Where to Stay on Capri Island?

Capri is located in the Tyrrhenian Sea near the Gulf of Naples. It is an idyllic destination known for its year-round mild climate and crystal-clear waters. It is ideal for swimming, boating, and exploring charming hidden beaches. Its rich history, dating back to the Greeks and Romans, is evident in archaeological treasures such as Villa Jovis and Villa San Michele. Capri’s cosmopolitan atmosphere offers an array of shops, restaurants, and local delicacies, including limoncello and caprese salad. The island’s breathtaking natural beauty, with iconic landmarks such as the Faraglioni and the enchanting Blue Grotto, as well as the panoramic views from Monte Solaro, make Capri an enticing retreat for travelers seeking relaxation, adventure, culture, and sheer natural wonder. This is why the island of Capri beckons visitors to stay and be captivated.

When to Visit Capri Island?

The best time to visit Capri depends on your priorities. Spring offers mild weather, blooming landscapes, and fewer crowds, making it ideal for exploration and outdoor activities. On the other hand, summer is synonymous with sun, glamour, and vibrant nightlife but comes with larger crowds and higher prices. Fall strikes a balance, offering pleasant weather, fewer tourists, and the beauty of changing foliage. Winter is the quietest and most affordable, with some attractions open, but it can be cold and rainy. Your choice should be based on your preferred experiences and budget considerations.

Best Hotels on Capri Island

Capri offers various accommodations for every taste, from luxurious hideaways to cozy boutique hotels. The island’s luxury hotels are perched on cliffs, offering breathtaking views and a wealth of amenities. On the other hand, boutique hotels provide a more intimate and charming atmosphere with unique decor and personalized service. Some hotels offer personal settings, ocean-view rooms, and private terraces for couples seeking a romantic getaway. Despite the island’s high-end reputation, there are budget-friendly options. However, they may not match the luxury of their more expensive counterparts. It is advisable to make reservations well in advance, especially during the busy summer season. Here are the best hotels in Capri, Italy.

Hotel NameBooking.com Review CountBooking.com Overall
Casa Morgano3389,0
Capri Palace Jumeirah2819,0
Hotel Villa Blu Capri2387,6
Hotel Villa Brunella2099,4
Luxury Villa Excelsior Parco2399,7
Hotel Scalinatella1659,2
Hotel Weber Ambassador2,9378,4
Regina Cristina1,3148,3
Hotel La Floridiana7169,0
Capri Tiberio Palace1749,4
Hotel Quisisana948,8
Hotel San Michele1,6838,0

Most Luxurious Hotels to Stay on Capri Island

Hotel Villa Blu Capri

Capri is a beautiful island situated in the Bay of Naples, Italy that attracts visitors from all over the world. It offers natural beauty, a rich culture, and a vibrant nightlife. You can experience the essence of Capri by staying in its opulent hotels, which provide unparalleled views, gourmet cuisine, and impeccable service. These hotels offer a unique form of hospitality that goes beyond the ordinary, pampering their guests in luxurious style and seclusion. These retreats enhance the beauty of Capri and the best places where to stay in Capri Island.

  • 🔗Casa Morgano: The luxurious Casa Morgano hotel is the ideal choice for you if you are seeking a perfect blend of comfort and elegance. Located in an exclusive and tranquil corner of Capri, this hotel is close to all the major attractions and the town center. It is in the best area to stay in Capri. You can enjoy spacious, elegant rooms with breathtaking sea and mountain views. At the same time, the lush gardens and swimming pool provide a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. The hotel’s famous restaurant serves delectable local and international cuisine, and a bar and lounge featuring live music. Casa Morgano is not just a hotel but an extraordinary Capri experience that guarantees an unforgettable stay.
  • 🔗Capri Palace Jumeirah: For a truly exceptional and luxurious visit to Capri, there’s no better choice than Capri Palace Jumeirah. This prestigious hotel offers an array of compelling reasons to make it your accommodation of choice. It displays elegance and indulgence with breathtaking views over the Gulf of Naples, impeccable service, and a Michelin-starred restaurant. The hotel’s lavish amenities, which include pools, a spa, and serene gardens, are designed to exceed expectations. Capri Palace Jumeirah’s exclusive location provides privacy and tranquility. At the same time, its proximity to the island’s iconic attractions makes it an ideal base for exploration. Elegantly appointed rooms with private balconies or terraces complete the picture, ensuring an unforgettable and opulent stay in Capri.
  • 🔗Hotel Villa Blu Capri: If you are planning to visit the beautiful island of Capri, you should consider staying at Hotel Villa Blu Capri, a luxurious hotel that offers stunning views, excellent service, and a relaxing atmosphere. Hotel Villa Blu Capri is located in Anacapri. Anacapri is the best location to stay in Capri, Italy. This charming village is less crowded and more authentic than the main town of Capri. You can easily access the island’s main attractions from the hotel, such as the Blue Grotto, the Faraglioni Rocks, and the Monte Solaro chairlift. You can also enjoy the hotel’s facilities, such as the outdoor pool, the spa, the restaurant, and the bar. The rooms are spacious, elegant, and comfortable, with balconies overlooking the sea or the garden. Hotel Villa Blu Capri is the perfect choice for a memorable and luxurious stay in Capri.

Best Hotels to Stay on Capri Island for Couples

Hotel Villa Brunella

Capri is an enchanting Mediterranean gem. It offers an idyllic blend of natural splendor, historic charm, and culinary delights, making it the perfect destination for couples seeking a romantic getaway. Capri’s turquoise sea, rugged cliffs, and iconic Faraglioni Rocks provide a mesmerizing backdrop, whether you’re gazing from a hotel terrace, an infinity pool, or a private boat tour. With ancient Roman ruins, temples, and statues of emperors like Augustus and Tiberius, Capri is a treasure trove of history. Anacapri offers charming museums, churches, and gardens for couples to explore.

  • 🔗Hotel Villa Brunella: Couples seeking a romantic escape in Capri should choose Hotel Villa Brunella for various compelling reasons. With breathtaking views of the Mediterranean, the iconic Faraglioni rocks, and lush gardens, it provides an idyllic setting for a couple’s retreat. The hotel’s secluded location ensures privacy and tranquility, allowing couples to savor uninterrupted moments together. The elegant rooms and suites are tastefully designed, creating a cozy and romantic atmosphere. You can relish gourmet Mediterranean cuisine at the hotel’s restaurant, with outdoor terraces and sea views. It is amongst the best hotels in Capri for couples. Hotel Villa Brunella’s proximity to Capri’s significant attractions and its gardens, pools, spa facilities, and personalized service make it an exceptional choice for a memorable and romantic stay.
  • 🔗Luxury Villa Excelsior Parco: If you are a couple looking for a luxurious and romantic getaway in Capri, the Luxury Villa Excelsior Parco is the perfect destination. This hotel provides an intimate and exclusive setting, ensuring you can enjoy each other’s company in absolute privacy. The hotel is on a hillside, offering unrivaled views of the Mediterranean Sea, creating the perfect backdrop for romantic moments on private terraces and balconies. The lavishly decorated suites expertly blend classic and contemporary design elements, creating an ambiance of cozy elegance. If you are looking for a romantic getaway and unforgettable experience in Capri, Luxury Villa Excelsior Parco is a great option where to stay in Capri, Italy.
  • 🔗Hotel Scalinatella: For couples looking for an indulgent and very romantic vacation in Capri, Hotel Scalinatella is the perfect option. Nested on a hill, it provides matchless sights of the turquoise Mediterranean Sea, with private patios tempting couples to appreciate the stunning panoramas. As an exclusive small hotel, Scalinatella ensures a serene ambiance without the hustle and bustle of more prominent resorts. The hotel’s rooms and suites are designed carefully, combining classic and modern elements to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The restaurant offers delicious Mediterranean and international cuisine, ideal for romantic dinners with stunning sea views.

Best Hotels on Capri Island for Families with Kids

Regina Cristina

Capri is an excellent place for families with kids to visit. There are many reasons to come here. The island has beautiful natural features like clear water, impressive cliffs, and gardens. All these make the perfect backdrop for unforgettable family adventures. You can go hiking, swimming, or boating. There are activities suitable for all ages. By taking a hike or a boat trip, you can see Capri’s nature trails, secret coves, and coastline. The island’s rich historical and cultural legacy offers kids numerous learning chances with plenty of ancient Roman ruins, churches, and museums to explore. Families can also relish Mediterranean food at several family-friendly dining places. Here are the best hotels for families with kids where to stay in Capri, Italy.

  • 🔗Hotel Weber Ambassador: The Hotel Weber Ambassador is situated on the beach, providing convenient access to the sun, waves, and sand. Additionally, you’ll have access to sunbeds, umbrellas, and towels for a hassle-free beach day. The hotel has plenty of family amenities, such as a roomy swimming pool with a shallow area for children, a jacuzzi, and a sauna for unwinding. It is amongst the best options where to stay in Capri, Italy. You’ll enjoy dining because of the varied cuisine, and the hotel’s obliging workers help organize tours or babysitting services.
  • 🔗Regina Cristina: Regina Cristina is the perfect choice for families with children planning a visit to Capri. Its central location in the heart of Capri town means families can effortlessly explore the town’s attractions without long journeys. The hotel offers family rooms and suites, providing ample space and some featuring balconies or terraces with scenic views. There’s also an outdoor pool for relaxation and quality family time, and the hotel is within walking distance of Capri’s public beach for sun and sea. Beautiful gardens with play areas make for a delightful retreat, and an on-site restaurant offers a range of dishes, including kid-friendly options.
  • 🔗Hotel La Floridiana: Families with children will find Hotel La Floridiana in Capri an ideal choice. Its central location in the heart of Capri town allows for convenient exploration of its attractions. The hotel offers spacious family rooms and suites, some with balconies or terraces providing lovely views. Families can relax by the outdoor pool while children enjoy the play areas within the beautiful gardens. Additionally, the hotel is within walking distance of Capri’s public beach.

Best Boutique Hotels on Capri Island

Capri Tiberio Palace

You can transform your stay by selecting a boutique hotel over larger resorts or chain establishments. These small, independent, stylish hotels offer personalized service, unique guest experiences, and charming historical settings with lush gardens or sea vistas. The intimate ambiance ensures a relaxing escape from crowds and impersonal service. You can relish enhanced privacy, a variety of rooms, and delightful dining experiences with locally sourced ingredients. Attentive staff provide insider tips and facilitate tours, enhancing your exploration of Capri. Boutique hotels capture the island’s essence, allowing you to feel like a local and cherish an unforgettable vacation.

  • 🔗Capri Tiberio Palace: Visiting Capri is a unique experience, and for those seeking a boutique hotel stay, Capri Tiberio Palace is the perfect choice. It offers a highly personalized service as a boutique hotel, ensuring that each guest’s needs and preferences are met. With limited rooms, the hotel maintains an intimate and exclusive ambiance, providing a peaceful and private retreat. Capri Tiberio Palace’s prime location in the heart of Capri offers convenient access to the island’s attractions, shops, and restaurants. It is the best place to stay in Capri if you want a boutique hotel experience. Additionally, the hotel features a superb restaurant serving delectable cuisine, including local and international dishes, allowing guests to savor fine dining in an intimate setting.
  • 🔗Hotel Quisisana: When visiting the captivating island of Capri, you should choose Hotel Quisisana for an unparalleled boutique hotel experience. This establishment exudes historical elegance, with a prestigious legacy dating back to the 19th century, having hosted royalty and celebrities. Nestled in the heart of Capri, it provides convenient access to the island’s lively attractions, high-end boutiques, and renowned eateries. It is a great place where to stay in Capri. The hotel’s two restaurants, “Rendez-Vous” and “Quisi,” are celebrated for their delectable cuisine. They feature local and international dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients. For relaxation and wellness, the hotel offers a wellness center, swimming pools, and gardens where guests can rejuvenate in a tranquil oasis.
  • 🔗Hotel San Michele: For a boutique hotel experience that perfectly captures the essence of Capri, Hotel San Michele is the ideal choice. Nestled in the quaint town of Anacapri, this historic villa exudes timeless elegance and offers an intimate, authentic Capri experience. Unlike the bustling atmosphere of Capri, Anacapri provides a tranquil haven, and Hotel San Michele’s secluded location enhances the sense of serenity. Anacapri is the best location to stay in Capri, Italy. Beautifully landscaped gardens provide a serene space for relaxation and reflection, all while offering picturesque views of the sea and the Gulf of Naples. Anacapri has various historical and cultural attractions, such as the Villa San Michele, the Church of Santa Sofia, and the scenic chairlift to Monte Solaro.
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