace, is a place where you can relax and enjoy your drinks with a view of Zurich.

Central Plaza 🔗

Central PlazaPin
Central Plaza

As the name suggests, Central Plaza is one of the hotels located in the center of Zurich. The biggest reason why the hotel is one of the most suitable hotels for children is that its rooms are completely soundproof. In this way, you can eliminate the worry of disturbing the adjacent rooms while having fun with the children in the room. The hotel is very close to some important tourist spots in the city. Hotels King Cave grill restaurant has a different design from a regular restaurant. It has a lounge surrounded by ancient mirrors and art pieces. These mirrors are also very appealing to kids.

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