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The Puglia region is located in the southeast of Italy, more precisely in the “heel of the boot” of the peninsula between the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea. Its many faces will surprise you, such as its architectural treasures and its postcard landscapes alternating white towns, fine sandy beaches, forgotten coves, secret caves, and fields of sunflowers, vines, and olive trees. Extending as far as the eye can see. Added to that are a permanent sun, authentic gastronomy, and folk festivals which guarantee you a real change of scenery for the senses!

If the Puglia region is a relatively unknown destination for travelers, this discretion has allowed it to keep its natural spaces intact, such as the Gargano National Park and the Torre Guaceto Nature Reserve. Since then, with its 800 kilometers of coastline, it also has some of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic coast, such as Baia delle Zagare, Cala Porto, and Torre Sant’Andrea. Also, pretty villages with whitewashed houses like Polignano a Mar and Cisternino will make you want to forget about civilization for a break.

So, where to start to visit Puglia and what to do in Puglia if you plan to sail from discoveries to surprises in a week? We will guide you and tell you all our favorite places, the must-see places in Puglia!

Places to Visit in Puglia


To visit Puglia, in the South of Italy, is to discover a multitude of typical towns and villages, each with its own particularity and tourist attraction. From the trulli of Alberobello or the sassi of Matera to the magnificent Baroque monuments of Lecce, or the region’s capital, Bari, you will find, in Puglia, plenty of places to visit absolutely.


With 315,000 inhabitants, Bari is the largest city in Puglia and the regional capital. It is an essential step on your trip since it bears witness to Puglia’s rich history. If it is full of cultural places, it owes its fame partly to two things that have shaped its personality. Above all, its basilica is an essential place for Orthodox pilgrimage since it houses the relics of Saint Nicholas. Under the building, it is possible to discover archaeological remains dating from the early Christian era, including superb mosaics that deserve to be seen! But it is also thanks to its gastronomy that the capital of Puglia has become known and, more precisely, thanks to its orecchiette, small pasta in the shape of ears shaped by hand. It is still possible to witness the making of this pasta in the streets of the old town since the “ mamma ” still settles in front of their homes to train and then dry their production. This orecchiette can be enjoyed at the tables of many restaurants throughout the Puglia region. Bari is the best seaside town in Puglia by far.



Alberobello is a small village perched on a hill. From a distance, it looks like a mushroom farm with its surprising whitewashed houses topped with a conical roofs, leaning against each other along steep alleys. The strange architecture of these dwellings, called “trulli,” is of prehistoric origin and favors both dry stones and the absence of mortar. Legend has it that in the 16th century, peasants preferred to stay in the trulli so that they could quickly dismantle them in the event of collection of the tax on fixed dwellings. Contrary to this anecdote, they are far from precarious, as most have been preserved over the centuries and are still functional. Finally, know that the locality was classified as a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1996. You will, of course, find trulli throughout the Itria Valley but also in Martina, France, Locorotondo, and Cisternino.



Ostuni is one of the other gems of the Itria Valley. This charming town in the province of Brindisi is nestled on a verdant plateau covered with vineyards and olive trees. Its singular architectural landscape, characterized by low whitewashed houses nestled between the walls, which often earned it the nickname of “white city.” You will enjoy getting lost in this quaint decor, strolling through a maze of narrow streets, stairs, and small intimate squares lined with craft shops and terraces. From its heights, you can also enjoy an exceptional panorama of the surrounding countryside spread with “masserie,” old farmhouses typical of the region, and of the Adriatic Sea.



Lecce is rightly nicknamed the “Florence of the South” because it is a veritable open-air museum. The city pleasantly surprises with its collection of historical monuments and Baroque masterpieces adorned with beautifully carved gargoyles and cherubs. These architectural marvels were built with a particular rock called “Lecce stone,” which gives them a beautiful honey color. Your astonishment will not stop there when you discover its picturesque squares, green spaces, and rich gastronomy illustrated by delicious red wines and local cuisine – such as the famous “rustico leccese.” You can see what Lecce offers by boarding a small tourist train crisscrossing the historic center.



Galopolli is an endearing locality located not far from Lecce on the west coast of the Salento peninsula. It bears its name well because “Gallipolli” (or “Kallipolis) means “beautiful city” in Greek. Its urban panorama is divided into two parts: the historic center, located on a limestone islet, connected to the modern city (or Borgo) by a 16th-century bridge. Its rich historical past is expressed through a tangle of medieval streets, ramparts, palaces, and an ancient Greek fountain built in the 3rd century BC. You will also appreciate a walk on the port to observe the fishermen in the process of weaving their fishing nets.

Best Places to Stay in Puglia 🏨

Thanks to cities like Bari, Puglia is a tourist spot in Italy. If you think of essential places to visit in the country, it is challenging to choose where to visit and where to stay in Puglia. From heavenly places to simple bed and breakfast, these are the best places to stay in Puglia.

Luxurious Hotels in Puglia 💰💰💰

There are plenty of options if you are looking for a glamorous vacation in a charming place. Everlasting view of the Mediterranean Sea, world-famous delicacies from all over the world, legendary Italian wines, and much more waiting for you in Puglia. Here are the most luxurious hotels where to stay in Puglia, Italy.

iH Grande Albergo Delle Nazioni 🔗

iH Grande Albergo Delle NazioniPin
iH Grande Albergo Delle Nazioni

This is the hotel where your dreams come true. Just think about what you expect from a 5-star hotel and now double it. From top to bottom, iH Grande Albergo Delle Nazioni is a very well-decorated place. Spacious and well-lit rooms contrast with marine-themed light-blue décor. After you wake up for an exciting day, you can find yourself with an immense Mediterranean view. The hotel features a terrace restaurant. Ristorante La Terrazza offers the most exquisite pieces from Italian cuisine and an immersive panoramic sea view. If you are looking for where to stay in Puglia as a base, iH Grande Albergo Delle Nazioni is the right place.

Il Palmento Hotel Relais 🔗

Il Palmento Hotel RelaisPin
Il Palmento Hotel Relais

If you are visiting Puglia, you should definitely stay in one of the world-famous stone buildings, the trullis. Located in the Itria Valley, you can treat yourself in a traditional way. The most important feature of the trullis is keeping inside warm on cold winter days and cool on hot summer days. Suppose you are looking for a cultural vacation rather than seaside leisure. In that case, you should stay at least a couple of days in Il Palmento Hotel Relais. It is just a few kilometers away from the part of UNESCO World Heritage, Locorotondo. If you think about where to go in Puglia, you shouldn’t miss the legendary Locorotondo. You can also taste local dishes in the hotel’s restaurant. It might be a little bit far away from the sea, but its outdoor pool always gives a cool breeze to those who need it.

Risorgimento Resort 🔗

Risorgimento ResortPin
Risorgimento Resort

You can have a chance to experience Lecce’s history in a Baroque hotel. Risorgimento Resort serves in a building dating from the 15th century takes you to the roots of the city. You can also taste Salento flavors with the most influential instances from Italian cuisine. Le Quattro Spezierie Gourmet Restaurant is a famous place in Lecce. The hotel also features a complete spa center. You can enjoy the Turkish bath, unwind, and rejuvenate in a multisensory shower. You can also select from a vast range of massage services and relax during your vacation. Risorgimento Resort is amongst the best place to stay in Puglia.

Budget-Friendly Places to Stay in Puglia 💰💰

Instead of staying and spending big on a splendor hotel, choosing a decent place to stay and explore the region as much as possible is a wise choice sometimes. If you are looking for this, you’re lucky because there are many budget-friendly hotels in Puglia.

Parco Dei Principi Hotel Congress & Spa 🔗

Parco Dei Principi Hotel Congress & SpaPin
Parco Dei Principi Hotel Congress & Spa

When you think of a complete hotel in the center of Bari, you may think of an ultra-luxury and expensive place. Still, Parco Dei Principi Hotel Congress & Spa misleads you in one thing. Luxury and glamorous yet affordable, the hotel offers a unique experience to its visitors. Many places are very close to the hotel, right next to the airport. The spa center of the hotel, equipped with high technology, will fascinate you. Two on-site restaurants in the hotel serve exquisite Italian cuisine. Parco Dei Principi Hotel Congress & Spa is amongst Puglia’s best hotels.

Gran Paradiso Hotel Spa 🔗

Gran Paradiso Hotel SpaPin
Gran Paradiso Hotel Spa

A breathtaking view, a spa, a famous restaurant, an exceptional wine selection, or an outdoor pool are some of the services you wouldn’t expect from budget-friendly hotels. However, Gran Paradiso Hotel Spa has all of these features. You can unwind in the hotel’s spa or cool off in the outdoor pool. You can find local Italian delicacies and international cuisine in the restaurant. Gran Paradiso Hotel Spa is one of the best hotels in Puglia.

Mercure Villa Romanazzi Carducci Bari 🔗

Mercure Villa Romanazzi Carducci BariPin
Mercure Villa Romanazzi Carducci Bari

You may not believe this is a budget-friendly hotel when you first see it because Mercure Villa Romanazzi Carducci Bari is a hotel that you cannot believe your eyes. The hotel, with its modernly furnished spacious rooms, offers excellent comfort to its visitors. The hotel’s spa center has options such as a sauna, Turkish bath, and hot tub. In addition to the spa center, you can also benefit from the free fitness room. There is also an outdoor swimming pool in the garden of the hotel. Despite all these services, is a budget-friendly hotel makes Mercure Villa Romanazzi Carducci Bari one of the indispensable places. Thus it is one of the best hotels in Puglia.

Cheap Places to Stay in Puglia 💰

If you have a limited budget for the vacation, or if the hotel is no more than just where you will spend the night, then you can choose cheap hotels. There are many affordable hotel options like this in Puglia. If you are looking for affordable places where to stay in Puglia, these are your best options.

Hotel Fini 🔗

Hotel FiniPin
Hotel Fini

If you want to stay in a breathtaking nature instead of the seaside, you should definitely evaluate Hotel Fini. The hotel, which is a 10-minute walk from Rotondo, has very comfortable and large beds for visitors. There is also a bar where you can sip your drink on the hotel’s panoramic terrace. One of the best places in Puglia to stay and explore the region.

Hotel Salsello 🔗

Hotel SalselloPin
Hotel Salsello

Located in the small seaside town of Bisceglie, Hotel Salsello is the perfect address for those seeking silence and tranquility alongside the calm waters and wonderful sun of the Mediterranean. The hotel has a large swimming pool, but this is out of the question next to its private blue flag beach. Hotel Salsello is a superb yet low-cost hotel where to stay in Puglia for beaches.

Hotel La Vetta Europa 🔗

Hotel La Vetta EuropaPin
Hotel La Vetta Europa

Hotel La Vetta Europa, one of the most preferred affordable hotels in Puglia, is an ideal address for those who want to relax on holiday and get away from the world. Located 40 kilometers from Bari, the hotel is located right on the edge of a magnificent forest. Hotel La Vetta Europa is one of the right places if you want to explore an incredible region and have some alone time while doing it.

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